Friday, November 21, 2014

"Magical" Friday Sale at

Hey guys! is having a "Magical Friday Sale", which is basically an early Black Friday sale.  (They even said "Magic is the new black".) ;)

They have ten pages of items for up to 40% off, including dolls, toys, plush, clothing, and more.  You can see everything HERE.

Happy Shopping! :D


Mahogany1960 said...

Hi beastbelle!
I haven't been commenting, but I still read your blog.
I just wanted to say, I just started reading "Emma" by Jane Austen. Oh gosh. I'm only like a few pages in, and I'm hooked! I just all of a sudden wanted to read a book, and I remembered Jane austen, so I went on iBooks on my iPad, and all of her works were free!!! So, with some online research, I decided that I should try Emma first!!
I'm gonna go back and read it now, I'm so excited.
-excited, mahogany1960
(Sorry for misspellings and grammar mistakes. I'm on my iPad.)

Farrah Lily said...

What a great sale, thank you! I just picked up some Christmas gifts for the girls...I love getting things on sale :)

beastsbelle said...

Hi Mahogany 1960! I'm so glad you're enjoying Emma. It's one of my favorite books by Jane Austen. :) I would recommend Pride and Prejudice next, but I really love all of her novels. ;)

You're welcome, Farrah! Glad to help! :)

CJ said...

Oooo thanks for sharing that! I love their Animator's Toddler series and they are only $20!

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome, CJ! :)