Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Funko Mystery Minis Frozen Figures!

Okay, so this blogging hiatus isn't as much of a hiatus as I thought it would be.  There are just too many things to share with all of you! ;)  I did get a chapter and a half written yesterday on my book, and I'm planning on writing more later this evening, so I am getting some stuff done there, too. ;)

Today ended up being more of a running errands day than a writing day.  While I was out, I found some brand new Frozen-themed Funko Mystery Minis for $5.95 each at Barnes and Noble! :D

Lol, I couldn't tell my camera had taken this picture, but thankfully it did! ;)

Since I haven't had the chance to put together my "Ask Beastsbelle" vlog yet, I thought I'd do a box opening video, just for fun, to tide you over. ;)  You can see it HERE

Warning: (which maybe should have come before the link) I discovered I am really bad at taking a video with one hand while simultaneously opening a box one-handed. (How do all those YouTubers do it?)  Be prepared for random dropping of items, shaky camera, and my commentary about how hard it is to open this stuff and record at the same time. ;)

I also tried turning the camera to record myself from the back of my phone, but couldn't see what was recording.  It's not the most flattering shot of me, but since I keep talking about "keeping it real" here on the blog, I guess I shouldn't be all worried about my appearance. ;)

If you'd rather not suffer through my novice video, here are pictures of the two figures I got:

Marshmallow and Kristoff! :D

I think this is probably my favorite figure version of Marshmallow I've ever seen.  They captured him perfectly! :)

Other views: 

I'm so excited I got Kristoff!!  I even said that in the video before I opened them. ;)  I especially love that they posed him with his guitar.

Other views: 

I hope you enjoyed this short little post and my rather random video! ;)  Have a wonderful day!  I'm almost done with another short post for Friday for all of you to enjoy.  

On Friday afternoon, we'll be leaving for our annual birthday trip for the girls, and won't return until Monday, so things will probably be pretty quiet around here during that time.  I'll try to check in and at least publish comments so you can all enjoy them. :)


MyLittleMegara said...

Awesome! I love Kristoff's expression!

Farrah Lily said...

Cute little figurines! I am pretty impressed with the one handed box opening, lol. :)

beastsbelle said...

Me too, MyLittleMegara! ;)

Lol, thanks, Farrah Lily. ;) P.S. Did you check your email? I need your address so I can ship you your postcard! ;)

DJwolf-Addy said...

Kristoff and marshmallow are so cute! BTW- great video! :) <3

N said...

They're really cute! Re: opening boxes one-handed, many use a tripod or some other means of balancing the camera to avoid shaking. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't have been able to open the boxes with one hand so I'm quite impressed!
They both look very cute.
And I'm also rather envious of the toy / doll stuff you can buy in the US. Sigh... Oh well, better for the budget I guess.
Enjoy the birthday weekend with the girls.

Meritre said...

You can put Marshmallow next to his little brothers, you have a few Olaf figurines to keep him company. :)
Have a nice trip! Maybe you'll bring home something to show us. :) I heard rumors that the Frozen fever dollset started to appear in stores. I wish I could join in, although I have to wait till my birthday a little.

beastsbelle said...

I think so too, DJwolf-Addy. :) I hope I find an Anna and a Sven eventually, too. And maybe an Olaf. And an Elsa. ;)

Glad you enjoyed the video. :)

Lol, I think I'll definitely try that next time, N. ;) I was just so excited to open them, I didn't want to wait until I got home. Lesson learned. ;)

Thanks, Linda. ;) I'm sorry you don't have access to the same things I do. That's got to be frustrating. It is definitely harder to stick to the budget with so many temptations, though. ;)

Good idea, Meritre. I'm sure he'd fit right in with my little Olafs. ;)

I did find some fun goodies on my trip, but no Frozen Fever dolls yet. ;)

KrissyLou said...

(?? Did I already post this? Sorry if it's a double up...) Re the shakiness of your recording, you could prop your phone up in a glass or something? :)

beastsbelle said...

You didn't, worries. ;)

Good idea! I think the best solution is just to save my opening vids for somewhere other than my truck. ;)