Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Few of My 80s and 90s Toys

Note: This was originally a page on the top of my blog. I'm trying to simplify my pages, so I've turned some of my previous pages into blog posts instead. I didn't want to lose all of the lovely comments I've gotten over the years, so I added them to the end of this post. Enjoy! :)

Here are just a few of the non-Barbie 80s and 90s toys from my childhood that I've collected. :)

Lady LovelyLocks:
I really enjoyed Lady LovelyLocks as a girl.  I didn't watch the cartoon very often, but I had a few Lady LovelyLocks storybooks and some of the toys.  My grandma also used to give me cards with Lady LovelyLocks on them.  I always loved how beautifully she was illustrated. :)  As a girl, I had Silky Pup the dog, Silky Mane the horse, Maiden GoldenWaves the mermaid, Perkypeek the "Hide and Peek", Lilybubble the Lilytop, and the Fairytale Bedroom Play Set.  While I don't actually have any of those pieces yet, here are some things I have found:

Lady LovelyLocks and Maiden CurlyCrown
Both of these dolls were thrift store finds.  I was so excited to find them in such excellent condition! :)

Lady LovelyLocks #2
This is another Lady LovelyLocks doll I found a bit later.  I think she is probably the Lady LovelyLocks from the Enchanted Island play line. 

Here's a close-up of my first LLL doll for comparison.

Here they are next to each other.  As you can see, their faces are slightly different.  The one on the left has softer, pinker makeup, slightly larger eyes, and lighter eyebrows. 

There are also slight differences in their hair.  Enchanted Island LLL has slightly lighter hair and also has iridescent strands in her hair.

Maiden FairHair
I was excited to find this girlie at a thrift store.  Her hair needs some definite work, and I still haven't found her dress, but I haven't given up yet. :)

Prince StrongHeart
This poor boy has a really bad case of discoloration on his legs and arms (which is a common problem with these dolls), and he is missing his original outfit.  He's borrowing a tuxedo from the Wedding Day Midge Todd doll at the moment. :)  I'm hoping to find his original clothing, and perhaps an obliging Stacie doll to be a body donor. :}

My Lady LovelyLocks Wishlist:
Here are a few things I'd love to find to finish off my Lady LovelyLocks toys. :)

-Prince StrongHeart's Clothes
-Maiden FairHair's Dress
-Maiden GoldenWaves (Mermaid from the Enchanted Island series)
-Silky Mane the Horse
-Silky Pup the Dog
-Some Pixietails
-The Fairytale Bedroom Play Set (from the Enchanted Island series with sea shell-themed furniture)

Kenner Shimmers:
I had two of these as a girl.  They were purchased at a yard sale and provided hours of fun and play.  Here are the two I've found so far.

Clover and Baby Dapples:  Centaurettes
I was amazed to get these in such great condition.  They were eBay finds.  It's so rare to find the mommy figure with her skirt...thingee still intact!  They also came with their original comb. :)



My Shimmers Wishlist:
I would love to find those original figures that I enjoyed for so many years:
-Marina and Baby Flutter (pink and blue mermaids)

Russ Trolls:
My grandma absolutely loved the troll dolls produced by Russ.  She had a ton of them.  This is the only one I have left, and really the only one I desire.  It makes me smile and think of her every time I look at it, though. :)

Baby Troll

My Little Ponies:
Of course, like most little girls growing up in the 80s and 90s, I had a TON of My Little Ponies! :)  I've gotten rid of many of them over the years, but I still have several of my originals. 

Pics Coming Soon!

My My Little Pony Wishlist:
There are just a few ponies I'd enjoy reconnecting with. :)
-Twice As Fancy Dancing Butterflies (yellow Pegasus with pink, purple, and blue butterflies)
-Baby Dancing Butterflies
-Tic Tac Toe Jewel eyed pony
-Baby Tic Tac Toe
-Rose Dust Flutter Pony
-Steamer Big Brother Pony (dark pink pony with a train on his rump)

Want to enjoy and remember more 80s and 90s toys?  Check out one of my favorite sites:  Ghost of the Doll. :)

Jessica M. said...
I am such a packrat, I still have most of my 80s toys... My Little Pony, Care Bears, Poppels, Monchichi, Sea Wees and Babies, Sweet Secrets, Charm necklaces, Dolly Pops, Annie, Strawberry Shortcake, Barbies (of course) and I am sure the list goes on. LOVE those 80s toys! :)
beastsbelle said...
Me too! They just don't make toys like they did in the 80s. ;)
Anonymous said...
I am searching for a baby sundance, and Tiffany. MUST. HAVE . THEM.
- Anonymous A.
beastsbelle said...
G1 ponies can be hard to find, Anonymous A. Don't give up, though! You never know when they'll turn up! ;)
Aurora said...
Wow, I can't stop reading your blog; I'm so glad I found it! Lady LovelyLocks was very special to me growing up, even though, like you, I never really watched the cartoon. I had a lot of the books and used to try to draw the pictures because they were so pretty. I had Lady LovelyLocks, Maiden FairHair and Duchess RavenWaves dolls, and positively longed for Silky Mane, as I was also obsessed with horses. You had a great collection. I would've wanted to hang out at your house as often as possible. ;) Did you ever have Fashion Star Fillies? I loved them and thought they kind of went with the LovelyLocks world, so I'd play with both together. Sorry for going on and on about stuff, and thanks again for your blog, it makes me feel so accepted.
beastsbelle said...
Thanks, glad you're enjoying the blog. :)

Oh, I used to love the pictures in the Lady Lovely Locks books, too! They were drawn so beautifully. :)

I loved my Silky Mane and still hope to find another one someday. :) My next door neighbor had the Fashion Star Fillies Sassy Sixteens Korinne horse, which was purple, so we used to pretend she was Silky Mane's daughter. :)

It sounds like we would have had a great time hanging out! ;) At least you can hang out here! You'll find all sorts of doll and toy collectors and fans around here. ;) Welcome!

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