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A Few of My Barbies

Note: This was originally one of the pages at the top of my blog. Since I've shifted my focus a bit in my collecting and wanted to free up some of my available pages, I decided to turn this into a regular post instead. I didn't want to lose all of the lovely comments, so I've added them to the bottom of the post. Enjoy! :)

Here's a post specifically for some of my Barbie dolls, since not everyone who follows my blog is interested in them.  I had you in mind when I set up this page, AlexAndrea! :)  I am in the middle of going through these and letting some go, so I thought this would be a fun way to enjoy them, even if I don't keep everyone.  Hope you enjoy the pics! :)

My Recent Collection:
About 5 years ago, I started getting really interested in Barbies again.  I especially loved seeing OOAK (or One of a Kind) Barbie projects involving repaints, re-roots, and other such things.  While I didn't ever officially get into that part of the Barbie world, I did learn about redoing Barbie hair and cleaning them up (and the occasional head swap here and there). :D  You can read my posts about my Christmas Barbie Makeover projects I did HERE and HERE.

When I started collecting Barbies for myself, the value didn't really matter to me.  What I was looking for was a unique face.  I especially loved faces with more realistic face paint than the dolls I grew up with as a girl, and especially dolls that were NOT blonde haired and blue eyed. :)

So here are some of the dolls I discovered.  

Rebelde Diego/Prince Aidan and Swan Ballerina/Twelve Dancing Princesses Barbie
First up, we have this lovely couple, which shall remain unnamed on this blog.  I named them after the main characters of the story I'm working on, and I'd like to keep their names a surprise for now. :)  The Ken doll is a Rebelde Diego Head from 2008 on a Prince Aidan jointed body.  The Barbie is a Swan Ballerina from Swan Lake Barbie head on a 12 Dancing Princesses body.

Unfortunately, they ended up looking very Edward and Bella-ish, which is NOT what I was aiming for.  I'm not a big Twilight fan. :}

Mr. Main Character's Close-Up
Miss Main Character's Close-Up.  I love her eyes! :)

40th Anniversary Ken, Generation Girl Lara, Valentine's Day Chelsea, and Two Unknowns
Here is my sweet little family.  The dad is Will, the mom is Faith, the oldest girl with curly hair is Maddy, the Kelly in the white dress is Katie, and the baby is Bella (not after Bella Swan, lest you think I was being inconsistent).  I can't for the life of me remember their last name. :{  They've been packed away for a bit.

Will is a 40th Anniversary Ken doll in his original outfit.  Faith is a Generation Girl Lara doll in a Swan Lake Barbie dress.

Maddy is one of the new Chelsea dolls (the new name and body style for Kelly).  She was sold in Target this past February for Valentine's Day.  I have no idea which Kelly Katie is, as she was a thrift store find.  Baby Bella is I believe Barbie's baby sister Krissy, although there are some Happy Family baby dolls that look very similar to her.

Here are all of the close-ups:

Happy Family New Neighbor Dolls
These dolls are pretty nifty and rare.  They are the New Neighbor dolls from the Happy Family Doll line from the early 2000s.  They shall also remain unnamed, since they are supposed to be the older versions of my story characters. :)  They are not in their original clothing.  Mr. Main Character #2 is wearing an unknown conglomeration of clothing, and Mrs. Main Character #2 (they're married, and even have the wedding rings to prove it!) is wearing a formal dress from eBay seller flyingannalee.  It's been a while since I've purchased from her, but I was extremely happy with my past purchases.

They also have a daughter named Beth. :)  She is a friend of Barbie's little sister Stacie, but I'm not sure of her name.  She is wearing the flower girl dress that "Kelly" (later renamed Stacie) wore in the Wedding Day Midge Play Set from the 90s.   

This doll has a very beautiful, unique face.  Her face mold is usually referred to as the Lea or Kayla mold.  She was available in a set with her baby daughter and a ton of baby toys in 2005.  You could also purchase her at ToysRUs as part of the "Sounds Like Home Smart House" set.  She came with the house, her husband, and her two daughters. 

And speaking of her husband, here he is! :)  This guy is even more rare.  He was only available in the "Sounds Like Home Smart House" play set, which retailed at ToysRUs for around $80.  Apparently, he was supposed to be released in a Dad and daughter set like his wife, but it never happened.  I got my research from the Keeping Ken website.  Click the link and scroll all the way to the bottom to read about the Happy Family Neighbor dolls. 

I've seen these dolls go for a lot on eBay.  Just this past week, someone listed the whole family and the entire set of toys that came with the Mom and Baby set, and it went for $176!!!  I'm currently watching a listing that has just the Neighbor parents without complete original clothing to see how high it goes.  Cause I'll be honest...I enjoy these dolls, but not so much that I wouldn't sell them for a hefty profit like that! :}

Here's a close-up of this sweetie.  I'm very drawn to green-eyed brunettes (as you'll probably notice) because they look like me. :)

Happy Family Alan, Happy Family Midge, Kelly Dolls
Here's my next family:  Henry and Grace with their fraternal twin daughters:  Lizzy and Jane.  The Kellys were more thrift store purchases, so I'm not sure who they were originally.  I believe that the one with super curly hair was one of the flower girl Kellys that came in a big bouquet several years ago in a wedding set. 

Henry is a Happy Family Alan doll.  Grace is one of the newer and rarer Happy Family Midge dolls that was only available for a limited time.  Both of these were thrift store finds as well.  I renamed Midge because when I did her hair, something about the style reminded me of Grace Kelly.  Grace is wearing another eBay formal dress (sorry, I don't remember the seller!) and Henry is wearing King Dominic's outfit from Barbie's "The Princess and the Pauper".

Once again, here are the close-ups:

And just for fun, here's another pic of beautiful Grace in a different outfit:

Romeo Ken and Mystery Squad Kenzie
Next, we have Tobey and Hope.  Tobey is a Romeo Ken doll from the Collector's Edition Romeo and Juliet Barbie set.  Hope is a Mystery Squad Kenzie doll.

I love Hope's unique face.  It took me a LONG time to figure out who this doll was and how to get one of my own.  I'd seen her on eBay in a generic listing, and began a search for her that lasted for around a month or two.  I was so happy when I finally found one!

What a handsome guy!  I like how kind his face looks.

Happy Family Grandparent Dolls
Here are the Happy Family Grandparent Dolls.  I never ended up naming them.  Originally, I had them set aside for the girls, but since we've decided to focus less on Barbies, they didn't end up going to them.  These guys will probably end up on eBay eventually.  They are really unique, though.

You'll notice from the picture that the Happy Family Grandpa has the same face mold as my 40th Anniversary Ken doll.  It's kind of like one of those age progression photos. ;)

WARNING!!!!  NUDE BARBIE AND KEN PICTURES TO FOLLOW!!!  If this is offensive to you, please skip this part.

One of the things that makes these dolls so unique is their different bodies.  Both Grandma and Grandpa are shorter, for one thing.  I've photographed them next to the original Happy Family bodies for a comparison.  You'll notice that Grandpa has slight love handles and the absence of a 6 pack.

And as for Grandma, she has wider upper arms and a fuller, more realistic figure.

Now, I've had this awesome idea for a while.  Wouldn't it be cool if Mattel re-used the Happy Family Grandma body and produced some younger Barbie dolls with this body shape?  Allow me to demonstrate:

You know what makes me really sad?  Even though I know that the Grandma mold's body is a more normal (and honestly, probably still a bit underweight) body size, it saddens me that I actually perceive this body as too plump.  We're so used to seeing Barbie's usual body, that this girl looks like she's hit the fries and shakes a little too hard.  How sad is that? 

Please don't misunderstand me.  I realize that Barbies are not meant to have realistic proportions, and I'm not saying Mattel is evil.  I had Barbies as a child and loved them to death.  But it's sad to see how my perception has been affected by "the norm" in the fashion doll world.  There is no reason I should see this doll as chunky, but I do.  I honestly wonder if some of my body issues came from holding myself to the  unrealistic expectations I had from bonding with my fashion dolls.  By the way, lest you think I'm being hypocritical, I realize that Disney Princesses are right up the same alley. ;)  I've actually had conversations with my daughters about how Barbies and Disney Princesses aren't realistic.  I'm hoping it will help them.  And honestly, that's why we've started moving more into the 18" doll line as a family.

Okay, wow...sorry about getting on my soap box.  I still think it would be really cool if Mattel would go for this.  What do you think?


My Childhood Collection:
These are all dolls from my era...mostly the late 80s to early 90s.  Most of these are my own dolls from childhood, but some of them are dolls I remember wanting as a child, so I purchased them as an adult. :)

Princess Jasmine
While we don't currently go for Jasmine in our house (Daddy is big on modesty), I was a huge fan of Aladdin when it came to theaters.  I was in 6th grade at the time.  Once it came to video, my best friend and I watched it so many times, we could literally quote the entire movie.  Good times.  :)

Anyway, my brother bought this doll for me for my 13th birthday.  I loved her so much, but I remember it was right at that awkward time when most of my friends and classmates were moving on from dolls to makeup and boys.  Jasmine didn't get nearly the playtime that Belle and the Beast did, but I loved her just the same. :)

I especially love the face mold on this doll.  Mattel definitely got it right.  In fact, I like this Jasmine doll more than any of the more recent ones they've done. 

By the way, just a bit of trivia here.  Jasmines sleeves came on her shoulders, but I was a real detail person as a kid.  It bothered me that her sleeves weren't off the shoulder like in the movie, so I changed it!  It took a while for the sleeves to stay down, but I kept at it until they stayed put.  :)

Here's the extra dress she came with and her brush.

Wedding Day Midge and Alan
These are a couple of the dolls that I always wanted as a girl.  I found them on an eBay auction about 2 years ago.  I always thought Midge was so pretty. :)  And Alan was so handsome in his white tux.  This set really cracked me up when I got it home is so 80s!!  From the aforementioned white tux to the poofy veil, to the huge sleeves on Midge's dress...and let's not forget the dotted Swiss material.   Of course, with the way fashions go,  in another 5 years or so this will probably be the norm again. ;)

I loved the stars in her eyes. :)

Alan has one of those really cool Ken heads that swivels up and down as well as back and forth.  I distinctly remember my first Ken with this type of head and the new bent arms.  I had put up with my annoying Kens who had straight arms that couldn't hug and back and forth heads that couldn't pose.  It was so exciting to have Ken dolls with more pose and play potential!

Glitter Beach Teresa and Glitter Beach Ken
Speaking of straight armed Ken dolls, here's one of them...the only Ken doll (besides the Beast/Prince) that survived my childhood (the others were Garage Sale fodder).  This is the type of doll that makes my hubby shudder.  He wouldn't be caught DEAD in purple, glittery clothing, and there's no WAY you could convince him to visit a place called "Glitter Beach".  In fact, he even refuses to kiss me when I wear my lipstick because it has glitter in it. ;)  Ah well, this type of thing was what Ken was constantly subjected to in the 80s and 90s. :)  I named this guy Andy...I'm not exactly sure why, but I think at the time it seemed like a nice, casual but romantic name.  Now all I can think of is Toy Story!

Teresa was another birthday gift, but I don't remember which birthday it was.  I loved her, though.  She was my first Barbie doll that looked like me instead of the typical blonde haired, blue eyed dolls that I already had.  I kept her original name and spent hours displaying her and playing with her.

Here's Andy's close-up.  I'm not sure what that weird, greasy residue is on his was like that when I brought him out of storage today. :{

 Western Fun Barbie
This is not my original doll, but it is one I had as a child.  The Christmas after I turned 9, my Grandma and Grandpa Roberts got me Western Fun Ken and Western Fun Barbie.  I had so many adventures with those dolls.  And hey, you gotta love all that neon pink! ;)  Ken was in bright blue and purple.  I hope to add him to my collection someday, along with Barbie's horse, Western Fun Sun Runner, which I also had as a kid. 

Western Fun Barbie has all of her original outfit except for her big turquoise earrings.  This doll was actually in a huge lot of dolls I purchased at a yard sale.  All of the pieces of her outfit were mixed in with 7 tubs of Barbie stuff!  I got it all together, cleaned her up, redid her hair, and Voila!  There she was.  Her head is really wobbly.  Eventually, I'd like to find a Western Fun Barbie in better condition.  But considering I paid $25 for all 7 tubs and sold over $100 worth from that same lot, I'm not complaining! :D  That was my ultimate Barbie find!!!!

Polly Pocket Stacie 
I never had Barbie's little sister Stacie as a girl, but I always wanted one.  I thought she was adorable.  This Stacie was an eBay find.  She originally came with Polly Pocket dolls for each of her special pockets (the original teeny weeny Polly Pocket dolls that couldn't be produced now because people would sue the manufacturer for creating choking hazards...gotta love our society!).  I love her cute crimped hair and her sweet little face.

Here are the 3 sisters:  Stacie, Skipper, and Barbie.  Now I just need a nice blonde Kelly. :)

And since we're doing family photos, here's Barbie with her lesser-known cousin Jazzie. :)

Babysitting Courtney and Todd 
Here are 2 more special dolls. :)  This Courtney doll was my own.  She was called Babysitting Courtney and came with a little baby girl to babysit.  I distinctly remember going to ToysRUs and picking her out.  I had some spending money from my report card (one of my aunts used to pay me for every A). :)  Once again, I loved the fact that she had brown hair and green eyes like me.  Courtney and I shared many adventures together.  In fact, she's probably the fashion doll I played with the most.  She is not wearing her original outfit.  I actually still have her original outfit, but I always loved this one on her.  I can't remember what it was called, but it was some sort of Pet Outfit for Skipper that came in a special set. 

Todd is a doll that I always really wanted as a girl, but never got.  My next door neighbor had him, though, so I got to play with him there.  He was advertised as Barbie's little brother, but I always thought he'd make a perfect little brother for Courtney.  Don't you think so too? :)  I found my Todd on eBay in the same lot as my Polly Pocket Stacy.  He is in his original clothing.  How about those nifty neon colors? ;)
Sweet siblings...yeah, right.  I had a little brother, so I know what they're like!  He's a big sweetie now, but he used to drive me crazy!!


Here's Courtney with her best friend Skipper!

My Japanese Barbies:
I was fortunate enough to be involved in a summer exchange student program for several years.  It was called International Home Missions, and every summer, a child from Japan got to stay with us for about 2 months.  I had many wonderful experiences through this program and made lots of great friends. 

My first exchange student and I really hit it off.  She saw how much I loved Barbies, so the next couple of years, she sent me some "Barbie" stuff from Japan.  I adored these dolls for their uniqueness and beauty.  Now, every time I look at them, I think of those long ago summers and my dear friend.  We haven't kept in contact, but I hope that someday our paths will cross again. :)

Takara Timotei
The Takara company produced a line of Barbie-like dolls in the 80s called "Jenny" dolls.  I am by no means an expert on these, but if you Google "Takara Jenny" you should be able to find out a bit more.  I believe the dolls are still in production, but I'm not 100% positive on that.  I know that before 1986, the dolls were actually called "Barbie", but then the rights to the name expired, so they started calling her "Jenny".  Jenny had many friends, one of them being Timotei, a princess from I believe Scandinavia.  Apparently there's also a Timotei shampoo that is somehow connected to the doll.  Like I said, I'm no expert.  Any info my readers have on these dolls would be greatly appreciated! :) 

Timotei was my very favorite doll.  She had such a sweet, unique face compared to my other dolls. Her clothes were lovely, and her hair!!!  I loved how smooth and silky it was.  Her arms were bendy at the elbows (they have since worn out), which was very different from my Barbie dolls, and her knees bent much farther than a Barbie's knees (they have also worn out!). 

Here are some close-ups of her lovely face.  I love how she looks like an anime drawing.

Takara Jenny
About a year or so after I was given Timotei, my friend sent me a Jenny doll.  While she was lovely too, I preferred Timotei, so I didn't play with her as much.  As you can see from the pic above, she still has some bend left in her arms.  :)  The Kimono she's wearing is not her original outfit.  It was another of the extras given to me by my Japanese student.  It was an extra outfit produced for the Jenny line.  The detail on the Kimono is absolutely stunning! :)

Here are her close-ups.  She has a darling face, too. :)

Here are the extra outfits and accessories I have for them:

This is the outfit that Jenny originally came in, which completely explains why my friend chose her for me.  The outfit, as you can probably tell, is a jockey's uniform.  As a girl, I was obsessed with horses, so this was the perfect doll for me.  I don't have Jenny wear it much because the boots are next to impossible to get on!

I believe this is one of Timotei's extra outfits, but I'm not sure.  I think I may have gotten it separately from her.  It reminds me a lot of a Sylvanian Families outfit. :)  I love the beauty and detail it has. 

One of the things I remember loving about Timotei's shoes was that they were rubbery and flexible!  Unfortunately, I only have one of her two shoes now.  Who knows where the other one ended up!

Project Dolls Awaiting Clothing or Makeovers:
There are several dolls I've found in thrift stores or on eBay over the past couple of years that are still awaiting Downy Dunks or proper clothing.  Here are a few of them that will eventually round out my childhood Barbie family:

Skipper's Boyfriend Kevin
This is another guy I never had but always wanted.  I thought he was really cute.  He wasn't produced for very many years, either.  I was especially glad to find the brunette version.  :)  Unfortunately, he's smaller than Ken, so I need to find him some clothes that actually fit!

I was so happy to find this sweet-faced sister of Barbie.  I had a different Skipper doll growing up, and never cared for her face very much (good thing, because I let my girls play with her, and within a week, she had no head!).  I'm not sure which specific Skipper this is, but I like her a lot.  She needs a Downy dunk and some skin care, and then she should be good to go.  She'll most likely borrow Courtney's original outfit until I find her another outfit of her own.

I loved the idea of rounding out Barbie's family, so when I came across this Jazzie doll in great condition at a thrift store, I had to pick her up. :)  Jazzie was Barbie's cousin.  I know they made several versions of her, but she definitely wasn't as successful as her more popular cousin.  Poor girl.  I'm excited to have her as part of my Barbie family.  She needs some Downy and some clothes, and then she'll be all set. :)

Barbie Pets:
I have just a few Barbie pets that I've collected over the years.  I used to have a lot more, especially Barbie horses, but they've slowly dwindled.  Here's what I currently have:

Skipper's puppy and Toto
These little puppies were both thrift store finds.  I don't remember the specific Skipper this puppy came with, but I think they did a line of Skipper and friends that each came with a pet of some sort.  Toto, of course, was from the Barbie version of Dorothy, and he was so cute I couldn't part with him. :)

Turquoise was Western Fun Barbie's pet collie.  I can't remember when I got him, but he's been around for a while. :)  He is wearing his original collar, and I also still have his original food dish (see the pics below).  He also came with a green hat and a kind of saddle blanket looking thing to wear on his back, but I don't have those.  Turquoise was another of my favorite toys.  He was so sweet and cuddly, even if he did have a kind of weird, bald head compared to the rest of his body. :} 

Barbie and her pooch. :)

Dallas, Dixie, and Honey
I currently have 3 Barbie horses, none of which are ones that I had as a child.  I believe all three of these were originally released in the late 70s to early 80s.

Honey was Skipper's pony.  This gal was a Craigslist find.  She was in a huge lot of Barbie stuff that had been stored in a garage or shed.  The interesting thing about this one is that when I got her, the two halves of her body had separated at her chest from the heat.  I was bummed about this, but kept ahold of her just in case.  Then, several months later, when I got her out, she was fine!  I think in cooler temperatures, she closed back up.  Isn't that weird? 

Dallas and Dixie were two horses I REALLY wanted as a little girl.  My next door neighbor had Dallas (but she called him Den, after Jim Craig's horse in "The Man From Snowy River"), and another friend of mine had Dixie.  I always wanted these horses, as well as Midnight, Barbie's black horse, but never ended up getting them.  It was really fun to find them as adult! :)

One thing that's really funny about Dallas is that I found out she's actually a girl horse!  All those years of playing, we always made this one the boy and Midnight (the black horse) the girl, when in reality, it was flip-flopped.  Honestly, I'll probably always think of this horse as a boy.  I mean, Dallas sounds way more like a boy name to me anyway. :) 

Dixie is just too cute for words! :D

My Barbie Wishlist:
Here are just a few things I would love to find to round out my childhood dolls. :)

-Western Fun Ken
-Barbie's Horse Midnight
-Western Fun Sun Runner (Barbie's horse)
-Some Kevin clothes
-Some Jazzie clothes (although I could make do with a Barbie outfit)
-Some Skipper clothes (preferably not mini skirts)
-Another shoe for Timotei

I would also love to find Sun Splash Maxie, Sun Splash Carly, and Sun Splash Rob.  Maxie and Carly were two dolls I had that I really enjoyed.  I never had Rob, but would have enjoyed having a boy for Maxie.  You can click HERE to see what they look like. 

I always liked how Maxie had more realistic hands and feet, and I LOVED her pretty crimped hair. :)

Wow, hats off to you if you managed to get through this entire post!  I pretty much did this for my own enjoyment, but if anyone else had fun browsing through all this, I'd love to hear your comments. :)  Be sure to check out my 80s and 90s Toys post, too! 

Previous Page Comments: 

AlexAndrea said...
Let me know if and when you're going to sell the grandparents. I'd really like to acquire these dolls.

I already have several Midge dolls, including the pregnant Midge in the original box (I probably would never do a blog post on this doll, but I could email photos, If you'd like).

I also have the Volvo station wagon, complete with the baby seat and window shade.

I have an extra Pleasant Company Nellie I'm planning to sell on ebay to help reinforce my doll fund. I haven't purchased 'Barbie' stuff in quite a while.

In fact, when the weather gets a bit cooler, I plan to take a spot at one of the flea markets to 'liquidate' a ridiculous amount of 'stuff' ('quarter horses 25 cents each, 5 for a dollar, with saddles $1.00 each).
Claire said...
Were Lizzy and Jane (the twin girls) named after Lizzy and Jane Bennet? I'm reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time right now and I'm extremely curious about their names. :)
beast'sbelle said...
Thanks for the comments, everyone. :)

AlexAndrea, I'll definitely keep you in mind when I'm ready to sell. :) I'd be interested in seeing your pics, too. I actually had a Midge with her magnetic belly and baby that I sold a while back on eBay. It would be fun to see one still in the box. :)

One of the reasons I'm thinking of selling some Barbies is that I'm ready to have more I'm REALLY interested in getting a My AG #55! :D

Claire, yep, the girls are named after the Bennet sisters. :) One of my all-time favorite novels! :D Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!
AlexAndrea said...
About five years ago at a flea market, I saw a NIOB Midge wedding set for $180 (sigh). I have never seen another.

As I recall, the box was about 30" long. This is one box I would have never opened . . .
beast'sbelle said...
There's one of those sets at one of my local antique malls for $75 right now. The box is in pretty rough shape, though!
tigon_yunjae said...
I'm an asian. I recalled Jenny doll very well in my memories. She's my very first fashion doll. They still produce the doll nkwaday. I adore her little sibling doll(Kinda like Kelly).
beast'sbelle said...
Hi tigon_yunjae. Thank you so much for commenting! :) Jenny and Timotei are very special to me. I also have some great memories with them. :) Is Jenny's sibling Licca, or is she different?
tigon_yunjae said...
From what I know they're not related. Licca(aka Rika) is totally japanese. She was designed by a japanese but Jenny is like Mattel Barbie with some changes to suit the japanese kids' preference( manga style). They are both Takara though. I find the little Licca's kindergartener friends cute though. They are smaller than Barbie with a little asian touch like Lati
beast'sbelle said...
Thanks for the info. :) I'd love to find more of these dolls someday.
tigon_yunjae said...
you're welcome
Elliebob said...
Cool! I should make a page about my barbies too! :) I love barbies a lot!!!!!! ;)
beast'sbelle said...
That would be fun, Elliebob. :) I enjoy Barbies myself (obviously), but am trying to steer away from them for a while until my girls are older.

By the way, I took care of your other comments. :)
Anonymous said...
That is so cool my mom just gave me a bunch of vintage barbies and i got maxie's vanity and the sears brand barbie corvette and a ton more i really want turqoise he is the one pet i wish i had but i have a lot so i'm grateful for what i have
Elliebob said...
Thank you! Haha, so much trouble for one comment! Haha! Thanks!
beast'sbelle said...
How fun, Anonymous! You must be having a great time going through all of that. :) I hope you find your Turquoise someday! :)

No problem, Elliebob. :)
Vanessa said...
I didn't know you had Barbies. I've been enjoying your 18" dolls, but currently I am completely focused on the 12" dolls. I loved seeing your families. That's pretty much what I do with my dolls, put them in families and tell their story through videos and photostories. Loved your 18" rooms.
beastsbelle said...
Thanks, Vanessa. I'll always have a soft spot for Barbies. I spent hours as a kid making up stories about their lives and their families. :)

A lot of the newer Barbies on this page have moved on to new homes. I kept Will and Faith and their family, and also all of my vintage Barbies from my childhood and my Japanese Barbies.

I've decided to mainly focus on the 18" dolls and my Belle and Rapunzel dolls at this time, but I still love to get these guys out and enjoy them every once in a while. :)

I've really enjoyed your doll photography on your blog, by the way. :)

It's a little more lighthearted and sappy, but you might enjoy my Belle's Bulletins blog if you haven't seen it already (just don't tell Belle that I called it "my" blog...she thinks SHE'S the author!). ;) You can click on the blog button on my sidebar or copy and paste this link:

Thanks for commenting! :)
Vanessa said...
Thanks for the link. I love Belle's blog. I didn't feel comfortable talking directly to her yet, so I'm leaving the message for you. Lol.
beastsbelle said...
Lol, I completely understand. My dad thinks I'm crazy. ;) I've just found it's a lot more fun to respond to comments as Belle rather than as myself. It makes for an interesting challenge. ;)
Nina said...
Hi beast'sbelle! I was wondering if you had the Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper Ericka doll. I noticed Belle is wearing her dress in the header. Thanks!
beastsbelle said...
Hi Nina,

I don't have any of the Princess and the Pauper Barbie dolls. The dress Belle is wearing was a thrift store find. ;) I do think it looks great on Belle, though!
Nina said...
Cool! You've had a lot of good finds! My best find was two AG books and a professional tripod!
beastsbelle said...
How fun! :)
ampy said...
wow! an impressive collection....
Im an asian and I remember jenny when I was a kid! though we named her mika,she came in a cute red and white polka-dotted dress...seeing your jenny made me look for her now since I couldn't have her when I was young(yeah, she was owned by my girl cousin and im a for the long comment

P.S I Love Belle's Bulletin!! ^^
It's so fun to read...
beastsbelle said...
Hi ampy, thanks for stopping by! :) Isn't it nice growing up and getting to find those toys you always wanted as a kid? ;)

I love my Jenny and Timotei dolls so much. They always make me think of my summers spent with my Japanese exchange students. :)

I've recently acquired a Licca doll as well. I'll have a review up later this month. :)

So glad you're enjoying Belle's Bulletins! :)
cupcakebunny said...
I have mostly Barbies, but I remember the Jenny dolls growing up. My sister used to have one, and I thought she was the best doll ever. I used to brush her hair all the time! Maybe I'll get one again someday.
beastsbelle said...
Hi cupcakebunny. Thanks for stopping by. :)

The Jenny dolls are definitely special, and even here in the US you can still find them pretty easily on eBay. :)
Noora Lynn said...
Your Kelly doll with the brown hair and two little buns is the European version of Clown Belinda! The U.S. version of her didn't have the buns! :)
beastsbelle said...
How fun! I had no idea...I just found her at Goodwill. ;) Thanks so much for the info, Noora. :)
MyLittleMegara said...
Jasmine is gorgeous- I'd love to have a vintage Jasmine for my collection, particularly that version. She looks so much like the actual cartoon character, and I love her extra dress!
beastsbelle said...
MyLittleMegara, Jasmine is one of my favorite vintage Mattel dolls, too. She has such a beautiful face. :)
MyLittleMegara said...
Well, if you're ever looking into selling her... HAHAHA just kidding!!! Seriously, though, she's beautiful!

Do you have the Winter Dreams Belle?

I found one in a thrift store a while ago and she made me think of you. She's absolutely gorgeous! Here are some pictures:
beastsbelle said...
Lol, I don't think I'll be getting rid of her anytime soon. She's very special. :)

I did have a Winter Dreams Belle, which I see you found on my Belle dolls page. I don't have her anymore, but I still think she's lovely. :)
Anonymous said...
Did you ever find any greasy residue on your polly pocket stacie's face? I'm interested in trying to track one down but would not buy her if the plastic used on producing that type of doll leaks.
beastsbelle said...
Hi Anonymous! I haven't looked at my Stacie in a while, but so far I haven't had a problem with her face leaking. I can't guarantee that another Stacie wouldn't leak, but most of them I've come across have been fine. :) Sorry I can't be more helpful!
Alicia said...
How much can a songbird barbie original doll, out of box but in good condition and her horse and carriage sell for? I'm trying to sell my barbies for a decent profit (which hubby is not going to get a smidge of :D). I hardly played with her, was more into Teresas as they are Latina like me. Thanks!!!
beastsbelle said...
Hi Alicia! I'm not that familiar with Songbird Barbie (in fact, I had to Google her to see what she looked like). ;)

I did a quick search on eBay, and it looks like at this time the doll itself is generally not selling at all, even NIB. The highest price I saw for a mint in box doll was $19.99. There are also a lot of them on eBay right now, so the market seems pretty full. I'm not sure about the carriage.

I haven't had all that much success with Barbies on eBay. There are just so many of them on there! Unless you have something really ultra rare, selling Barbies there can be a gamble.

Sorry I couldn't give you more information. The best advice I could give you would be to keep an eye on eBay, especially in the next month or so as people start prepping for Christmas. Always check the completed listings, because those will show you what the dolls actually SOLD for, not what they're listed at.

Hope this helps! :)
Anonymous said...
Guess what? I found a barbie kelly special edition chocolate scented easter sweetie with her original outfit in the very bottom of my Littlest pet shop box! I remember playing with her! She was my very favorite of my kellys... Sadly, all of my barbies were accidentally sent off to goodwill, I had so many, there was this one with platnium blonde hair that was really soft, and one with flat feet, and a ballerina! I had so many outfits, too. But I know that they are probably being played with right now. And adding to the imagination of another girl’s playtime.
I plan on restarting my barbie collection. Maybe I’ll find some in good will, And maybe in some barbie lots on ebay. I can’t wait to start looking! (I actually already started a while ago, but I started my collection with Chelseas.)

Should I get older ones, like kelly or the newer ones like life in the dreamhouse Midge.
Is the quality the same in the new ones?
I’m asking you because I visit your blog frequently, and you have the biggest barbie collection of anyone I know. Haha.
-New to collecting. Aka, Anonymous.
beastsbelle said...
Congrats on your fun find, Anonymous! :) I'm so sorry to hear about your Barbies. Such a sad loss. It's great to see your positive attitude about it, though. I'm sure someone was super excited to find your collection at Goodwill!

I have a soft spot for the old 80s and 90s Barbies myself (since those are the ones that I grew up with), and I do think that the playline Barbies have gone down in quality in recent years. I think the "Life in the Dreamhouse" dolls and the ones that are more collectible (such as the Barbie Basics line) are higher quality. A lot of it really depends on what appeals to you. :)

Hope this helps! :)
leah said...
wow that helps a lot i thought it was a Cinderella but well it isn't its the dress faith is wearing with the sleaves cut off
beastsbelle said...
Glad to help, Leah. :)
with Mel said...
Lovely collection! I'm a huge fan of Barbie. Though I have a number of other dolls as well. I've just discontinued my website otherwise I would have given you the link so you could see some of my dolls. I will start a blog soon. Have to show my dolls :) Hehe. Btw, I'm from South Africa. Blessings to you. Melody
beastsbelle said...
Melody, I'd love to see your dolls! :) Be sure to leave me a link when you start up your blog. :) And how fun that you're from South Africa! :D
with Mel said...
Hi Beastsbelle,

I decided to use the blog I had for my dolls as well. Here is the link.
I've only just started with the dolls, but enjoy what's there :) Blessings, Mel
B.J. Major said...
"All About Allan" is a comprehensive, informational site all about the vintage and reproduction vintage Allan doll. It features dolls, outfits, dioramas, gift sets and cases. Also included in the site is a mini-blog narrated by Allan Sherwood himself, called "The Adventures of Traveling Allan", complete with photos of his explorations! Nothing is for sale at this site, just lovingly photographed by the owner (me) to share with others.
All About Allan is located at:
beastsbelle said...
Hi Mel! Thanks for the link...I'll be sure to check it out. :) Sorry I didn't get back to you right away. Things have been super crazy!

Hi B.J. Thanks for stopping by. Your site looks very interesting and informative. :) Thanks for sharing!

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