Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 Disney Store Kristoff Doll

Okay, just because I like you guys so much, I'm putting up my Kristoff review before I go. Packing is overrated anyway. ;) 

Besides, most of my shirts are air-drying and won't be ready to pack until tomorrow. And I work best under pressure. ;) 

So here is handsome Kristoff in his new box. I find it interesting that the Frozen "Classic" dolls still are labeled by their movie. Frozen is still pretty big, so maybe they're wanting to continue to cash in on its success.

It's interesting, though. I've noticed that Frozen has been getting some hate lately, both online and among my acquaintances. I think people are getting burned out by it, almost like its huge success was "too much of a good thing," to borrow the cliche. That, and I think most parents are sick of hearing "Let it Go." ;) My brother and his wife pretty much can't stand the movie, but they have four-year-old and two-year-old daughters, so I'm sure they've heard it A LOT. ;) Have you guys noticed this?

Anyway, moving on with the review! ;)

Box details:

Kristoff's box was not nearly as cooperative as Rapunzel's and Belle's, so it was pretty mangled by the time I got it to this point. 

He was held in with twist ties and tape. His twist ties were a weird plastic, though, without wire inside. Probably more environmentally friendly or something like that. ;)

Kristoff from the front... 

...and the back.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of his outfit. Normally the Classic Prince dolls have clothing made from pretty cheap fabrics, especially compared to their original releases. Kristoff's vest was a little thin, but still had nice decal details. And his shirt was a nice, thick material.

His pants felt fairly sturdy, too. And I love the vibrant color of his red sash.

His vest is removable, which was a pleasant surprise. 

Again, it's a thinner material, but has nice detail.

A closer look at the trim decal.

My only concern is that the inside of the vest is lined with this netting material that is not hemmed on the edges. I imagine this will be quick to fray with playtime.

Kristoff's elbows can bend way too far back. It used to be this only happened on these dolls after too much playtime. Now, some of them are coming this way. I guess it's not that big of a deal, but it sure looks painful! ;)

Kristoff is very photogenic. ;) 

And he looks great with my Coronation Anna from JC Penney, wearing Anna's Coronation Doll Costume from the Disney Store...which...I...never...reviewed. Sorry guys. :{ (It's amazing but no longer available. If you find it, buy it. You won't be disappointed. Maybe I'll be able to do a review at a later time.)


I wanted to compare this Kristoff with the original Disney Store Kristoff that was released at the time of the movie.

Their faces are very similar. Original Kristoff has pinker cheeks, darker hair, and subtler freckles. 

2016 Kristoff. 
I think I prefer the freckles and coloring of Original Kristoff, but I like the lighter hair of 2016 Kristoff. It reminds me more of his hair in the film. 

Another look at the difference in hair color: 
Original Kristoff

2016 Kristoff

They appear to have almost identical boots. Perhaps 2016 Kristoff's are a little darker. 

Overall, I'm super pleased with my new Kristoff doll. His clothing was surprisingly well made for a Classic doll, and I love the fact that I was able to get him in this outfit without buying the super expensive Frozen Fever set released earlier at the Disney Store. He gets five stars from me. :)

Kristoff is on the Disney Store website HERE. You can get him for $16.95 individually or $12 when you buy two or more Classic dolls. 

I have to say, I'm a little disappointed they raised the "2 or more" price to $12 each instead of $10 each. I'm glad I bought my dolls last month under the old promotion. A difference of $2 per doll isn't huge, but every little bit adds up.

Hope you guys enjoyed the reviews for this year! :) Now I really need to start getting ready for my trip. ;) Especially with church and a blogoversary post tomorrow. 

Talk to you guys again soon! :)

You can see my full review of the original Kristoff doll HERE

I am not affiliated with the Disney company, and do not receive anything for these reviews. I'm just a Disney doll fan who loves sharing with fellow fans. :) All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


Treesa said...

Dear Hannah,
Thanks for the Kristoff comparison. I still haven't seen the new dolls in person, so I had no idea the freckles were darker. It really shows in your photos though, so thanks again.
Signed, Treesa

Meritre said...

Looks like the Princes have drewings on the back of the boxes as well. Now I'm really curious to see the back of the other princes boxes.
I think I like the two last pictures you posted the most, they have so much personality in my opinion.