Friday, July 8, 2016

Back on Track with Fan Mail Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so sorry the blog has been quiet all week. I ended up catching the flu after my other health issues, and today is the first day I've felt enough like myself to blog.

I thought I'd start with my well overdue "Fan Mail Friday" post, and then next week I'll move on to some of the review posts I've been waiting to share with you.

This past month, I received several goodies via the post office. :)

My friend Treesa sent me this amazingly realistic cookie card for "National Chocolate Chip Day" on May 15th. (I didn't get to the post office until June, though.) :}

She also sent me this sweet homemade card for "World Doll Day."

Included was a flyer with a letter from the founder of "World Doll Day." Somehow I always miss this day, but I would love to actually celebrate it one of these years by doing a doll giveaway. Maybe next June. ;)

I also received a fun little care package from my dear online friend Karina. Those of you who used to follow Tess and Maggie's blog might remember her dolls as the ones who so generously sent Tess, Maggie, and the others a fun Christmas care package

You can find Karina on Instagram at @mia.kate.andco. She has lots of great pictures of her dolls and her homemade creations. Karina also has an Etsy shop (MiaKateApparel). She doesn't currently have any items, but be sure to favorite her shop for future sales. 

Karina sent me these two cute Strawberry Shortcake toys from McDonald's for my Strawberry Shortcake collection. 

She also sent me this little package.

It included a card with a lovely message inside...

...and a beautiful photo of her current crew (this will go up on one of the doll room walls). :) 

The package contained... of Karina's adorable handmade outfits.

It included a green tank, a white skirt, and a matching hair bow.

Here is Hayden, modeling the new outfit. 

A closer look at the shirt...

...and skirt.

The hair bow is attached to a metal clip that works easily in Hayden's hair.

I think the green of the shirt looks great with Hayden's eyes, too.

Karina does great work. I'm so honored that she chose to send this. Thanks so much, Karina. My dolls love their new outfit! ;) 

And Treesa, thanks for once again brightening my day with your sweet cards. :)

I'll be sending a little prize to Karina as a thank you (since I've already sent Treesa one in the past). Karina, let your dollies know that some little goodies are coming their way. :)


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Next week, I'll be back with more posts. :)


Doll Dimensions said...

How lovely! :) Hopefully I can send you something soon too! Hayden looks beautiful in that outfit, too. :) <3

Karina (@mia.kate.andco) said...

Oooh, I'm so glad Hayden loves the outfit! ;) It really does look lovely on her; Kate (my 55) thinks I should make her something out of that fabric, too! =D My crew is super excited to have a surprise in the way from you! (As am I) Thank you so much, Hannah! It was so fun to be able to send you a little something again! =)

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Thanks, Doll Dimensions! :) Doesn't she look adorable? Aww, I'd love to hear from you via snail mail, but no pressure. I just like having the PO Box available as an easy way to contact me, especially since I've been so horrible at my email responses.

And speaking of which, Karina, I wanted to apologize for missing your last few emails. You must have thought me incredibly rude. I really need to get my act together and get a handle on my email. But thank you so much for your fun care package. Can't wait to send you your goodies. :)

dannyscotland said...

What fun mail! Your friend has the same name as my daughter, Karina! I always love finding other people with her name since it's so rare. I'm checking out Karina's shop and hopefully she'll have some goodies in there again soon! Glad you're feeling better.

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi dannyscotland! Karina is such a pretty name. Middle Gal has a close friend with the same name. :)

I hope she has some more goodies listed in her shop for you soon.

And thank you, it's nice to be feeling better! :)

Mark Patraw said...

Cool fan mail; that's a nice outfit and I totally thought the cookie was real until I read the text!

@dannyscotland: Growing up, there was a girl named Karina in my class in school, and I've encountered other local girls/women with it from time-to-time too, so, while that moniker isn't as prevalent as something like Mary or Sarah, in my experience, it isn't that uncommon a choice either, although I imagine the usage rate varies from one region to another.

Speaking of titles, a local girl named Addison won my hometown's Princess Pageant last week (which I believe was Disney Frozen themed to boot), and all that I could think of when I saw that featured in the newspaper was the BFC Ink character, because said doll (who just happens to be on a chair, next to my computer desk, with a bunch of my other toys, as I type this) was the only time I'd ever seen that name used up until then.