Tuesday, August 16, 2016

EBay Listings, Upcoming Post, and other Randomness

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your week's going well, and that those of you who are back in school or have kiddos back in school are adjusting to the change in schedule without too much trouble. ;)

My girls were excited for their first day. Little Gal (on the left) is in 3rd grade this year, Oldest Gal is in 7th (and looking WAAYYY too old!), and Middle Gal (on the right) is in 5th.

P.S. Please excuse my messy floor. I got all three girls dressed, ready, and off to school EARLY with nothing left behind at home. I didn't have time to clean my floor. I guess I haven't reached Super Mom status yet. ;)

A nice outdoor picture. I realize the posing is kind of awkward in this one, but we were lucky to get ANY outdoor pictures and still be on time for school. ;) The pics from the front were a lot cuter. :)

I celebrated my first day with kiddos at school by going out to lunch with my mom and aunt (Mom's treat). This delicious concoction is known as a "Buddha Bowl" at one of our local restaurants. It had rice, red beans, cabbage, avacado, cilantro, falafel, and a delicious Asian dressing. Yum!! :)

I'm working on my next post for you, which should be up by the end of the week. In the meantime, I thought I'd let you know that the first of my eBay listings for the summer/fall is up. Finances are tight, and I have several big things to save for, so some of my extras have to go.

Thankfully, I have enough surplus that I can start with the things I'm not as attached to...thrift store rescues, duplicates, and that sort of thing. ;) It's mostly ponies at this point, but I'll be listing some doll related things next time around. (It's been a while since I've done eBay, and tiny, easy-to-ship My Little Ponies are always a good way to ease back into things.) ;)

I thought I'd mention this on the blog in case any of you were interested. You can see all of my current listings HERE.

My first few things to save for are my deposit for my gym class, fees for a professional edit for my book, and funds for my church's Ladies Retreat coming up in September. Then it's the rest of my Mount Hermon tuition, a possible second writing conference, and (probably in the distant-ish future) a trip to Arizona to visit my best friend since childhood. :)

Yikes! I've got to get a move on and finish going through my stuff! ;)

And, just to tide you over, I thought I'd share a few random pics of some of the fun toy finds around town I've seen lately. Maybe you've seen some of these, too!

Disney Princess Little Kingdom "Royal Friends Collection," which consists entirely of pets and sidekicks. We especially love Pascal, Gus Gus, and Mushu. :)

The two newest Made to Move Barbies are starting to show up in stores! :D Oldest Gal bought the one on the left. It happens to be the perfect skin tone for a body swap I need. I promised Oldest Gal I wouldn't decapitate her doll, though. ;D

Twilight Sparkle's oak tree from the newest "Nightmare Night" themed blind bag series has appeared on shelves (sorry for the blurry picture). While we don't do as much with Nightmare Night since we don't celebrate Halloween, I'm looking forward to the Cutie Mark Crusaders release so I can FINALLY have all three of them (Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle appear to have removable costumes). I'm also looking forward to the Princess Luna set, because she is so incredibly detailed. :)

I forgot to get pictures, but I also have found the Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon "Guardians of Harmony" toys. Can't wait for Shining Armor and Spike! :D 

Blind Bag Palooza!!! :D

We're loving this new blind bag section in our newly-remodeled local Walmart. :D

Some of the new My Mini MixieQ's sets are showing up, too, like this adorable Neon Arcade Playset...

...and this super fun Fairy Land Fashion pack with all sorts of costumes.

A closer look. :)

The vintage-style Strawberry Shortcake dolls are starting to appear in Target. The scent is still the yucky new scent instead of the wonderful one I grew up with, but the dolls are just adorable. :)

I think the Strawberry and Huckleberry Pie set is my favorite, although I'm bummed that they made his hat cloth instead of plastic like the original. 

Our local Target has lots of fun new mini Lori dolls. We even found a boy doll named Evan! :)

And we LOVED this mini food set from the Lori line.  

The mini Our Generation dolls are back, too.

And check out this adorable ice cream truck for the full-sized Our Generation dolls!

We recently discovered "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir." The girls have been loving the episodes, so much so that Middle Gal and Little Gal decided to buy these Ladybug and Cat Noir action figures with their spending money. We've had many adventures since, as you can imagine. ;) 

I personally prefer the French audio with English subtitles, but I'm kind of a purist that way. ;) (I feel the same way with the original Japanese audio of "The Borrower Arrietty" and other similar films.) So much tends to get lost in translation with dubbing...

I guess that's about all for now! Happy school days, happy shopping, happy end of summer. :) More to come later in the week! :)


Amber Spaulding said...

Where can I watch miraculous? I've heard its a really good show, but none of my channels have it on and even though I sometimes see it advertised on Nickelodeon i actually see it on TV.

jSarie said...

Happy new school year to your kids!

Love seeing those vintage-style Strawberry Shortcakes - such a fun nostalgia blast! :)

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi Amber! We ended up finding some episodes on YouTube. There are some episodes on the Nickelodeon website, but you have to have a Nickelodeon provider to watch them.

You can also get what looks like all or most of the first season on DVD on Amazon HERE and HERE , although the episodes do not appear to be in release order. It looks like you can watch them on Amazon Video, too.

P.S. I would highly recommend looking up the extended version of the French song (with English subtitles) on YouTube. The French lyrics are a lot more clever than the English ones. ;)

Thanks, jSarie! The new school year's been great so far. ;)

I feel the same way about the vintage-look SSC dolls. :) So fun!

Julia (swanburnegirl) said...

Amber, I believe you can watch Ladybug on a site called KissCartoon! I've been using it to catch up on Steven Universe (btw, if you don't watch that show, it's freakin' amazing,) and the video is good quality. (Hasn't given my computer any viruses either. Always a plus. ;) )

Also, the red-haired Made to Move doll would 100% work as Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls... no, Julia, you need to save money for Melody. 😂