Saturday, August 13, 2016

Shopkins Happy Places Lil' Shoppie Pack and Decorator's Pack

Wow, once again, this week has gotten away from me! I've been running around like crazy, taking care of all of the last-minute preparations for school next week...and fitting in a few last summer activities and movie nights with the girls. ;)

So for the second of my three Happy Places posts, I thought we'd look at the Lil' Shoppie Packs and the Decorator Packs. 

The Lil' Shoppie Packs, like the Welcome Packs we looked at last time, come with a mini Shoppie doll. But unlike the Welcome Packs, the Lil' Shoppie Packs only come with two Petkins instead of a roomful of furniture. They retail for $5.99 each.

The first Lil' Shoppie Pack my mom found was the Kitty Kitchen pack with another new character, Spaghetti Sue.

Back of the package.

The sides of the box have pictures of some of the other mini Shoppies in their rooms:

Here's Spaghetti Sue out of her package (in front of two of the sets from my last post).

She comes with a spaghetti pot full of spaghetti and a little pasta server.

There's a hole in the "spaghetti" so the server can fit inside.

Sue from the front...

...and the back. Her blonde hair looks like spaghetti noodles. 

Like all of the other mini Shoppies, she comes with her own clear stand.

A few weeks after mom bought Spaghetti Sue, she was able to order the rest of the Lil' Shoppies through Toys R Us. And just this week, they arrived. I thought it would be fun to take a brief look at all of them.

Melodine from the Dreamy Bear Lil' Shoppie Pack.

The back of her box.

Melodine and her Petkins.

Melodine from the front.

I love her music-themed outfit, especially her piano key skirt.

Melodine from the back.

Her two Petkins are a keyboard and a music book.

The music book fits on the stand of the keyboard.

Sara Sushi from the Puppy Parlor Lil' Shoppie Pack.

The back of her box.

Sweet Sara and her Petkins.

Sara from the front...

...outfit details...

...and from the back.

Her Petkins are a bento box and some chopsticks.

Her chopsticks fit in the tray of her bento box.

Lippy Lulu from the Bathing Bunny Lil' Shoppie Pack.

Back of the box.

Lippy and her Petkins.


Lippy's dress details. (Love the sparkles!)

Lippy from the back. Isn't her braid cute?

Lippy's Petkins are a makeup compact and applicator.

The compact opens, and the applicator fits inside.

Rainbow Kate from the Kitty Kitchen Lil' Shoppie Pack.

The back of her box.

Rainbow Kate and her Shoppies.

Rainbow Kate 

Dress details.

Rainbow Kate from the back.

Her Petkins are a bowl and mixer.

The bowl fits underneath the mixer. :)

Kirstea from the Puppy Parlor Lil' Shoppie Pack.

Back of the box.

Sweet Kirstea with her Petkins.


Dress details

Kirstea from the back.

Kirstea actually has three Petkins: a cookie, a teacup, and a saucer.

And here is an example of how very tiny some of the Petkins are! This is Kirstea's cookie.

Here are all of the girls together (except for Spaghetti Sue...I'd already given her back to my mom at the time of this photo shoot). 

I love all of the girls, but I think of this batch, Melodine and Rainbow Kate are my favorites. I love Melodine's musical theme, since I love music myself, and Rainbow Kate is such a throwback to the toys of my 80s childhood. ;) 

The mini Shoppies are adorable with their fun themes and accessories. It's great that so many of them are in these smaller packs, making them more affordable. And it's nice that some of the dolls have a darker skin tone. I know the lack of diversity in these dolls was a concern for at least one of my readers. Hopefully that will continue as the line grows.


So now, let's take a look at the Decorator's Pack. So far, my mom has only purchased one of these, the Kitty Kitchen pack.

The Decorator's Packs have extra Petkins furniture and accessories for each of the rooms. They retail for $10.99 each.

Box details, front and back:

As the box states, each pack contains three hidden Petkins from another room. I'm a bit embarrassed, but I took the opened pictures a week or so after I took the packaging pictures, and I honestly don't remember what the three Petkins were, or what room they were from! :}

But here are the Kitty Kitchen Petkins that came in the Decorator's Pack.

Again, there are so many fun details in this set. The trash can opens and has a pretty mint-green color on the inside that matches the cat ears on the outside.

The egg carton has spots inside for the little kitty eggs.

The breadbox opens... the loaf of bread can fit inside...

...and then it closes.

As you can see, between the Welcome Pack and the Decorator's Pack, you pretty much have enough to fill an entire room. This is another thing I love about this line. Even though there are fun blind bags (which we'll see in the next post), you can furnish a room with all of the essentials AND see what you're getting by buying two packs, without getting any of the blind bags. Those are just fun extras. :)

Again, I can't say enough about these sweet little sets. They're cute, fun, and affordable, with great potential for imaginative play. :) As I stated before, the only things I can see as possible issues are the tiny pieces and some of the plastic seams on the larger pieces. 

For more info on the Shopkins Happy Places, you can check out their official Facebook Page, Instagram, and YouTube Channel. They can be purchased in stores or at the Target, ToysRUs, and Walmart websites.

Next up, we'll take a look at the Surprise Delivery Blind Bag Packs and the Happy Home Playset. (To take a look at the Welcome Packs in the previous post, click HERE.)

I am not affiliated with Moose Toys and did not receive anything for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


TheNotSoGirlyGirl said...

lets face it -- that was exactly what was missing from the shopkins line. A doll with the right proportions to play around with the little figurines! :) Super cool! =)


BlackKitty said...

Although I'm not interested in kids' toys or diorama/furniture, I'll probably get the kitty items if I see them in a store, they are extremely adorable!

Farrah Lily said...

I have to admit...these are ADORABLE! I wasn't really into the larger doll versions with the brush-able hair that came out earlier this year, but I am seriously loving these new little mini sets! I am very tempted to get the little house and the figures to start decorating them!! My daughters are really into the Shopkin blind bags and a few weeks ago, I had picked up some of these new blind boxes from this home collection. I couldn't get over how adorable the they were!
The other set that is really tempting me is the little Hawaiian/tropical one (I can't remember the name, but it has a Ukelele shopkin in it!) Ahhh! My budget is crying, haha.

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi TheNotSoGirlyGirl! :) While I've always had a soft spot for Shopkins, I agree that the addition of dolls with the perfect proportions to go along with them makes the line even better! :D I think this was a great idea on Moose's part. :)

Hi BlackKitty! Oh, I know. The kitchen is so adorable. It's even cuter in person. :D

Hi Farrah Lily! I'm glad you're enjoying this line, too. (Although, yes, it is hard on the budget, isn't it?) ;D The mini Shoppies are super cute. They're a nice price and don't take up too much room. :)

I don't remember the name of the Hawaiian set, but I know exactly which one you're talking about. It's adorable!! I've drooled over it several times in my own local stores. ;)

Just take all my money now, Moose! ;D