Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Birthday...updated :)

Just thought I'd update you all on how my birthday ended up after its unpromising beginning. :}  My daughter ended up being able to go to school and did fine through the whole day.  I succumbed to my naturally clumsy nature and turned my ankle as I left to take her to school, falling off of our back step in the process (I'm sooo glad it was at home and not at the undignified!).  It was super embarrassing, but I was able to walk on it okay so I went ahead and took her to school. 

I think I mentioned before that my husband got the whole day off so he could spend it with me.  We did some things around the house in the morning and then dropped our younger two girls off with my husband's sister.  She graciously agreed to watch them and even pick our oldest up from school for us!

My husband went and saw "Despicable Me" in the theaters this summer and really enjoyed it.  He's been wanting to take me to see since then, but with our schedules we haven't been able to do it.  Well, yesterday, at our local theater, they just happened to have one daytime showing of "Despicable Me", so we were able to go and see it.  Even better, no one else showed up, so we had the entire theater to ourselves!  It was really fun.  I liked the movie, too, which was nice.  It probably won't make my top 10 list, but it was still good enough that I was able to enjoy myself.

After the movie we did some random running around, including getting my wedding ring cleaned, looking at cell phones, and visiting antique stores and a crafter's mall (where I found a genuine AG Kit's Christmas dress for $12.75!).  We topped it all off with an early dinner at "Red Lobster", our favorite restaurant, sharing one of our favorites, their shrimp trio dish.  Yumm!! :)

And if all that wasn't enough, after we picked up the girls and brought them home, my hubby took care of their dinner and started the girls' baths so that I could go to Starbucks with my best friend who was in town visiting her family.  All in all, it was a great birthday.

We have a family party on this coming Saturday.  My mom and I have birthdays just a week apart, and my sister-in-law to be has her birthday in between ours, so we're doing a combined birthday that should be lots of fun.  In the coming week I'll be posting some pics of birthday goodies, so keep checking back! :)

Ella models her new dress (Kit's Christmas Dress).


Nutti Netti said...

Oh my! I have that same doll! I got her several years ago from my grandparents, and I named her Elizabeth!

beast'sbelle said...

How fun! :) Elizabeth is the name she came with. I just decided to name her differently. She has such a sweet face. :)