Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belle's Photo Shoot

Okay, I wasn't going to do two posts in one day, but I did some rearranging in my room.  As a result, I ran out of space for all of my boxed Belle dolls, so I decided to open my newest Disney Store Belle doll.  I've been wanting to anyway, and this finally gave me an excuse.  She's super poseable, so I had lots of fun taking these pics.  

After playing around with her a bit, I thought I'd share just a few thoughts on this particular Belle doll.  Her face is one of my favorite Disney Store doll faces.  She looks much more like Belle than some of the other variations.  The Disney Store just re-did all their princess doll faces this year, and I think in every case they made a great improvement. 

The other thing that is fun about Belle is how poseable she is.  As you can see from the pics above, this gives the opportunity for lots of creative poses and imaginative play.  The downside is that her arms have lots of small, twisting parts that could easily break or be frustrating to pose for younger kiddos.  Because of this, I wouldn't recommend her for children younger than four years old (and it should be a careful four-year-old). :)  She's a great doll for an older child or a collector, though! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics! :) 

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