Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Day to Vote on #55's Name! :)

Hey everyone!  I've officially decided that YOU get to be the ones to name My AG #55. :)  Just a reminder, it may be a long time before she joins my doll family, depending on the success of my evil scheme of getting AG gift cards for my birthday and Christmas. ;)  Because I want to start working more on her personality and name, I'd like to have the name decided soon. 

So, if anyone hasn't voted yet on a name for #55, please submit your votes by Midnight tomorrow, PST.  On Wednesday, I'll announce my doll's official name. 

At this time, the votes are as follows:

First Name:
Hayden-  4 votes
Holly-   3 votes 
Hannah-  2 votes
Hazel-   2 votes

Middle Name:

Brooke- 10 votes
Edith-  1 vote

And just for reference (no votes required) ;)
Last Name:

So, what name do you think suits #55?  Your vote could be the vote that changes her name forever! ;) 


Claire said...

I love #55 - she's just so pretty! I would save up for her next, except my last three dolls all had hazel eyes. ;) Maybe she'll come to my house after gorgeous #41...

Anonymous said...

I think you should name her Hayden Brooke Hathaway

Spicemuffin and Company said...

She's on my b-day wishlist! :D

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for the comments, gals. :)

Claire, I would DEFINITELY recommend #41, but you probably knew that already. ;)

Elena, Hayden Brooke definitely seems to be the most popular of the names so far. Thanks for voting.

Hope you get her for your b-day, Spicemuffin!

Kaeden said...

Her first name should be Hannah and her middle name should be Brooke. #55 is really pretty, i hope you get her:).

Anonymous said...

mine too spicemuffin, mine too!

Bama said...

Looks like its going to be Hayden Brooke!

Emma said...

I like Hayden Brooke!:)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone. :) Bama, I think you're right! :)

♥Sophie ♥ said...

Here are some names:


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Sophie. :) Those are nice names, but I'm planning on sticking with one of the ones I've already chosen. :)

Liddy said...

Holly Brooke Hathaway just sounds good to me.


Anonymous said...

I say Hayden too .. I love that name ..

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for the votes, gals.

TracAnn, it's so good to hear from you again! Hope you're feeling better!! I tried to comment on your blog, but Blogger is still not letting me comment on embedded comments. :(