Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Pics

This morning, I took the girls outside before it got too warm to play.  I've been wanting to update my sidebar pics of my dolls with some outdoor photos, so I brought along the dolls that needed a new photo.  I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you. :)

As always, when the girls saw me taking pics, they wanted to get a few of their dolls.  Here are some of the fun photos I got of the girls' Bitty Babies.

Meet Jessie, Polly, and Bitty Baby (my two year old was not feeling creative today). ;)  My youngest daughter's Bitty Baby has been through many name changes.  She's been called everything from Reverend Mother (from "The Sound of Music") to Strawberry Shortcake. :)

Hope all of you are having a great summer! :)


Bama said...

Great photos! I enjoyed looking at them.

AuntLou said...

Great fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks gals! :)

Elliebob said...

I really love the little team knightly necklace. I am not sure if that was spelled right. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Elliebob. :) I thought it would be a fun contrast to all of the "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" stuff floating around, especially since I'm not a fan of Twilight.