Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Princess Sale at! :)

Hey everyone, just had to do another quick post.  I got an email from this morning, and right now they have a sale going on all of their Disney princess dolls.  Any Barbie-sized princess or prince dolls or their wardrobe sets are on a 2 for $20 sale.  This finally includes the Rapunzel and Flynn dolls...but more on this later.

The mini princess play sets are also on sale.  These are the ones I reviewed a while back (you can read the post here).  All of the mini princess sets are $15 each instead of their regular $19.50.  I had a difficult time locating the mini Rapunzel set...she didn't come up with the others, but she is there!  HERE is a direct link to Rapunzel's play set. :)  You can also get her in one of the sets of 4 princesses.  She comes with Jasmine, Snow White, and Cinderella.  Oh, and to help you avoid frustration, I've included a link to the mini doll play sets HERE .  Some of the mini play sets can be hard to find if you just look up "princess dolls".

The other princess items on sale are the 17" Singing Princess dolls.  They are normally $29.50 and are on sale for $15!  If I had some rewards dollars on hand, I'd totally go for this deal.  I've been wanting to try the singing Belle for a while. :)

I also noticed some Disney Princess and Me items on sale (not many...they've been on clearance for a while) and some plush Princess dolls, too. 

The 2 for $20 sale is a fairly recurring promotion at, but the other sales are definitely more rare.  I just wanted to let all of you know in case you'd been thinking about trying one of the princess dolls. :)  Click HERE to see the Disney Princess sale! :)  [Note:  there are a few items on this page that are not part of the sale.]

As I mentioned earlier, I did want to talk a little bit about the Flynn and Rapunzel dolls.  These dolls are not the same ones that I purchased (you can read my earlier review of my Eugene and Rapunzel here).  Disney is calling them the Flynn and Rapunzel "Classic Dolls".  Basically, this means that they have cheaper clothing and no extra accessories.  My Flynn had a knapsack that actually opened with Velcro and came with Rapunzel's tiara and a child-sized (albeit very small!) tiara to match.  My Rapunzel came with a hairbrush, a paintbrush, and an adorable Pascal that could sit on her hand.  Their clothes were amazing and extremely detailed.

The clothing on the new dolls looks pretty shoddy, to say the least.  I probably wouldn't notice it as much if I didn't have my dolls' clothing to compare it to, but still...come on, Disney!  How about a little more quality?  Rapunzel's dress is covered in glitter and has short sleeves.  The original Rapunzel doll dress was much closer to the movie dress.  The new Flynn's outfit just looks cheap from the pictures.  It's such a shame, because my Flynn/Eugene's outfit was so beautifully detailed and well-made.  In addition to this, the new Rapunzel and Eugene come with no extra accessories (except shoes for Flynn and a brush for Rapunzel).

As for the dolls themselves, Flynn seems to be unchanged.  Rapunzel has just a few changes.  She has painted on eyelashes (the first Rapunzel didn't), which makes her face a bit prettier.  She also does not have the iridescent strands in her hair like mine does.  This means her hair doesn't look like her magic glowing hair from the movie, but according to the two customer reviews on the site, it also sounds like it doesn't tangle as easily.  Her hair also appears to be a little bit shorter.     

Honestly, if I had the reward dollars, I'd almost be tempted to try the new Rapunzel, just to see the differences in her hair.  Her face is prettier, too.  But if I did, I would keep my original dress. 

Okay, this was supposed to be a short little post!  Of course, by now you all know how much I love to ramble. :}  If any of you decide to go for the new Rapunzel or Flynn, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the quality of the dolls. :)


Bama said...

Thanks for the heads up and the review. I need to get a couple of the Princess sets for my granddaughter. She loves Ariel and Rapunzel the most. :o)

beast'sbelle said...

No problem! Sale prices are always nicer, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Princess and Me dolls, I've been wondering why we haven't had a beastsbelle post about them! After all, there is a Belle doll in the collection...And I'm super curious to hear your thoughts :) I'm torn between them and the My First Princess toddler (not baby) dolls for my munchkin. So many princesses, so little time!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi, ageofisabella. Thanks for commenting. :)

You know, the main reason I haven't done a post about them is that I try to review things that I've purchased (or at least have seen in person, and they're a little out of my price range! :} We also don't have a local store that carries them. I did make a mention of them when I did a post on my daughter's toddler Rapunzel doll. Here's a link to copy and paste if you'd like to check it out:

I will say that the Rapunzel doll we bought had horrible hair that tangled easily. It really frustrated my daughter, who is 7 and likes things to be "just so". ;) In fact, we ended up cutting her hair short so that my daughter could manage it more easily. So, depending on the age of your munchkin, you might consider paying the extra to go with a higher quality doll for that alone. I just don't want to say more than that until I have more personal contact with the Princess and Me dolls. :) Sorry I can't be more helpful! If someone randomly drops one in my lap or something, I'll be sure to do a post right away. :D

Jen said...

Flynn and Rapunzel might be coming home at some point while on sale, mostly for The Pie (who is all in love with Tangled).

I'm still waiting for the day I see a Rapunzel with the short brown hair. Way cuter and in need of a doll incarnation. :D

beast'sbelle said...

Great, Jen! Hey, if you do end up getting them, I'd love to see some close-up pics, just to have a better comparison to my dolls.

I completely agree on the short-haired Rapunzel doll, too. She was adorable that way...not to mention the hair maintenance would be a lot easier for little hands! ;)

Elliebob said...

Oh cool! i will check it out. thanks! :)

beast'sbelle said...

No problem! :)