Monday, October 22, 2012

Disney Store 12" Brunette Wedding Rapunzel Doll Review (Including a Comparison to the 12" Blonde Wedding Rapunzel Doll)

This lovely gal is a recent Disney Store release.  Yay for a Rapunzel with movie accurate hair!! :D

Here she is in her box.

Back view of the box.

Side view #1

Side view #2

Here she is in all of her deboxed glory. ;)  

You'll notice that her face is the same as the regular 2012 Classic Rapunzel doll.

Here she is after her freckle-lightening procedure. ;)

I'm going to talk about the details of her outfit when I do the comparison a little later on in the post, so I thought I'd just share a few pics that give you a basic idea of her dress and features. :)

Here's the bodice of her dress.

A closer look at the detail of her skirt material.

Ballet flats.  Also, as you can see from this picture, she does not have the articulated knees and ankles of the newer dolls.

One of the concerns that was voiced about this doll was the fact that her facial skin tone didn't seem to match the rest of her skin tone.  Honestly, I saw a slight difference, but it wasn't enough to bother me.  I couldn't even really capture it on camera.

Here she is with her groom.  I almost got another Wedding Eugene to go with her, but it seemed silly to have two duplicate dolls when I have such a small collection.  Then I found this Eugene doll on eBay.  He's the rather rare "Kingdom Celebration" Flynn doll that came in a gift set with a Rapunzel doll.  He's wearing the outfit he wore at the end of the movie.  He's missing his belt and his boots, and his hair has a few rub marks in the front, but I still am glad I got him.  I think he looks quite nice with Rapunzel, and he's unique from my other Wedding Rapunzel's groom. ;)

I wanted to include a comparison of the two different Wedding Rapunzel dolls in this post since I knew many of my readers would be interested to see the differences between the two.

I was very interested to do this comparison as well.  I figured there would be some differences in quality between the two Wedding Rapunzels, since brunette Rapunzel was released later and was also almost $10 cheaper.

Here's Blonde Wedding Rapunzel's face (with the same paint as 2011 Classic Rapunzel, as I mentioned in the previous post).  I think this face is definitely closer to the movie character.

Here's Brunette Wedding Rapunzel's face, a more glamorous version of the character. ;)

Blonde Wedding Rapunzel's bodice is full of detail and accented with thick gold trim.

As you can see, Brunette Wedding Rapunzel's bodice is much simpler, opting for patterned material rather than golden embellishment.  Even her trim is simpler.  Also, her bodice is one piece instead of two pieces like the original Wedding Rapunzel's.

Here's a look at the detail of Blonde Wedding Rapunzel's skirt.

Brunette Wedding Rapunzel's skirt looks rather bland by comparison.

One thing I noticed immediately was that while Blonde Wedding Rapunzel's underskirt is an actual skirt that goes all the way around...

...Brunette Wedding Rapunzel's skirt is simply a piece of material folded over to look like a complete underskirt.

Their shoes appear to be the same.  Here are Blonde Wedding Rapunzel's...

...and Brunette Wedding Rapunzel's.

I also noticed that Blonde Wedding Rapunzel's dress includes a netting skirt underneath...

...but Brunette Wedding Rapunzel's dress does not.

Their veils appear to be made from the same material, but Blonde Wedding Rapunzel's goes all the way to her feet...

...while Brunette Wedding Rapunzel's doesn't go quite that far.

Both dolls have the older bodies without articulated knees and ankles, which honestly doesn't bother me that much.  I think the leg articulation could have been done better, and the dolls are sturdier with the older leg style.

So, which doll would I recommend?  Both, actually.  I think the newer Brunette Rapunzel, aside from the obvious fact that she has MOVIE ACCURATE HAIR (have I mentioned that before?), ;) would be a better doll for play.  Her hair is very low maintenance, and her simpler dress will, I think, be easier for little hands to handle.

Meanwhile, the amazing attention to detail on the blonde Rapunzel's wedding dress alone make her a valuable addition to any Tangled collection.  And hey, you could even do a combination of both!  Put Brunette Rapunzel in Blonde Rapunzel's dress, and you'd just about have a perfect combination. ;)  I happen to anthropomorphise my dolls a bit too much, so I can't bring myself to do that. ;)  Besides, I'm still hoping to rewig my blonde wedding doll.  I'll keep you posted on that...if I ever manage to find brown fur. :}

So, what about you?  Which Wedding Rapunzel is your favorite?


MulanFan_95 said...

Ooh, you're so lucky to own both. Did you notice Brunette's dress has plastic tags in the middle of the dress? They're really small and almost unnoticeable, but once you cut them, the dress looks bigger and fuller! I did it on mine!

beastsbelle said...

I didn't know that! I'll have to go check it out. Thanks for the info! :)

Michele said...

I love the Brunette Rapunzel because of her hair, but the blonde Rapunzel's dress is more detailed. I agree you could just change dresses and she would be perfect! Enjoyed the review.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Michele. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Beast Belle this is a wonderful review Happy to see the wedding dolls hair is accurate to the movie!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I agree about the accurate hair. ;)

leah said...

I can see the different colors on her. Her head is paler then her body. her body is tanner.