Saturday, October 20, 2012

Disney Store Tangled Ever After Rapunzel and Flynn Wedding Dolls

During my trip to LA this summer, I had planned to purchase the Tangled Ever After Rapunzel and Flynn dolls.  Unfortunately, the Disney Store I visited didn't have any in stock.  When I got home, since I still had a little spending money left over, I decided to order them online. :}

Here they are in their boxes.

We'll start with ladies first. ;)  Rapunzel looks lovely in her wedding gown.

  Originally, I was going to pass this doll by because of her inaccurate hair.  It really bothered me that they gave her golden locks when she was very clearly brunette in the movie.  I mean, even the artwork on the back of the box shows her with her brown hair!  

I get it from a marketing perspective.  Dolls with long hair that can be played with and styled sell better than dolls with short hair.  But what are we teaching little girls?  That you have to have long, golden hair to be pretty?  That's what I appreciated so much about the Rapunzel movies, the fact that at the end, we had a princess with looks that were average and away from the norm, more relatable for the rest of us ordinary mortals. ;)  And this was also a big no-no for those of us who are slightly obsessive about movie accuracy (ahem).

Okay, I'm rabbit trailing with my soap boxes again. :}  Basically, the point is that I didn't really want to buy this doll because of her inaccuracy, but then I saw this YouTube video from My Froggy Stuff and thought that I could try to rewig this Rapunzel.  Her dress was gorgeous, and if she had brunette hair, she'd be totally perfect!  Unfortunately, here it is, 3 months later, and would you believe that NO STORES in my town carry brown faux fur? :{  Oh well, I'm sure I'll find some eventually...

But back to the review!  Here's a side view of the box.  I just love the detail they put into the packaging on these dolls. :)

Back of the box...with BRUNETTE Rapunzel...but moving on... ;}

The other side view.

The front of the box has the movie title.

Rapunzel's face paint is exactly identical to the 2010 Disney Store Rapunzel doll.

Profile shot.

Here's some of the amazing detail on her bodice.  Notice the sun pattern?

The lovely underskirt.

I'm going to move on to boxed pics of Flynn/Eugene, and then I'll do deboxed pics of both.

So here's groom Eugene in his box. (Okay, since this is kind of a ranty post anyway, does it bother anyone else that they keep calling him Flynn instead of Eugene?) :} 

Side view

Back view

Other side view

Movie title art

Some of you may have noticed that Eugene's box is a little bit banged up.  That's the only complaint I have with my Disney Store online orders lately.  It seems like they're not taking special care of the packages they're sending.  As I tend to be a deboxer, this isn't as much of an issue...although these were dolls I was thinking about keeping in their boxes.  Just thought I'd mention this for those of you who like MIB dolls.  If you have a Disney Store nearby, you might want to consider purchasing dolls there if you want the boxes to be nice.  Of course, the Disney Store has an excellent customer service policy, but return shipping is always such a pain. :(

I think some of the issues were just from the temperature, too.  Notice how the box is warped?  It was super hot in our hometown in July.

Eugene's handsome face. :)

Profile shot

Eugene's top...

...and pants.

I kept them in their boxes for a month or two, but finally decided to release them from their plastic prisons. ;)  The boxes weren't in great shape, and having the dolls themselves on the shelf took up less space than having them there in their boxes.

Here's Rapunzel deboxed.

Back view.  As you can see, her veil goes all the way to her feet.

A view of the dress without the veil.

I love the detail of the material on her dress.

She has a sweet face.

A closer look at her tiara.  The paint job isn't the greatest, but from a distance it looks nice.

She comes with plastic flower clips in her hair.

Here's another look at her bodice.  I especially love the sun and other golden details and the matching gold trim.

Rapunzel's lovely full skirt.

A closer at the detail.

I was pleased to find that the underskirt went all the way around the dress.  The white overskirt is gently attached with thread in the front, as you can see from the above picture.  

Here's the underskirt at the back of her dress.

Rapunzel also comes with a netting skirt underneath to help her dress look poofier.

Her wedding shoes are white ballet flats.

On to the handsome groom! ;)

Back view.

I was also impressed with the detail on Eugene's wedding top.  Like some have mentioned, though, his sash is not removable.  This wasn't an issue for me, but it might be for some.

I loved the sun on his sash.

Eugene's wedding pants are grey...

...and have a lighter grey stripe on each side.

Black wedding boots.

This gold strap holds his sash on.

A closer look at the gold embellishment on his shirt.

Eugene's face is, as far as I can tell, identical to his other earlier Disney Store releases.

Here comes the smolder! ;)

And now, a few pics of the happy couple together. :)

Overall, I'm super pleased with these dolls.  As is typical of Disney Store dolls, because they were the initial dolls released to promote the movie (and because they were a little more expensive), their clothing is up a notch in quality from the Classic doll line.  The attention to detail is superb, and the dolls themselves are very nice.  So really, my main complaint with this is the inaccuracy of Rapunzel's hair.  I know that may seem like a little detail, but I really wish they would have made her brunette.  Of course, they've now released a brunette wedding Rapunzel...but more on that in the next post! ;)

This particular Rapunzel is no longer available at, but if you can find her for a nice price secondhand, she's worth getting just for the dress alone.  Even if you have the new brunette wedding Rapunzel, her dress can't compare with this one!  

Wedding Eugene/Flynn is still available online, and is on sale for $9.99, which is a great deal (click HERE to get your own).  And even better, right now there is free shipping with any Disney Parks purchase (you can usually find something for around the price shipping would be, and then you're getting something for that money). :D   I also noticed at one of the Disney Stores I recently visited that there were several wedding Eugenes in the clearance section, so if you have a local store, you might check there.  He's definitely worth the $10!

My next post will be a review of the new brunette Wedding Rapunzel, and will include a comparison between her and the Wedding Rapunzel in this post. :)


Spicemuffin said...

Aw, I wanted that particular doll with the long blond hair. :(
They do have the wedding rapunzel with short brown hair though. :)

beastsbelle said...

Sorry you missed her, Spicemuffin. :( You can still find her on eBay, but she costs an arm and a leg. ;)

Yep, the brunette Rapunzel is still available. I'll be doing a review on her next, and I'll include a comparison between her and this wedding Rapunzel. The post should be up Monday. :)

Anonymous said...

We are in 2015, you could make a new post on your Tangled collection?

beastsbelle said...

Hi Anonymous! I've actually done several Rapunzel doll reviews since this one. If you check out my "Doll and Toy Reviews" tab at the top of my blog and look under "Disney Dolls", you'll find all of my most recent Tangled doll reviews. :)