Friday, October 19, 2012

Disney Store Rapunzel Doll 2012 Review (Including a Comparison with Mattel Pose and Style Rapunzel)

As promised, here is my review of the 2012 Classic Rapunzel doll from the Disney Store. :)  

Here she is in her box.

A view of the back of the box.

Extra-glittery Rapunzel artwork. ;)  I still feel like Rapunzel got the short end of the deal on the whole makeover thing.  I mean, she basically got some glitter and some extra lace. ;)

Here she is, free from her box.

It's funny, when I first saw this doll, I was not really impressed.  I thought she looked like a "Barbiefied" or glammed-up version of Rapunzel.  Between the heavy glitter on her dress, her dark pink lips, and the deep blue-green of her eyes, she just didn't look like movie Rapunzel to me.  

I actually purchased her to use for a blog giveaway, but she ended up getting here too late...and to my great surprise, I found that I really liked her in person. :}  So that just goes to show you that you should never make a judgement call on a doll until you get to know them...just like the people you meet. ;)

One thing that helped to sway my decision was the fact that she is so incredibly photogenic.  And you know how I am with dolls that look great in pictures. ;)

And true, she doesn't look as much like movie Rapunzel...but I have other Rapunzel dolls that look more like the movie version. ;)  More on topic, you'll notice from the picture that her hair is shorter than the earliest Rapunzel, which is better for kiddos who purchase this doll. :)

Another view of her lovely face.

While her bodice is super glittery, I do appreciate the drawstring detail.  I also like the fact that they went back to a long-sleeved dress (the 2011 doll had short sleeves).

Glitter city on the skirt, too. ;)

Unlike her 2010 and 2011 counterparts, this Rapunzel comes with shoes.

Here's another close look at the bodice detail.

I also liked the pretty stripes on her puffed sleeves.

In keeping with tradition, I lightened her freckles so they'd look closer to movie Rapunzel's freckles.

2012 Rapunzel has articulated knees and ankles.  I must say, these were a bit disappointing.  Of course, I went into a lot of detail on this in my review of 2012 Belle, so I won't go into all of that again (but feel free to click the link if you want more info).  All I'll say is, this is about as ladylike of a sitting position as she can hold.  Yeah.

When she sits with her legs straight, they stick out like this.

It actually ended up being a good thing that I didn't use her for a giveaway, because her right hip was not attached correctly, so it doesn't turn the way it should.  You can see this in the pic above.

Here is 2012 Rapunzel (renamed Rosamonde) making friends with 2012 Belle (renamed Grace).  It looks like the beginnings of another beautiful friendship. ;)

Here's a full-body view.

And now, as promised, a comparison between 2012 Rapunzel and Mattel's Pose and Style Rapunzel.  (Click HERE to see my full review of Pose and Style Rapunzel.)  For starters, as you can see, Disney Store Rapunzel is slightly taller and has a much wider head.

Here they are sitting side by side.  Mattel Rapunzel has a much more ladylike sitting position than her Disney Store counterpart. :}

Here they are both sitting on their knees.  Both can hold this pose, but Mattel Rapunzel's is a little more balanced, and she can sit back farther.

In this picture, I wanted to show the difference between their elbow and wrist articulation.  Mattel Rapunzel is slightly more flexible at the wrists, and at least at this point, her elbow joints seem a little stronger.

I also noticed that Mattel Rapunzel is able to sit with her legs bent to one side.  Disney Store Rapunzel does not have this option.

So, for some final thoughts, Mattel Rapunzel definitely wins in the poseablitiy category.  She can sit in a nicer fashion, her joints are better, and she is more flexible.

However, I still prefer the Disney Store faces and hair to the Mattel ones.  This doll is just stunning, and I don't regret adding her to my collection.

If you're looking for a Rapunzel doll with the best poseability, and one that will hold up to playtime, I would go for the Mattel Rapunzel.  If you just want a lovely doll to add to your collection, or you're purchasing for another collector or an older child, 2012 Rapunzel is the way to go. :)  And if you prefer the Disney Store dolls and want a slightly sturdier doll for your daughter but don't care as much about poseable legs, I would recommend the 2011 Disney Store Rapunzel doll (you can see my review HERE).

Lots more Disney doll reviews coming, so keep checking back! ;)


Liddy said...

While she is not my favorite Rapunzel version, your pictures make her look quite pretty. I saw her at the Disney store where I live and she seems to look kind of melancholy. But she is a very photogenic doll. Love your pictures!:)


Anonymous said...

I just got this doll, I think over a week ago. She's my very first Rapunzel Tangled doll, and I love her. I'm a doll collector on a budget so she was a prefect buy for myself.
I do agree that she is very photogenic and I love her eyes. I was kinda of disappointed with how her legs and ankles came out, But I do like that she has the posability like that.
As I'm not familiar with the older version's of the Disney store dolls. I have nothing to compare to except Monster high dolls and an Ellowyne Wilde. But I like her None the less and have since added 2 more 2012 Disney store Princess's and a boy to my collection.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, gals. :)

Liddy, this is definitely a doll that looks much better deboxed. ;) She's got such stunning features. :)

Ambeano, I'm in the same boat as you are. $12 to $20 dolls are about what I can do right now (and I normally don't do quite so many at a time!). While I'm not a fan of the way they did her articulation, like I said, I'm still glad I got her. She's a great addition to my Rapunzel doll collection. :)

The Disney Store dolls are rather addicting, aren't they? ;) Even with limiting myself to just Rapunzel and Belle, there are still so many different versions to choose from! :}

Abigail said...

Out of all your disney store 2012/2013 dolls which one do you recommend the most?

beastsbelle said...

Hi Abigail. :) For a collector, I would recommend the original 2010 Rapunzel. She has the most movie accurate dress, accessories, and hair. However, because her hair is longer and has iridescent strands in it, it is not a doll I would recommend for younger children. If you're looking for the best one for a child, I'd recommend 2011 Rapunzel. She's gorgeous, has more manageable hair than the 2010 doll, and is put together better than the 2012 doll I reviewed here. You can read my reviews of the others on my Doll Product Reviews page. :)

Hope this helps! :)

Abigail said...


beastsbelle said...

You're welcome. :)