Friday, March 7, 2014

Back to Blogging...

Hi everyone!  I'm back a bit earlier than planned.  I've missed chatting with all of you and sharing stuff here on the blog, but it was nice to have a little break.  

My plans for getting caught up on everything didn't exactly happen.  Last week was completely nuts between two school projects and other things that came up unexpectedly.  I'm about halfway caught up on emails, so if you haven't heard from me, don't worry...your response is coming! :)

I also have quite a few comments waiting in moderation.  Sorry to those of you who left comments and have been waiting to see them.  I really like responding to every comment left here, and sometimes when I publish them and don't respond right away, I forget to go back and answer everyone.  Over the next few days, I'll make sure to get all caught up. :)

I'm also having problems uploading pictures again...not just to Blogger, but everywhere in general.  I can't get pictures off of my camera onto my computer.  Another random and not necessarily connected problem:  I can't add anything to my favorites bar. :}  I think my computer's just deciding to be difficult. ;)  I was able to go to my mom's and upload the pictures I needed to Blogger, so I may have to do things that way for a while.  This may slow things down a bit, but I'll do my best to keep posting regularly.  The bucketload of draft posts I have waiting will be helpful in that respect. ;)

Later today, I'll be posting about a new eBayer selling beautiful handmade clothes for AG and other compatible 18 inch dolls.  I have lots of fun posts coming up after that, too.  Also, in celebration of the release of Disney's "Frozen" on DVD and Blu-ray, I'll be hosting a Frozen Blog Party later this month (date TBA). :D  There will be giveaways, questions to answer, and Frozen-themed posts and pictures.  I can't wait!

We've had a ton of rain here recently, which has been a huge answer to prayer after months of record-breaking dry spells.  However, yesterday the sun was bright and beautiful, so I took the opportunity to snap some outdoor photos of Coral (FKA Caroline).  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy! :)


Gods Girl said...

Wow, spring! It looks so beautiful! And Caroline looks so happy in all the green. :)

Out here, it still very much looks like winter, white with snow on the brown grass. :P

Sunny_Harper1994 said...

Such an elegant hairstyle! I love this photo shoot! Will you be giving her a little bio on My Dolls page? Or will she be on Tess and Maggie's blog? I enjoy reading those. :)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, gals. :)

Sunny, I am hoping to add her to the "My Dolls" page, and yes, she will be making an appearance on Tess and Maggie's blog, too...once I get all caught up. :}

Tam said...

Wow, you mean it's spring where you are? It's still all 'Bleh' here!My favourite is the picture in the vines. Looks great!

Ava Rose Milberger said...

Goodness, do I know what the dry spells can feel like. Mostly because I live in California and the droughts ruined my front yard. And now we have clovers everywhere.

Like WHAA?? 😳😳😳😳

Peace and chickens.


Gracie said...

I'm glad you're back!
Sorry not everthing went as planned during your break
I'm exited for the blog party!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Tam. was pretty much dry and brown over here until the recent rainstorms. Now everything looks fresh and green. :)

Yep, Ava, gotta love California. ;)

Thanks, Gracie. I was disappointed that I didn't get everything done I wanted to. But at the same time, it was nice to not have to worry about keeping up with blogging in the middle of the craziness! :}

I'm excited about the blog party too! :D

Cindy Sims said...

I like Addy's dress better on Addy!!!! Caroline is too pale for that dress !!!!!

beastsbelle said...

Hi Cindy! I like Addy's dress on Addy, but I also like it on Caroline (and I don't have an Addy to put in the dress). ;) I guess it's all a matter of personal preference. :)