Saturday, March 29, 2014

EBay Listings and Giveaway Updates

Hey everyone!  Hope your Saturday is going well. :)  I just had a few quick updates for you.

First of all, I've now heard back from all of my winners, but I'm still waiting on the address from one.  So unless something falls through with that last winner, it's looking like all of the giveaway winners are confirmed. :)  To those of you who won, I will most likely be getting the prizes mailed out on Monday.  I was hoping to do that today, but things didn't quite go according to plan. :}

I also wanted to let you guys know that I have a few items up on eBay, mostly thrift store rescues and a few Frozen extras.  I only have seven things up right now, but I'm hoping to do a few more listings tomorrow afternoon.  You can see everything I have up so far HERE.

Things will probably be a bit quiet around here in the next week as I regroup from the blog party and get caught up on a few things around home, but I'll be back before you know it with more reviews and other fun stuff. :)


Cat Bru said...

Oooo shinies! I watched your Rapunzel :D Hafta see if I win a Samantha doll I've bid on (!!!) before I can see whatelse I can get :D

beastsbelle said...

Oh, Cat Bru! I hope you win your Samantha!! I was so sorry about your first one. Again, I'm sorry I haven't emailed back yet. The last few days have been a wee bit crazy!! :}

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Cat Bru said...

Thank you, so do I! She's got four hours left and is still under my max bid, so I'm hopeful about it! I'm going for a bit more than I'd originally considered, but she's been sleeping in a box for years and even if she isn't Pre-Mattel (which I'm like 98% sure she is) she's just too good to pass up! And the seller is awesome enough to extend the payment deadline a day for payday :D I'm not stressing too much, though. I got four hours left and I've been refreshing only, oh, every five minutes?

And pff! Pff pff! You mean to tell me you have a real life with a family to take care of before internet stuff? PFF!

(Also randomly, I found little cell phone shaped flashlight/lazer pointer/bottle openers on clearance at my gas station and they're almost perfectly doll sized xD)

beastsbelle said...

Lol, I'm completely the same way when I'm waiting for an auction to end! ;) Sorry it took me so long to post this comment. Did you end up winning her?

Thanks for being so understanding about things, too. I love blogging, but it can be a little hard to keep up with it when I've got everything else going on, too. I'm definitely not Superwoman. ;)

How fun about the cell phoned shaped bottle openers at your gas station! I love finding doll-sized stuff. :) *heads to the nearest gas station to find one of her own* ;)

Cat Bru said...

I'm glad I'm not alone xD Sadly I didn't win her. BUT. This lady who I was bidding for Samantha items on had one. Not in as pristine condition, but still very good with nice hair and no stains, and she also came with the blue dress as well as the original one, and I DID win her, and I ended up spending a couple dollars less on her and the other items I'd won than my max bid on the other one. She's shipped and on her way home and I'm so excited xD (And I'm forcing myself to not be paranoid she's a Fauxmurican Gurl or whatever people call the counterfeit ones you occasionally see pop up because she really doesn't look it xD)

Hey, I've accepted long ago that other people have these Life things. And pff. I've seen you write about your girls. You're close enough to it.

Oh, if you didn't find any let me know, they were on clearance and I kind of over did it. If you did, the white ones with the metal backs are easier to take apart to remove the batteries so no little eyes will get accidentally lazer pointed. The black ones I'm too afraid I'll strip the screw heads if I try too much.

beastsbelle said...

Congrats on your win...even though it wasn't the original Sam you were bidding on. :) I'm so happy for you. I hope you enjoy her!

Lol, I actually forgot my evil plot to go to the gas station and search for them. When I...ahem...finish my email to you :{ I'll bring that up. :)