Saturday, April 26, 2014

Frozen Anna Doll Available at

Hey guys!  Just wanted to let you know that the classic Anna doll is available right now at  You can see her HERE.   She doesn't show up on the Frozen page, but if you search "Frozen doll", she comes up.  Just thought I'd let you guys know in case anyone missed Anna during the last few restocks.  I have no clue how many of them are left, so if you want her, I'd act quickly.

Thanks to drj1828 on Flickr for alerting me to this information. :)

In other news, I got my confirmation email for the Elsa and Kristoff dolls I ordered, so Little Gal and Oldest Gal will officially have their Frozen dolls...finally!

There's still supposed to be another restock for those of you looking for dolls other than Anna, so don't give up!  I'll try to let you guys know here if I notice the restock in time. :)

Happy Shopping!


Gracie said...

Thanks for keeping us updated!:)

misspiggy=awesome said...

For the first time in forever... ;)
GAH! Trying to think if anyone I know has a birthday coming up and would want Anna. 'Tis hard when most of one's friends have "outgrown" dolls. :(

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome, Gracie! :)

I understand, misspiggy=awesome. I've been there. :( Don't worry...eventually some of your friends should grow up enough to realize that it's okay to like toys again. ;)