Friday, April 4, 2014

My Little Pony Build-A-Bear Fluttershy Review

As most of you probably remember, one of the souvenirs I got on my daughters' birthday trip in January was a Fluttershy from Build-A-Bear workshop.  I thought it was about time to dig this post out of the pile of drafts and share it with you. :)

Here's a look at my adorable Fluttershy. :)  I think that Build-A-Bear captured her perfectly. :)

In the store, she came with her mane and tale wrapped in rubber bands like this:

I took it out of the rubber bands, gave it a light brushing, and finger curled it with very pleasing results.

Fluttershy's wings are made of a soft, sparkly material.  Her cutie mark is embroidered and is only on her left side.

Back view

A look at the other side.

I can't get over how adorable her face is! :)

My only slight disappointment was that I ended up with a slight pucker on Fluttershy's head, which you can see here.  It's not overly noticeable except to obsessive detail people like me. ;)

Oh, and I also noticed (after I had already stuffed her) that she had this slight dark mark on one side.  At that point I didn't feel I should exchange her.  Besides, aside from the pucker, she had one of the best faces of all of the Fluttershys there. :}

Fluttershy came with two tags on her ear.

The first is a My Little Pony tag with web addresses and info about My Little Pony.

Here's the Build-A-Bear tag on the inside...

...and the back.

Her eye has great detail and is embroidered like her cutie mark.

Build-A-Bear Fluttershy makes a great addition to my growing Fluttershy collection. :)  

Fashion Style Fluttershy, two brushable Fluttershys, and my Fluttershy Blind Bag figures.

Equestria Girls Fluttershy and NIB Bridle Friends Fluttershy

I'm very pleased with my Build-A-Bear Fluttershy.  She has the same quality that I've come to expect from Build-A-Bear Workshop.  At $25, she's a fun, well-made, affordable souvenir for a little one or a collector.  

Of course, one of the best things about Build-A-Bear is the experience of visiting the store. :)  All three of my daughters made a friend at Build-A-Bear as well.  I was so impressed with the employees and the effort they put into making our time enjoyable and memorable.  When you factor in the fun of building your own special friend, the $10-$25 per animal you spend is very reasonable.  I appreciate the variety of pricing on the stuffed toys and accessories, too.  My girls were all able to find something that fit their budgets.

For those of you who prefer other ponies to Fluttershy, you can also get Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, and (just recently added to the line up) Rarity, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.  I'm assuming that Applejack will follow eventually since she's the only one of the mane six that hasn't been released yet.

I haven't seen Rarity, Scootaloo, or Sweetie Belle in person, but of the four I have seen, I think Fluttershy looks the most like herself.  Still, they're all adorable, and if it wasn't for the fact that the $25 each adds up quickly (and the fact that my space is limited), I'd love to have all of them in my collection. :)

I realized while writing this post that I haven't had the chance to thoroughly figure out my new rating system, so for now I'm just sticking with the old system and giving Fluttershy a 5 out of 5. :)

Which of the Build-A-Bear My Little Ponies is your favorite?


Momo said...

Yay, Fluttershy! :)
Her and Twilight are my favorite ponies. <3
I think my favorite BAB pony is Twilight, but I really love the Fluttershy one too. :D
I'm excited for Applejack to come out. I hope that they give her her cowgirl hat. :)

beastsbelle said...

Momo, those are my two favorite ponies, too! :) Twilight is really cute (Middle Gal got her).

I'm with you...I hope Applejack gets her hat! :)

Agangel said...

Theres a new My Friggy Stuff video on doll houses,I gound the cases and books at Michaels and Joans. Just incase that helps :)

Fawn said...

oooooh, I love it!!!! *_*

Gracie said...

She is so cute! I don't personally watch MLP (I don't watch much television ) But I have been wanting to start.

Speaking of children's TV, I was scrolling through the channels,and I decided to see what was on NickToons. An add came on for two of the apparently newer shows, Sanjay and Craig, And Breadwinners. The add probably said the words "Butt" And "Fart" Ten times and at the end it said "NickToons, Funny Rules" That was just pretty upsetting for me that kids are watching that kind of stuff . I defiantly won't be letting anyone I babysit watch this. I have a some of the same problems with Disney ( not Disney Jr) So I think I will stick to Arthur ;)

Sorry I got a "little" off topic,

beastsbelle said...

Agangel, I saw that tutorial and loved it! :D I'm definitely thinking about trying it with my girls this summer, especially since it's such a space saver. :) I've also found those boxes at Ross. :)

Me too, Fawn. :)

Hi Gracie. :) My Little Pony is one of my favorite kid's shows. I don't have my girls watch all of it. There are a few scary parts and a few episodes where the ponies communicate by yelling at each other (especially at the beginning of Season 1 when they're all getting to know each other). However, I love the fact that each episode teaches something about friendship, and I love how the characters develop as the show progresses. :)

I haven't heard of Sanjay and Craig, but I did see the commercial for Breadwinners and was completely disgusted. Our kiddos pretty much don't watch TV aside from Disney Jr. because of the attitudes, crude language or humor, and poor principles taught in so many of today's kids' shows. :( I agree, it's sad to think that so many kids are filling their minds with that in the name of entertainment. :(

MyLittleMegara said...

Ooh, I LOVEEEEEEEE MLP!!! That's where the MyLittle comes for my name- the Megara is Meg from Hercules. My favorite pony is Rarity, and I can't wait to get the Build-A-Bear of her. I currently have the Build-A-Rainbow Dash, so here's a warning: the mane and tail get really messy, really fast!!!!! Be careful or you will have a frizzled, shapeless mass of plastic fibers like poor Dashie does. :(

beastsbelle said...

I figured that was where "MyLittleMegara" came from. ;)

I'm so glad you get to have your favorite pony now. :) And thanks for the tip about the manes and tails!

Mark Patraw said...

I think it's great that Hasbro/Build-A-Bear Workshop joined forces to create these. Large plush MLP toys look swell, but, with all the junk I already have (you'll doubtlessly see me on an episode of Hoarders someday), I don't know where I'd ever find the space to store/display something that big, so, I'm probably better off sticking with the normal and mini sized MLP toys (or so I say, if I saw one for a steal, she'd probably end up coming home with me, space concerns or no). A display of figures, centered on one character, in various styles/sizes, like your Fluttershy one, does make for a visually striking, and diverse, arrangement (is there a particular reason why you're keeping that one MIB?)

Rainbow Dash is my favorite FiM character (mostly because she's the most colorful), so she’d be the one that I’d get if I was going to buy a Build-|A-Bear Workshop MLP plush.

How do 12-18" dolls look riding Fluttershy? Too out-of-scale/comical or adorable?

beastsbelle said...

Hi Mark! :) I completely agree about the space issues with the Build-A-Bear MLPs. I would be tempted to collect more of them if I wasn't also struggling with a lack of space. ;) Lol, some people would think I was a good candidate for Hoarders too, especially if I keep up my collecting. ;)

I'd love to eventually have a shelf devoted just to Fluttershy, but again, space issues make that a little difficult. :} My Bridle Friends Fluttershy is basically in the package because I already had two loose Fluttershys and thought it would be nice to have one NIP. :)

I love Rainbow's colorful palette, and she's super cute in her Build-A-Bear form (although her mane is a bit too curly to be completely accurate). ;)

I haven't really tried 12" dolls with Fluttershy, but 18" dolls would be too big to ride her. She looks pretty cute with the DAC dolls. I'll have to get back to you with more details on all that, though. :)

Thanks for stopping by!