Saturday, August 23, 2014

Farewell to Strawberry Shortcake Week

I hope you all enjoyed the Strawberry Shortcake theme this week as much as I did. :)  It was so much fun to look back at such a special character and how she's changed through the years. :)

I had hoped to wrap up the week with a review of one of each of the TV specials/episodes from each of the eras, but I just wasn't able to pull it off.  Part of that was due to the fact that I was unexpectedly asked to sing at a memorial service today (they asked me on Thursday), and I ended up without a piano player or an accompaniment track that is not full of drums (which wouldn't work in our church).  The rest of this morning will be devoted to practicing "The Wind Beneath My Wings" a cappella so that I can sound like I know what I'm doing. :}

Since I couldn't go into the TV episodes in detail, I thought I would link to the Wikipedia pages about them in case anyone was interested in learning about them.  (I've found Wikipedia to be very helpful for info about TV shows and such.)  For those of you who would like to watch them, many of the episodes can be found on YouTube.  Just a little warning, though:  "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" this is not. ;)  I didn't grow up with the SSC cartoons, so I don't have any particular nostalgia attached to them, and most of them (regardless of the era) I find either really corny or sickly-sweet.  Some of the characters are really annoying, too (especially Honey Pie Pony from the 2003 show and Mr. Longface and the bratty ladybug sisters from "Berry Bitty Adventures").

Let's put it this way.  "My Little Pony: FIM" I watch whether my girls are home or not.  I only watch Strawberry Shortcake when the girls pick it for their movie. ;)

For those of you who really enjoy the cartoons, I apologize if this opinion offends you.  Some of the cartoons are pretty clever, and my girls enjoy them a lot.  They're just not my cup of tea. ;)

Anyway, here are the links to the different shows.

-1980s TV Specials

-2003 TV Series

-Sweet Dreams Movie

-Berry Bitty Adventures

This is not show-related, but I also thought I'd use this post to share a link to some pics from The Bridge Direct's Strawberry Shortcake display at the Toy Fair.  This will give you an idea of some of the other releases we have to look forward to in the coming months. :)  (For those of you who are interested, you can see this and several other links on my Toy Fair 2014 Pinterest Board.)  

-The Bridge Direct SSC Toy Fair Gallery

I guess that's about all for Strawberry Shortcake week!  Next week, we'll be back to other reviews and such. :)  Talk to you then!


Farrah Lily said...

My girls were watching Berry Bitty adventures this morning on Netflix and I was so annoyed by those ladybug sisters! I agree though, that otherwise the cartoon is pretty cute and besides the amount of time they spend getting their hair done at Lemon's salon, it sends a generally good message!
I have never gotten into MLP FIM, but I have such good memories of the MLP movie from the 80s...I have to track that one down!
Hope you guys have a nice weekend! :)

beastsbelle said...

I would definitely recommend checking MLP FIM out, Farrah Lily. That show is my guilty pleasure. The ponies yell at each other quite a bit in the first season (so much so that there are several episodes my girls don't watch), but it gets better. The storytelling, character development, and songs are what I love best about the show. :)

Mark Patraw said...

Well, thanks for doing SSC week, I enjoyed it!

I agree that many of our childhood cartoons don't hold up very well when viewed again as an adult.

I trust your recital of "The Wind Beneath my Wings" went well? I love Bette Midler's rendition of that song.

I also hope that you, or any of your loved ones, didn't suffer from the recent earthquake in California. When I saw it on the news yesterday morning, you and your family immediately crossed my mind.

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome, Mark! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts throughout the week. :)

Lol, some childhood cartoons definitely don't hold up! Some of them I've been able to watch again have made me laugh as an adult because they were so badly written or horribly animated, but I remember loving them and taking them very seriously as a child. ;)

Thank you for asking. "The Wind Beneath My Wings" went very well. :) I was super nervous since I was not overly familiar with the song and had to sing it without accompaniment. I prayed a lot and practiced a lot, though, and it went off without a hitch. :) The family really appreciated it, too, which was the most important thing. :)

I personally don't really care for the style of Bette Midler's voice (I usually prefer a softer tone), but I do think she did a good job on the song. :)

None of us were affected by the earthquake. In fact, we didn't even feel was too far south. Thank you for your concern, though. I know there were several injuries and a lot of damages. :(