Sunday, August 17, 2014

Zelfs Season 3 On the Zelfs Website!! :)

Hey guys!  Just wanted to let you guys know that the Season 3 Zelfs are up on the official Zelfs website! :)  I've provided a direct link to the "Zelf Stuff" page HERE, which has links to all of the Zelfs and their accessories.  It's linked to the medium-sized Zelfs, but if you click on the down arrow under the "Category" label, it will show you the new Lil' Zelfs and the Super Zelfs as well. :)

Unfortunately, it looks like this time around some of the designs are exclusive to the medium and Super Zelf categories.  In the past, all of the Super Zelfs were also produced in the medium size.

I personally prefer the medium Zelfs, but there are some designs in the Super Zelf category that I really like.  Marketing-wise, the exclusivity is a smart move, because it will tempt customers (like myself) who prefer a certain size to branch out.  I'd just love to see some of the Super Zelf designs in a medium size, too. :}

I also noticed that on the US website, it only lists where the Zelfs are available in Australia.  Hopefully they'll have that info updated soon.  This past year, I've only found them at Toys R Us.  I haven't seen them in Walmart since before Christmas.

Here are some of my favorites:
The new Season 3 Lil' Zelfs! :) (original image here)

I love their new little containers!  They're called "mushroom pods", and include a little spot on top to attach and display the Lil' Zelf. :) (original image here)

Float, a medium Cloud Zelf (original image here

Lullaby, a medium Unicorn Zelf (original image here)

Manny, a medium Moose Zelf (original image here)

Pandela, a medium Panda Zelf (original image here)

Petal, a medium Garden Pixie Zelf (original image here)

Miss Tutu, a Super Ballerina Zelf (original image here)

Noodles, a Super Chinese Dragon Zelf (original image here

Talon, a Super Griffin Zelf (original image here)
This is one I'd especially like to see in medium size.  I think the face might be a little cuter in medium. ;)

Be sure to stop by the website and check out the other new releases.  There are a lot of them! :)  Which of the new Zelfs are your favorites?

Well, I'm off to bed.  It's the first day of school tomorrow, and I have to be up early. ;)  I just couldn't resist doing a quick post to share the Zelf updates. ;)  Talk to you guys soon!


Minty said...

These are so cute! Too bad all my extra funds go toward ponies and Ever After High ;)

BlackKitty said...

I don't care for Zelfs but the panda made me smile :)

Alice said...

You know what's sad? At the walmart I go to all of the mini/surprise zelf containers are open. Some of them don't even all the plastic wrap on, it's looks like it would be so easy to steal them. Also in Canada I don't think a lot of us got series 2 yet.

beastsbelle said...

That is so sad, Alice. :( It's such a shame that people spoil the surprise for others. :( I haven't run into that with the Lil' Zelfs, but I've definitely seen it with the blind bag My Little Ponies in my Walmart.

I'm sorry you never got the Season 2 Zelfs in your area. It seems like the distribution is definitely varied. Hope you get them (and Season 3 as well) soon!

Alice said...

Sorry I must have been half asleep. I meant to say at my Superstore, there are no Zelfs at any of my Walmart's yet.

Farrah Lily said...

I love the Chinese Dragon and Moose! They are probably my favorites so far :)

Mark Patraw said...

I'm going to agree with BlackKitty that Pandela looks the best out of the ones you have pictured, but they're all nice.

The mushroom containers are neat, but I prefer the older pot-shaped ones because I think having the Zelf's hair sticking out, like the leaves of a plant, is adorable and was a brilliant idea. Still, I'm sure a display of Zelfs atop their fungus homes would look neat too. When it comes to toys, mushrooms always make me think of the Smurfs.

Panda said...

I have an idea for a belle bulletins, you could ask people to send in pictures of their dolls and you could make it as the belle bulletins gang are having a worldwide chat and you could say, to join you must have outdoor photo of your dolls, a profile and maybe a expression. Then you could see what other dolls are like.

beastsbelle said...

Farrah Lily, I love those ones too. :) Manny is definitely going to have to join my Zelf family. I'm undecided on Noodles and Miss Tutu, since was hoping to pretty much stick with medium Zelfs.

Mark, I actually prefer the eggs from Season 2 because they were a dollar cheaper! I imagine that the price will go up again with the mushrooms. At least they're cute. I have to agree that the plant pots LOOKED the best. :)

Panda, that's a great idea. I'm not sure I'd use it on Belle's Bulletins since I have no plans to start it up again. Maybe I could have Belle do a guest post here, though. ;)

Mark Patraw said...

Huh, I didn't even know about those eggs until you just mentioned them (I just did a Google search to see some pictures)--I was under the mistaken impression that they had always come in the pots for some reason. Well, if they were a dollar cheaper, then I can definitely see your preference for the eggs too, as ultimately the Zelf itself (rhyme intended) is more important than the container. And the cheaper they are, the more you can collect.

I also like Panda's idea about having some kind of feature where people could send in a photo of their dolls--I'd probably contribute. Maybe you could have a monthly theme or something of that nature.

beastsbelle said...

I'm hoping the new mushroom pods won't raise the price again...I guess we'll just have to wait and see. ;)

I like Panda's idea as well...I'll see what I can do. ;)

Nina said...

I love the new Zelfs! Especially the ballerina Zelf; I've been a dancer for ten years!;D

beastsbelle said...

I think Miss Tutu is adorable too. :)