Friday, August 22, 2014

Strawberry Shortcake San Diego Comic Con Doll

I thought that I might as well go ahead and do my more detailed review post of my Strawberry Shortcake doll from Comic Con, since it is in keeping with the week's theme. ;)

To the best of my knowledge, this particular doll was only available at the San Diego Comic Con in 2010.  I was thrilled to find one of my own on eBay earlier this year for a good price. :) 

The review will be a little short since I'm not planning on deboxing this doll.  I hope you understand. ;)

The box was sealed in plastic.  I'm not sure if this side is the front or the back, but I usually display this side facing out, since it shows a photo of the doll.

One side

This is most likely the front of the box, but I still prefer having the photo side out. ;)

Other side

The top of the box.

The bottom of the box.

I decided that I would go ahead and remove the plastic, because then I could at least open the box flaps and look at my doll.  There didn't seem to be much point in keeping a doll I could never look at. ;)

This is the side of the box that opens.

The top flap has a strawberry-shaped hole that fits around the pink strawberry, which is slightly raised.

The flap with the raised strawberry opens on the other side.

Here's adorable Strawberry Shortcake! :D

She has an outfit that has much more detail than her play line counterparts.  I didn't get a good picture of her hat alone, but it is a knit pink hat with cat ears.  

Here's a closer look at her dress.  Notice the red strawberry at her collar, the ruffles on her shirt, her fancy strawberry apron, her little strawberry charms, and the dotted overlay of her skirt.

It was hard to get a good picture through the box, but she also has a cute Custard charm hanging on her apron.

She has her traditional green and white striped tights, and adorable "fuzzy" pink plastic boots.

And speaking of Custard, here she is!  As I shared in my last post, I don't believe that Custard was ever made for the play dolls produced by Hasbro.  Custard is one of my favorite parts of this set.

This version of Strawberry Shortcake has identical face paint to the regular play line Hasbro SSC doll.

I'm not going to do my rating system for this doll since she's in the box, so this pretty much wraps up the review. ;)  I'm very happy to have this doll in my collection, and I'm hoping I'll be able to stay strong and not fully debox her. ;)  If I do cave in the future and release her from her prison, I'll be sure to share some pics on the blog. ;)  Even in her box, though, she's adorable and enjoyable.  I would highly recommend her for any Strawberry Shortcake fan.


Maureen Magee-Uhlik said...

wow your tess is so pretty! i can't find any on ebay though.

Farrah Lily said...

Yes, you are strong for being able to keep her in the box...I'd be curious to know what her hair looks like underneath that adorable hat! Glad you were able to find her!

beastsbelle said...

Hi Maureen! Tess is one of my very favorite dolls. :) The Gotz Little Sisters dolls can be super hard to find, but give it time! It took me several months to locate the Gotz dolls I have. My Tess was one I found on Craigslist. :)

Me too, Farrah Lily! :) I may succumb after a while, but I'd like to keep her in the box as long as possible. I'd love to get a better look at her, though. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great review! I know this isn't strictly on topic (but I have to ask) are you looking forward to the newest Doctor Who episode. I've heard that it's being broadcast worldwide. J

Manta said...

Lol, I don't think I'd be able to keep her in the box! I LOVE this Strawberry's outfit!:)

Mark Patraw said...

I've never seen that Comic Con exclusive Strawberry Shortcake before and she's berry impressive! Toy companies always go all-out on their SDCC exclusives, but, alas, that means the prices too! Her dress is great, but, as a cat person (we've got three of them, and, yes, everything I own is covered with cat hair), I particularly like the kitty-eared hat, as that visually ties her in with Custard. Speaking of which, I think it'd be neat if Bridge Direct would do a wave of dolls that all had hats themed like their individual pets (sort of like the current Spin Master Kawaii Crush dolls). Or maybe they could just do a stand-alone fashion pack with said hat designs.

There's a toy review site that I've read regularly for years, OAFE, and the main reviewer, who goes by the pseudonym "yo ge re", once opined that if you buy toys and don't open them, you might as well just save yourself some money, print out a picture of the figure, glue it to a brick, and use that instead. While that snarky comment was amusing, I fully understand the desire to leave some toys in their packaging, especially convention exclusives like this one. I'm kind of split half-and-half on opening stuff--large sections of my bedroom walls and ceiling are literally wallpapered with mint-on-card action figures (the vast majority of which are comic book super heroes/villains), but I also set many of my toys free. Years ago, I was one of those MOC-only collectors that freaked out over the tiniest dings or bends in a plastic bubble or cardback, but I eventually let that compulsiveness go, for the most part, and I think I'm better for it. That said, I still enjoy the visual experience of seeing a bunch of pristine, unopened figures greeting me every time I enter the room, as that makes me feel like I live in a toy store.

beastsbelle said...

Hi J! Yes, I'm excited to see Peter Capaldi in his first full episode. I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to watch it, because we don't have cable or Charter. I am looking forward to it, though. :)

Manta, it's definitely a challenge. We'll see how well I stick to the MIB plan. ;)

Mark, I love your idea for the pet-themed hats for The Bridge Direct's dolls! :) They would be so cute.

Lol, the comment about printing a picture and gluing it to a brick cracked me up!! That definitely puts things in perspective. ;)

At the same time, like you, I enjoy having some things MIB. My collections also tend to have a bit of turnover, especially with my limited budget and limited space. I like keeping my more expensive items in the boxes because sometimes those have to go when I need to downsize. :} I don't plan on letting go of this doll, though, so she may eventually end up deboxed...we'll see. ;)

KrissyLou said...

Thanks for sharing this one - I love her! SSC Hasbro - another doll on the "if I find her in a thrift shop..." list. I particularly appreciate your observation that she's got the identical face paint. Therefore I just need to pull out the crochet hook to do a cute hat! :) (The hat is the cutest thing!!)

On the Doctor Who thing - I can't remember if our links work for you, but here's the episode on our TV channel - maybe it'll work for you? There's also a Q&A session with Peter filmed here in Sydney on the site too.
Good luck!

beastsbelle said...

KrissyLou, I hope you find one soon! :) And yes, making her a cute little homemade hat would be every bit as cute. I wish I were that creative myself. ;)

Thanks for the Doctor Who link. I was actually able to watch the episode, but I'll have to check out the interview! :)

P.S. Sorry I haven't responded to your Facebook message yet. Things have been so crazy with the whole "back to school" thing! :}