Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Day Outdoors

Okay, so much for my theory that being at home would make blogging easier. ;)  The girls are supposed to stay home from school until the lice is completely gone, so I'm continuing the seemingly never-ending cycle of hair treatments and laundry.  Middle Gal ended up with lice Sunday night, and both Oldest Gal and Little Gal still have some in their hair even after treatment, so we're not clear yet. :{

Today, my mom came over and helped me treat all of the mattresses, the couch, the loveseat, and the carpet with the RID lice spray.  She also helped me give the girls a second olive oil treatment and brought combs, a vacuum, and another type of lice treatment to try.  (I have the best mom EVER!)

The spray we used can't be inhaled or touched, and you're supposed to wait until it dries to use the room you spray it in, so we spent most of the morning outside.  Thankfully, the weather was much cooler than it's been lately, so the day was pretty pleasant.

I snapped a few photos while we were out there.  Here are a few of my favorites. :)

Elfa enjoying the outdoors:

The girls had fun playing a game with their Barbie and Disney dolls.  The dolls were lost, so they had to camp out in the wilderness (hence the beds of leaves):

The girls had a great time playing and getting some fresh air (they've been feeling rather cooped up with the whole head lice thing).  I gave them another olive oil treatment today, and put them in shower caps while I let the olive oil sit.  I just had to share this pic because they looked so adorable. ;)

I do hope to get things together enough to get one of my planned review posts up by the end of the week, but I can't make any promises at this point.  The laundry and combing have been quite time consuming. :}

Talk to all of you again soon!


Unknown said...

Heard coconut oil is also good for lice...supposedly it dissolves the lice's "shell" and kills them.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been getting a lot of good ones, and with the way things are going, I may be trying them all! ;)

Nina said...

Aww! Your girls are so cute! Good luck with the lice!;)

Anonymous said...

The best way to be sure to get rid of these is to continue combing thoroughly. The chemical stuff doesn't always work. I don't know about the oil treatment or using teatree oil but it sure can't be bad. But you should continue combing even after you think the lice are gone because they're pretty tough and really resilient. Even one remaining egg can start the whole thing again. And you really don't want to start over again, do you? Combing and checking again and again seems to be the only guaranteed way to get rid of lice.
Over here we have mothers who volunteer to check all kids at school after the summer vacation. And, yes, every year we got a note saying lice have been found on someone's head. And just reading that note made me all itchy. ;) So I know how you feel... And I'm glad the whole thing didn't ruin your weekend too much.

Jan said...

Praying for the lice to go away.... :)

Jan <3

Ariana said...

Hi! My mom is an aromatherapist and recommends Plant Therapy's "Lice Away" blend that is safe for kids!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks so much, everyone. I really appreciate your prayers and suggestions.

Linda, I've been combing at least twice a day and getting a little more each time. ;)

Ariana, I'll have to check Lice Away out. Thanks! :)

Amber Spaulding said...

You mention that your doing laundry alot, you could always make the girls sleep without the sheets and pillowcases on their beds for the tine being. And have them just use a blanket to cover up with, I remember my mom did that a few times when I was a kid. I was also going to suggest cutting the girls hair to just above their shoulders.

beastsbelle said...

Hi Amber! I've actually started having them sleep on the floor in the playroom with blankets. I figure at least that way I don't have to keep cleaning the mattresses. Now I'm just popping blankets and pillows in the wash each night. ;)

I might consider cutting their hair as a last resort, but I'd rather not do that unless I absolutely have to, at least for Oldest Gal. She's really been wanting to grow her hair back out. :}