Saturday, September 13, 2014

Surviving Saturday's Mayhem ;)

Hey everyone!  Thank you so much for all of your kind comments, suggestions, and prayers from yesterday's post.  I made it through today by the grace of God and with lots of help from my sweet Hubby.  

I only had one meltdown, which happened when I was in the middle of doing Oldest Gal's RID treatment and getting overwhelmed by all of the steps and instructions.  It also might have had to do with the fact that I had two hours until I had to be at the memorial service, and all of us were still in our pajamas, needing to get ready to go. :}  It was completely nuts!

But Hubby saved the day, bringing us lunch and helping me get kiddos ready.  The memorial was a beautiful tribute to Hubby's grandma, and both of my songs went really well and seemed to bless the hearers, which was what I had hoped for.

We did allow the girls to attend the memorial and a dinner afterwards since I had treated their hair (and gotten an "okay" from Hubby's mom and aunt), and it was a huge blessing to get to visit with family and friends, some whom I hadn't seen for years.  One of the highlights of the day was reconnecting with my art teacher from 3rd grade.  Mr. "B" was always a huge encouragement to me and taught me a lot.  It was great to get to catch up with him a bit. :)

Tomorrow, we'll be staying home from church.  I want to make sure we've got this stuff under control before we go mingle freely again (I feel guilty enough about today).  I still have to contact the girls' teacher to see what the school policy is on attendance, and see if the girls will be allowed to go to school this week.  

The good news is, we should have some time to work on a post since we'll be having a family day at home. ;)

Thanks again for all of your prayers.  I know they helped carry me through the day and my special music. :)


Meritre said...

I'm so glad that it went so well :)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Meritre! :)

Farrah Lily said...


Manta said...

I'm praying that ALLLL the 'itchies' are gone ASAP:)

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Manta! :)

Michele said...

So sorry to hear about all that you all have been going thru. Will keep you all in my prayers. :)

MyLittleMegara said...

Praying for you! ;)