Friday, September 26, 2014

New Frozen Items on!!

Hey guys!  Just had to post this really quickly before going to bed. has a ton of new Frozen items up on their site.  Sadly, no Elsa and Anna ice skating set yet, but some of the items that are there include the mini Elsa and Anna wardrobe sets, the new DAC Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa with little plushies, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf Sketchbook ornaments, and more.  They also have Elsa and Anna costumes and the fashion and plush dolls back in stock.  You can see everything HERE.

Just wanted to make sure I got the word out since I have a lot of Frozen fans here.  Not sure how long things will be in stock, so if you want any of these items, I'd snag them quickly.

Happy Shopping! :D


Farrah Lily said...

Thanks for the heads up! We are Frozen fans for's nice of you to share the info :)

MyLittleMegara said...

I'm so happy! I've been DYING for the Classics dolls and now Anna, Elsa, and Hans are on their way! (I got Kristoff locally a while ago...)

beastsbelle said...

Congrats! So glad I could help you both. :)

Jan said...

I am like dying of happiness over here. ;). I snagged the Elsa classic doll and Anna classic doll. I can't wait for them to get here! And my sister got the Elsa plush. Thank you so much!!!!!!! :D

Jan <3

beastsbelle said...

Congrats, Jan! :D Good thing, too, because the Classic Elsa is already sold out!