Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ella is on Ebay!

Okay, the results are in.  Everyone liked Emily as an Elizabeth Cole doll better than Ella, and I agreed.  As much as I hate to split up the sisters (Tess, Hailey and Ella), I've decided to sell Ella on eBay as well as Claire.  I put another link to my eBay page HERE so you can easily find my listing. 

I included some extra goodies with Ella just like I did with Claire.  If one of you won her, I would love it if you could drop Tess and Maggie an email or a comment every once in a while telling them how she's doing in her new home. :)  You can let me know after you win and maybe we could work something out.  That way, at least Tess and Hailey know that their sister is doing well.  I know, I know...that sounds really weird.  I've watched the Toy Story movies too many times, okay? :}  If you want to hear Maggie's take on all of this, you can read her post HERE

My Katie doll finally made it home today. :)  In the next week or so, I'll probably do a post with some pics from her travels.  There will be even more on Tess and Maggie's blog, perhaps an interview with the "world traveler". :)

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