Monday, January 24, 2011

Zaara's New Home and Updates

Hi guys!  Just thought I'd give you a few updates.  First off, my Zaara doll is now officially in her new home with my aunt.  Last Friday night, my aunt invited me over for a "Bollywood Night".  :) 

She and I have both really gotten into Bollywood movies, and she's always enjoyed East Indian food.  In the past, I've always been uninterested in trying traditional Indian cuisine, but since I've been watching all these movies from India, I figured it was only right to at least try it once. 

My aunt was excited to hear of my change of heart.  She went to one of her favorite Indian restaurants and ordered everything.  Then we sat and ate our Indian food while watching a Bollywood movie on Netflix.  It was so fun! :)

Because of the theme, I thought it would be an appropriate time for Zaara to move to her new home.  We took some pics with her and the food, as you can see below.  We had a great time together.

Zaara is ready to eat! :)

Our yummy dinner.  And sorry, I don't remember what everything was called.  My favorite was the chicken tikka masala with rice (the two long dishes on the left hand plate), the delicious mango smoothie (in the disposable cup at the probably has a more authentic name too), and the amazing dessert.  I don't know what it was, but it reminded me of a doughnut hole dipped in a sweet sauce.  Yum!!

Our Bollywood movie...Yay!! :D

Zaara (with slightly wild hair) thinks she's going to like it here. :)

In other news, my Claire doll's auction ended on Saturday afternoon.  She will soon be on her way to her new home.  And just a reminder, Ella's eBay auction ends tomorrow!!  She's only at one bid right now, so it's a great deal.  I'm hoping she goes to a good home.  I've included a direct link to her auction HERE.   
I'll be doing a few more posts this evening as I have time, and I'll be updating the "Belle's Bullitens" page on Tess and Maggie's blog as well.  Hope you enjoy them! :)


Caelen12 said...

I like Zaara's Indian outfit.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Caelen. :) I got it from Carpatina dolls on eBay. They have some pretty great stuff!

Korianne said...

I am so jealous of your aunt and you right now! Chana masala (the veggie version of your chicken made with chickpeas) is my favourite dish. I always get it with a mango lassi or a sweet lassi (the technical term for the yogurt drink you had, the sweet lassi just doesn't have fruit in it like the mango one) and sometimes I get naan bread too which I can tell your aunt thought of! :) I'm guessing your dessert was gulab jabun and all I can say is YUMMY! I usually get kheer at my fave Indian restaurant which is an Indian rice pudding, but mostly that's because I'm too full for gulab jabun. I need to go there and JUST get dessert one of these days but it's difficult when there are so many tasty things on the menu! If you like spicy things (well most Indian restaurants have spicy and mild versions) and want to try an appetizer or tiffin (it means light lunch) I'd suggest a samosa, if you are shy to the spice don't dip it in the chutney as much though. Ok... now I'm extremely hungry and craving Indian food. I best be off!

beast'sbelle said...

Wow, thanks Korianne! You make me want to go to an Indian restaurant and try things again. :) I now remember my aunt calling the tortilla things "naan"...those were really good. And the dessert was so amazing! I'm not really into spicy food, so I'll be sure to take your advice if I try the samosa. Thanks for all of the correct names. :) It sounds like you and my aunt should get together for a night of Indian cuisine! :)

Korianne said...

If you do go directly to the restaurant let the waiter know you are a newbie and that you prefer milder foods. Sometimes if you are new and they want you to come back in the future they will give you little samples or freebies of different dishes to try. They also may have some sort of variety plate that gives you a little of everything. My favourite has a special if you have two people go that's like a "date meal" and you each get an appetizer and desert of your choice and then you split a main dish (but it's like served family style serve yourself from bowls) all for about $20 including drinks. You're right, it sounds like your and and I would get along great! I'm guessing you guys aren't near me in Missouri though! :(

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for all of the tips. :) It's nice to be able to try small samples before you order a huge dish and find out you don't care for it. I think the special you're talking about is the one my aunt ordered for us. It was a great way to try lots of different foods.

Yeah, it would be a bit of a commute to come eat Indian food with you...we live in California. :}

Korianne said...

Yeah... California for dinner plans would be a bit far. I have family in San Diego and friends in the bay area though so if I ever get that way I'll let you know! :)

beast'sbelle said... sure to do that. :)

discodiva1979 said...

Please tell me who makes the "Zaara doll" She looks like my granddaughter and I would love find her. I tried the name but no luck.
Thank you in advance!

beastsbelle said...

Zaara was actually a custom doll that I put together. I used a Madame Alexander Friends 4 Life doll (this was the 18" doll line released at Walmart the year before the Friends Boutique dolls in 2009). She had brown eyes and short, wavy, light brown hair. I actually found one on's where you can see her (you can copy and paste the address):

I cut off her hair and re-wigged her with a Blythe doll wig made by shopoholican on eBay. Here's the web address to the wig she currently has that's the closest to the one I's not quite the same(more curly than wavy), but it's similar:

Hope this helps! :)