Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Ebay Finds

Hi everyone!  Just thought I'd share some new sellers I've found on eBay and some of their fun products for AG and other similar dolls.

First up is mzmelody808.  She has some really cute knit crochet outfits for AG dolls at great prices.  Here are Charlie, Maggie and Tess modeling 2 of them:

Here's the lovely Maggie in a yellow halter dress.

If you  want to go for a less see-thru option on top, :)  it also works over a shirt, as seen on Tess below:

This would work even better with a stretchy shirt...I just didn't have one in the right color! :}

Charlie is modeling my favorite outfit: 

This included the flower headband, twirly scarf and skirt.  Mzmelody808 has these in different color combinations, and has a variety of options, such as a skirt and necklace set or a hat and skirt.

I love this color on Charlie! :) 

Mzmelody808 also has a doll blog that she's started.  I've attached a link HERE, so be sure to stop by and check it out.   Don't forget to follow the link above to her eBay world, too. :)  Thanks so much, Mzmelody808! :)

The other eBay seller I'd like to recognize is 3weegirls.  Are you looking for additional outfits for your AG mini doll?  I found two adorable dresses from this seller that work perfectly! :)  Her prices are very reasonable and she has great communication and customer service.  Here are some pics of the dresses I got:

Mini Felicity and Mini Elizabeth, modeling the dresses.

They have easy Velcro closure in the back...

...and are very well made.

This one is my very favorite.  Doesn't Elizabeth look adorable?

Be sure to stop by eBay and take a peek at the work of these two won't be disappointed! :)


susan said...

I love the crochet outfits! Actually I don,t know which one I like better. Good find!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks! Most of her auctions start at .99, so it's a great deal, too. :)

Caelen12 said...


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, Caelen...glad to share! :)

M & M said...

Thank you so much for your fabulous review! Your post are so fun to read and your dolls look precious in their crochet outfits =)

~Hot Pink Hook~

beast'sbelle said...

No problem, M & M! :) Your outfits are adorable. Thanks! :P