Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Need An Opinion

Hi guys.  As you all know, I'm working on cutting down my doll collection.  I'm planning on using one of my dolls as an Elizabeth Cole doll for Felicity.  My original thought was to use my Ella doll (originally a Gotz Precious Day Elisabeth).  But I had an extra wig lying around that I tried on my Emily doll (originally a Gotz Little Sisters Tess), and it really made her look like a colonial doll.  So now I'm trying to figure out if I should use her instead.

The pros of using Emily: 

1.  The outfit I'm using (Felicity's school dress) actually fits her (Ella's a little too thick around the chest for it).
2.  Her wig looks more colonial than Ella's rooted hair.
3.  She's most likely not going to go for much if I sell her, because she has 2 cloudy pupils, a loose leg (the one I did came loose again), and a small patch of wig stuck to her scalp. :(  Ella, on the other hand, only has one eye that sticks sometimes.  Other than that, she's in mint condition and would sell for more.
4.  I like her face mold slightly better.

The pros of using Ella:

1.  Elizabeth Cole's hair in the books was more straight than curly.
2.  I wouldn't be getting rid of a sibling to my other dolls (I know that's silly, but I would feel really bad).
3.  She's still really cute, even though I like Emily's face mold slightly more.

Aahh!  I can't decide!  I've included pics of both girls to show you.  Comment and tell me what you think.  Who should be my Elizabeth?  Ella, or Emily?




Claire said...

They both make such pretty Elizabeths! It does seem that some of Lissie's clothes fit Emily better. I think Emily should be Elizabeth; she reminds me of the old illustrations a lot.

Nutti Netti said...

Emily looks more like Elizabeth to me:)

beachbabydoll1 said...

I'm agreeing with Claire for Emily.

Caelen12 said...

I say Emily.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for all the input, gals! :) I'll let you know what I decide.

Emma said...

I think Emily!

susan said...

I definitely think Emily even before I read all the comments.