Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goodies from Kmart and Target

Hi everyone!  Just thought I'd share some doll things I found this week.  First up is this adorable little heart box of Russel Stover chocolates.  I was so excited when I found these.  They're the perfect size for a big box of Valentine's Day candy for an American Girl doll!  Here's a pic:

Next, I found these super cute Valentine's Day dolls for my daughters.  They are the new version of Barbie's little sister Kelly, now named Chelsea.  Why, Mattel?  What was the point in changing her name?  You're finally making all of the sisters at the same time again, so why randomly change the youngest sister's name?  Okay, sorry, just going off on a little tangent there.  Here are the adorable dollies:

Something I realized after opening one (I had to get one for me too, right?) is that they actually work for AG dolls, too.  I think they're about the same proportions as one of those vinyl Best Friends Club Ink. dolls would be to a real girl. 

These are only $5.99 each at Target and super cute!  They even have a spot on the back of the boxes that says "to" and "from" so that you could use it for a Valentine's Day gift right in the package. 

I really like the new Kelly/Chelsea dolls they're doing.  I loved the old ones, but for a while they went to these weird, cartoony Kelly dolls with melon-shaped faces.  Thankfully, those didn't last long.  They had another variety after the melon Kellys and before this version.  They were tall and skinny, but not quite as cute as the newest version.  These ones are adorable, and they make great older siblings for the older Kelly dolls. 

Here's a pic comparing the size difference between Chelsea and Kelly:

And here's a pic comparing a brunette Stacie doll from the 90s, Chelsea, Kelly, and Baby Krissy, another sister from Barbie's past:

I really love finding unique Barbies, especially brunettes.  Here's a nice family portrait of some of my favorites:

The Ken doll is a 40th Anniversary Ken doll with rooted hair, and the Barbie is a Generation Girl Lara doll from 1998 (she was a friend of Barbie).  I have several other unique Barbies .  Eventually I'll post some pics of them.  Maybe I'll do a special page tab for my Barbie collection.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my fun finds. :)


American Girl Dolls Rock!! said...

So cool! I am also too excited for Valentine's Day! Also we love the movie Tangled too!

Caelen12 said...

Oh how cute!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi gals! Thanks for commenting. :)