Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doll Clothes of Yore

This week I found a great doll site, thanks to The Miniature Historian's blog. :)  It's called Doll Clothes of Yore.  I looked at the site and instantly fell in love. :) 

We got our federal income tax return already, so I had a bit of spending money. :D  At first, I was really tempted to get the Celtic Princess dress from Carpatina dolls that's been on my wish list:

I love Celtic style dresses like this one.  My hubby pointed out that this would make a good dress for Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings.  Maybe Maggie will end up with an Eowyn dress instead of an Arwen dress. :)  Eowyn's personality is a little more like Maggie's than Arwen's anyway. 

I am definitely planning on adding this dress to my doll collection in the future.  But it's not what I bought this time. :)  Once I found Dolls of Yore, I oohed and aahhed over all of the beautiful gowns for a while.  And then I saw this particular dress:

It was such a beautifully done Regency dress.  I've been looking for another Regency gown for my Emma doll, since she's another Jane Austen fan.  The dress was even called the "Emma Woodhouse" dress, and Emma Woodhouse is who my Emma is named after!  It was the very last one, not to be reproduced.  I just couldn't resist!!  It was too perfect.  I ordered it yesterday, and it should be here within a week.  Yay!!

There are so many other beautiful gowns on the site.  Emily Marsh, who makes and sells all of the doll clothes, has a creative site with a great selection of dresses from different time periods.  Many of the dresses are named after historical or literary characters.  And to add to the fun, you can click on the word "History" next to each dress and get some historical facts about the dress and the time period it is from.  Emily also has a blog. You can find the link on her Doll Clothes of Yore homepage.

With her permission, I've copied the pics of some of my favorite dresses to share with you here.  Be sure to visit her site and see all that she has to offer! :) 

"Off to the Faire"
I LOVE this dress!!  I've always enjoyed Renaissance style dresses, and this one really captured my attention.  I love the look of the drawstring vest over the white peasant blouse.  Emma would look great in this, too!  I almost bought this instead of the Emma dress, but in the end I decided that since I'd been looking for a Regency dress and it was the last one, it made more sense to go with that.  I'm hoping to add this one to my collection eventually, though. :)

"Nicole Dress"
Another beautiful Renaissance dress.  I love the blues in this one.

"Georgiana's Gown" 

"Abigail Adams Dress"
The above dresses are just two examples of some of her lovely dresses from the Colonial period.  These would make great extra gowns for Elizabeth or Felicity. 

"Southern Belle Dress"
Here is one of Emily's beautiful Civil War Era dresses.  :)

"Prairie Ensemble"
If your doll is ready to head out west with the Pioneers, this dress is just perfect. :)

"Elsie's Party Dress" (there's only one of these ones left!) 

Holiday Rose Dress
Here are two of the beautiful Victorian styles you can find on the site.  I'm wondering if the "Elsie" in Elsie's Party dress refers to Elsie Dinsmore. :)

"Diana's Picnic Dress"
This dress is based off of the dress that Diana Barry wears to the Sunday Picnic in the TV miniseries of "Anne of Green Gables". 

"Dragonfly Jeans Outfit"
Here's a cute ensemble for your Julie doll. :)

There are lots of other great outfits to see, so stop by Doll Clothes of Yore and see them for yourself!


susan said...

Wow, the dresses are gorgeous. I looked at the web site and became quite inspired. Hopefully when school is out I'll find more time to sew.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Susan. :) I wish I could sew...sadly, I'm stuck buying doll dresses for now. :} Maybe someday I'll learn...who knows? Glad you enjoyed the website.

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

Thank you for sharing this site. They have some wonderful clothes. I'm hopeful that in the future Emily Rose @Home will add more historical outfits to the collection. Though I suppose that with AG retiring so many of the historical dolls, the market for historical clothes will be shrinking. So sad!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Shari! Glad you enjoyed the post. It is a shame about the historical dolls. I love the My American Girls, too, but there's something so special about the historical dolls, too. I think it encourages girls to get interested in history in a way they might not have before.

Dubem said...


Wow so beautiful! Doll clothes of yore provides the very best in historical doll clothes and other handmade items. The doll clothes are painstakingly designed and handmade by emily. Each design is produced through hours of historical research and combining fabrics, colors and trims. Thank you...

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beast'sbelle said...

Hi Dubem, thanks for commenting. Your doll clothing website looks nice, too. I'd appreciate it in the future if you'd let people know that the link you've included is to your personal doll clothing website. This is the second time you've posted your link under a post about a different doll clothing site. I don't want my readers to get confused and think they're going to the site I talked about in my post. Thank you.