Friday, February 25, 2011

New Regency Clothing at Doll Clothes of Yore! :)

The new Regency clothing items have just appeared on the "Doll Clothes of Yore" site.   Three more lovely additions!  My favorite by far is Lydia's Going-Out Set, which includes a beautiful blue Spencer jacket and a cream bonnet accented with ribbons and roses.  This is sooo going at the top of my wishlist...Emma would love it! :)

I also loved Emily's other two new installments:  the Harriet Smith dress and Jane's Nighttime set, which includes a chemise and dressing gown.  Both are stunning. :)

Yay!! I love Regency clothes!! :)  Be sure to follow the links and take a look at these beautiful doll clothes.


susan said...

I'm with you on these outfits. I love all three of them. I'm so amazed at people's talents.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for commenting. :) I'm glad there are lots of talented people out there who can create dresses like this for all the seamstress talent-challenged people like me to buy! ;)