Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BFC Ink Thrift Store Find: Hair Results :)

Kaitlin's hair has officially dried.  The hair is not completely to my satisfaction, but it still looks loads better than it did when I got her. 

One thing I wanted to add to my last post is that when her hair was no longer dripping, I moved Kaitlin to a sitting position so that her hair would dry correctly, like so:

Here's what her hair looked like this morning, after it had completely dried:

I was a little disappointed with the end result.  Like I said, her hair has still improved, but it was still pretty poofy.  Also, I think I brushed it a little too much while it was drying.  I'd love to get more of the original curl back in, but I'm not sure how to do so without adding product to her hair.  I don't know that finger curling will work with this type of hair, but I suppose I could try it.  All in all, it was still an overall success. :)

I love her eye color! :)

After I was sure her hair was completely dry, I tried styling it a bit:

This definitely helped with the untamed mane look. :} 

Here's the style from the top view.

Now I just need to find the poor girl some clothes!  I remember AlexAndrea mentioning that dresses from thrift store porcelain dolls usually work well on BFC Ink dolls, so I may have to stop by Salvation Army again.   They have a ton of porcelain dolls right now.  I think I saw a few BFC Ink outfits on clearance at Walmart, too, so maybe I'll check there as well.  

Once I find some clothes for Miss Kaitlin, I'll do an official review.  I'd like to show the differences between her body style and Gianna's.  Stay tuned for more! :) 


Rosie said...

Awesome! Would curlers work? It's so much fun to find new items at the thrift store that are actually not junk. Good luck !

bwaybabs said...

I would most definitely try your local Target for BFC clothes. They used to have practically all of the (newer) outfits at Toys R Us, but I haven't seen BFC stuff there for some time. I did see a few outfits at Target a few weeks back, though, and got some. I went with the winter outfit because I wanted it for quite some time, as well as the fairy costume because I thought it would make a fun halloween costume for one of my dolls. They also had the pajama outfit, the fancy red dress outfit, and the So Stylish outfit (with the checkered shirt and awesome purple boots) which I already have. So check out Target for sure!

Shawna said...

I swear she looks just like Aurora! I wonder if the princess and me clothes would be too big?

Claire said...

i love the backround you changed your blog to! Very summer and fall-ish :)

Happy B-day!


1god said...

I read somewhere about using foam rollers and hot water to get a curl.I forget on what type of doll though:( also liberty Jane has free bfc patterns on there site,I made my Disney princess and me dolls a dress using the t-shirt pattern.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for all of the comments, everyone. :)

Rosie and 1god, great idea! I may try using curlers later. And 1god, thanks for the info on the BFC Ink patterns through Liberty Jane. I actually discovered those earlier when I bought Gianna, and was thinking of them today. :)

Thanks for the info on BFC clothes at Target, bwaybabs. :) Right now, our Target doesn't have much of a selection, but I did find one of the older outfits at Walmart on sale for $7. I'm trying to decide if I like it enough to keep it. :)

Shawna, now you've got me curious about Princess and Me clothes. :) Especially since 1god made Princess and Me shirts from the BFC Ink Liberty Jane Patterns. Hmmm, this calls for some more research. ;)

Claire, I'm glad you like the new header and background. :) I really enjoyed putting it together. I know I probably should have gone a little more fallish, but it's still pretty much summery weather here, so it's hard to get in a fallish mood. :}

Lucy said...

I actually like the hair all poofy as it is... it's kinda natural in a weird way, lol. She's got a very pretty face.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Lucy. :) Her hair is pretty, it's just a little bit overwhelming. I guess it shouldn't bother looks exactly like my hair in any sort of humidity! LOL

I love her face, too. :)

Bama said...

I like the top shot of her head. It shows the different colors all blended together. That'a nice feature.

I think foam rollers would be great for putting the curls back. Maybe a downy dunk would help with the poufiness?

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Bama. :) I do like the color of her hair. I don't know if a Downy dunk would help with the poofiness or not, because it was nice and flat before until it dried. It just has a lot of natural body. :)

I may try the foam rollers, just for fun, but it will probably be after this weekend. :)

Meghan Rebecca said...

The Prncess and me dolls have the EXACT same body! Oh she is SO pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter and Kendall said...

Hi Beast's Belle! I wnated to ask do BFC ink dolls have a wig or rooted hair? I think Gianna is really pretty!


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Meghan and Rebecca. How interesting that BFC Ink and Princess and Me dolls have the same body! That should mean that they could definitely share clothes.

Hi Hunter! BFC Ink dolls have rooted hair. Gianna is really pretty. I just wish mine had come with a better haircut! :}

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Miss Elizabeth Bennet. :) Hope you're doing well. :)

AlexAndrea said...

It looks like you've really struck a vein of interest in the BFC dolls! Despite any short-comings, they are really fun to pose!

About the porcelain dolls . . .

Both the BFC and most porcelain dolls have slender necks and torsos. Still, I always carry a tape measure with me. Consider adding a bit of padding if the dress is a bit loose (rarely) on the BFC torso.

Check the back of the dresses. Most will have Velcro or snaps, but a few will be sewn closed (kinda like Build-A-Bears). I've found a few with real buttons up the front.

Also check the cuffs on the long sleeves. Many will not pull over the hands and were sewn closed over the wrists (again, like Build-A-Bears).

I use tights or stockings to hide the knee and ankle joints. I use those tiny rubber hair bands to hold stockings in place.

Lastly, the BFC shoes are a bit 'clumpy' and casual for my tastes and purposes. Perhaps some of your followers know of an alternate source. Shoes from a larger porcelain doll may fit.

I'll have to take photos and do a blog post.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for all of the helpful info, AlexAndrea! :) Maybe next week I can make it to Salvation Army and check out their selection of clothed porcelain dolls.

AlexAndrea said...

Today was half-price day (seniors) at my favorite (independent) thrift store. I purchased five porcelain dolls with clothes and shoes for $7.00! Two had display stands.

Check with your favorite stores to see if they have 'special' days.
Maybe you could persuade a 'senior' to go shopping with you (30-year-old mommies don't qualify . . . hee-hee).

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for the tip, AlexAndrea. :) I'll have to look into that. Yeah, I don't think I'm quite ready to be considered a "senior". ;)

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

Her hair definitely looks less "poofy" after you styled it. I don't know what the hair material is on these dolls, but on our AG dolls I use braid spray and it really helps tame the frizzies. I'm sure at their price point, the BFC dolls are not that kind of quality wig, but you could give it a try.

For clothes...aren't the new Heart 2 Heart dolls at Target this size? They sell outfits separately.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Shari, thanks for commenting. :) Thanks for letting me know about the braid spray...I might have to try that.

As for the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls, they are actually quite a bit shorter and somewhat slimmer than the BFC Ink dolls, so I don't know that they would be able to share clothes. I could try it, though. I just did a review of my Hearts 4 Hearts Nahji doll, and I took some pics of both dolls together. Now you've got me curious! :)

Cindy's Dollz said...

I think she is lovely! Great Job!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I've got the exact same Kaitlin doll - her hair is awful!

I curled it by wetting it, then putting it into braid buns and leaving until it was dry. it went wavier than I wanted, but it helps to restore some of the curls.

I think you've done a great job, and even though this post is old, I might try this!

beastsbelle said...

Glad you found the post helpful, Charlotte. :) Results on BFC Ink doll hair can be rather varied since their hair isn't the best quality, but overall I was pleased with how Kaitlin's hair turned out (especially once I pulled it back). Have fun with your own Kaitlin! :)

jilflirt said...

I bought two used BFC dolls through eBay, and both had really messed up hair. I tried a downy dunk on the first for 12 hours, and it had no effect at all. So then I tried my braid spray -- also a bust. Then I tried this radical idea I kept seeing suggested online, and it worked: I used a flat iron to iron their still damp hair. It smoked and presumably melted the dolls' hair, but both dolls went from frizzy straw to smooth and flat. Not perfect, but not much different from my brand new Britt's hair.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for sharing, Jill. I've never tried flat ironing doll hair (I haven't been brave enough!), but it's nice to know that it helped improve your dolls a bit. :)