Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Madame Alexander Girlz Dolls and American Girl Pets in Costco! :)

Okay, I know I said I was leaving, but I wanted to give everyone one more heads up before I left. :)  My mom and aunt were in our local Costco yesterday, and they had this year's new Alexander Girlz dolls by Madame Alexander.  They look so cute!! :D  I can't wait to go and see them in person.

Here's a pic my mom snapped on her phone and sent to me:

My mom didn't see any other dolls besides these three.  She said that the blonde has blue eyes, one of the brunettes has brown eyes, and the other brunette has dark blue eyes (I'm not sure which brunette is which).  From the picture, it looks like we have a princess, a ballerina, and an equestrian. :)  I hope they bring out an African American doll, like they normally do.  I'm also curious to see if they repeat last year's trend of having a blonde and a brunette in each outfit.  I thought that was a great idea, but maybe they didn't make enough last year to make it worth it this time around. 

This year, they are retailing for $28.99 plus tax.  I'll be sure to get more info to you as it comes my way. :)

The other exciting thing my mom and aunt discovered was that they had American Girl pet sets for just $13.99 plus tax.  Each set came with a pet and a little book.  The pets did not have their collars or name tags that they come with on, but for the price it's worth least in my humble opinion. ;)  I wanted to get the word out now, because stuff like this usually goes pretty quickly at Costco. 

At our Costco, they had Sugar, Honey, Praline, Ginger, and Pepper.  My mom picked some up for the girls.  I don't have time to take pics of them before I go (especially since they're being put aside for Christmas, and the girls are all up and about), but as soon as I get a chance, I'll get some pics of them on here. :)

Hope you guys get a chance to check out all of the fun new stuff.  Happy shopping...or at least happy window shopping! :D 


Bama said...

Fun! I like the faces of some of the 18 inch MA dolls and the outfits are pretty cute too.
Thanks for keeping us up to speed.

beast'sbelle said...

No problem. :) I love the Alexander Girlz faces (they're the same as my own dear Maggie). In my opinion, they're the best face mold on the Madame Alexander play line dolls. :)

Lucy said...

I hope we have a chance to check them out! We love adding different brands with different faces into the mix here. =)

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Lucy! I do too. My collection actually started with Gotz dolls and Alexander Girlz, so I'm just finally getting around to American Girl. :) The Alexander Girlz are one of my favorite doll lines.