Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great 18" Doll Sweater Sets on EBay

I just wanted to let everyone know about a some great items up on eBay right now.  EBay seller tekay-intl has started listing her new fall line of 18" doll knit sets through her Debonair Designs portion of her eBay store, and they are just lovely.  I have never personally purchased anything from this seller, but I have drooled over her doll knits for several years. :}  She also has 100% positive feedback, with 1149 feedbacks to her name...pretty impressive!

This seller is also the one who got me interested in collecting Gotz dolls in the first place.  I fell in love with her beautiful doll photos and knew I had to have at least one doll like the ones that modeled her work!  I'm so blessed to have 3 Gotz dolls in my collection. :)  She has an excellent eBay guide to Gotz play line dolls...I've put a link to it in a previous post, but I'd like to put another link in this one.  This guide is perfect for anyone interested in getting a Gotz doll of their own, or anyone who wants to know more about the Gotz Precious Day and Little Sisters dolls.  You can read it HERE.

Here are the 4 knit sets she has listed on eBay right now (pictures used with permission from tekay-intl/Debonair Designs).  :)

"Blue Ridge" Caplet Ensemble.
The full listing can be viewed HERE.

 "Blue Ridge II" Caplet Ensemble.
You can view the full eBay listing HERE.

"Autumn Flame" Caplet Ensemble.
HERE is the full listing.

"Royal Shawl" Knitted Shawl and Headband Set.
HERE is a link to the full listing.

As you can see, she does absolutely beautiful work, and her items are very reasonably priced, with starting bids at just $15.99 plus $2.25 shipping.  The current listings have 6 days left at the time of this posting. 

Debonair Designs has 4 more knit sets for her Gotz girls and 1 knit set for her Alexander Girlz doll that she will be listing soon, so keep checking her eBay store for more great items for your doll's fall wardrobe. :)

Oh, and for those of you who just HAVE to have a Gotz doll after seeing these listings and reading Debonair Designs' eBay guide, there are a few Gotz Precious Day dolls listed on eBay right now.  Just look up "Gotz 18 doll" in the Dolls and Bears category. :)


Debonair Designs said...

Thank you so very much . . . I am deeply touched beyond words and truly appreciate this promoting my designs. Knitting is my passion and creating these doll-sized ensembles provides me with instant gratification and satisfies my thirst for creating, especially for my most favorite season. Once again, thank you, kindest regards Deb

beast'sbelle said...

It was my pleasure! I'm a big fan of your creations. :) I hope your sales go well. :D

Bama said...

I saw these last night and think they are spectacular! I have also read her guide about Gotz Little Sisters. It was a big help when I was thinking about getting a Tess for myself.
Speaking of Tess, she has gone to live with a special little girl. I enjoyed her while I had her, but she wasn't getting the attention she deserved. This little girl fell in love with my Tess and I knew they belonged together. If I start to miss her, I can always come here and see your lovely Tess.

beast'sbelle said...

How sweet, Bama! I'm sure you made that little girl's day. :) Feel free to come "visit" my Tess anytime. ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed the knit sets. I love them and was hoping my readers would too. :)