Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Updated Doll Room(s)

Hi everyone! :)  I realized it's been a while since I showed you my doll displays, and since I just redid them this week, it seemed like the perfect time to do another post about them. :)  

Before I get started though, I just wanted to mention that I put 2 new pages up at the top of my blog.  One has pics and descriptions of all of my Barbies (for those of you interested in the fashion doll world), and the other has pics of my 80s and 90s toys that I've found here and there.  Just wanted to mention that in case you'd like to check them out.  Click HERE to see my Barbies or HERE to see my 80s and 90s toys.  You can also find the links right under my header.

Okay, moving on. :)  It was time to redo and dust my main doll display, and we also ended up with an extra piece of furniture that got me really excited.  You'll see why in a moment. ;)  

This is Tess and Hailey's newly arranged doll room.  Everything is still set up on the bedroom dresser (Hubby is so long-suffering!). :) 

It's nice that you don't have to have a fancy dollhouse to display your doll stuff. :)

Here is Tess's side of the room.  She has her dresser, her bed, her Samantha doll, and lots of pictures and books. :)  The dresser, the red teddy bear, and all of the mini picture frames were thrift store goodies.  The books were garage and rummage sale finds, and just about everything else was purchased on eBay or Etsy (Sam was from AG, of course). 

One of Tess's favorite pieces of furniture is her pretty curio cabinet.  I found this at Discovery Shop, the American Cancer Society's thrift store.  It's the perfect size for Tess, and has all of her little figurines displayed inside. :)

Here's Hailey's side of the room.  Her cousin Katie is visiting with her at the moment. :)

This is Hailey's Hello Kitty shelf.  Usually it has a lot more Hello Kitty stuff on it, but I moved their bookshelf elsewhere, so her shelf became the bookshelf by default.  Most of the books were from thrift stores or used book stores.  The shelf was a hand-me-down, and the Hello Kitty stuff was mostly from thrift stores or eBay.

Hailey on her bed.  The mini AG magazines were an eBay find.  Oh, and I made Tess and Hailey's beds by using Tess and Emma's boxes.  I turned them upside down so that the bottoms of the boxes were on the top.  Then I covered them with doll blankets and pillows. :)

Katie, making herself at home.

Here's a view of Hailey's side without the dolls there.  The dresser was from a garage sale, the mini Tangled figures were from Walmart, the bunny was given to us, and the Hello Kitty on the bed was the TY Hello Kitty key chain (I just cut off the key chain part).  The mini Rebecca was from eBay. 

So, I mentioned a new piece of furniture, and here it is!!  Someone gave us this computer desk, but it didn't work in our computer area.  We were trying to figure out what to do with it, and then I noticed that it would make a completely awesome 2 story doll room! :)  It even happened to fit just where my former doll shelf was.  :D

For now, the top shelf houses my non-AG dolls:  Gianna, my BFC Ink doll, Sophie, my Play Along Club doll, and Elena, my Karito Kids doll.  The narrow shelving space just below them I use for doll shoes, bags, and hair stuff.  I used old shoe boxes from my daughters' shoes to hold everything.

Here's the full view of Charlie, Piper, and Emma's room. :)

Charlie, of course, has her wall of Pixar posters and her stash of Pixar toys. ;)

Emma pretty much took over the door of the closet.   She has her "Emma" and "Tangled" posters up, as well as a pic of her and Tess and some butterfly-shaped bulletin boards. :)

Here's Emma's shelf.  It has her Ruthie doll, her Beauty and the Beast and Tangled stuff, and her memorabilia from India.  The pretty Indian box was from a thrift store, as was the Beast figure.  The mini Belle and Rapunzel dolls were from, and the stone elephant was from Marine World.  Ruthie was from

Charlie's shelf has more of her Pixar toys and her Kit doll.  Most of Charlie's Pixar stuff was found on eBay, as was her Kit doll.

Piper doesn't actually have a shelf because she doesn't have enough stuff to fill it. :}

Here are some other dolls and stuffed animals that belong to the girls.  Some of these things are actually going to be Hayden's, if she ever gets here. :D  Most of these were eBay finds.  The little teddy bear in the front was from The Doll Wardrobe (thanks, Nora!). :)

Here's the wall that has Emma's Beauty and the Beast and Shahrukh Khan posters. :)

And now we travel downstairs to Maggie and Rachel's room. 

Here are Maggie's unicorn and "Pirates of the Caribbean" posters.  By the way, the metal thing next to the Pirates poster was there to hold a shelf that could store your printer.  Since I didn't need it, I took it off and then had enough space to make Maggie and Rachel's room. :) 

Here are Maggie's "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Lord of the Rings" posters.  The fake wood covering was ripped like that when we got the computer desk.

Here's Maggie's trinket shelf with all of her collectible goodies.  Most of this stuff was either from eBay, thrift stores, or antique malls.

Here are Rachel's Thor action figure, memorabilia from the coast, and her Kung Fu Panda action figure.  Thor was from Walmart, the sea shell stuff was from my vacation on the coast, and Po was from McDonald's.

Maggie's Aragorn action figure, picture frame, and the girls' music. 

And here's what poor Belle and company are having to endure while I figure out where all of the extra stuff goes!! :}  And you should see the rest of the room...well, actually, I'm kind of glad you can't.  It's a work in progress.  Let's put it that way. ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed the pics.  I always love seeing what other people have done with their doll rooms.  Maybe this will give all of you a few ideas.  The best suggestions I can give you are to have fun, be creative, and use what you have. :)


Bama said...

Everything looks great. So nice that you got the computer desk and turned it into doll rooms.

I used to have a doll/computer room, but it is now occupied by my very favorite doll in all the little granddaughter!

My dolls live on a couple of shelving units that were moved to our master bedroom when my daughter & family moved in with us a few months ago. Hubby is great to put up with all my dolly stuff in here. In fact, it was his idea! So computer & everything is in here now. I worried that it wouldn't work but, but so far it has been great.

It is a bit more crowded, but I can live with it knowing that my loved ones are safe & happy.

bwaybabs said...

Who is that on Katie's necklace?

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for the comments, gals. :)

Bama, you sound like a great mom and grandma! :) I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

Bwaybabs, the person on Katie's necklace is Audrey Hepburn. It's a picture of her as Princess Ann on "Roman Holiday" (Katie's favorite movie). I found it on from the seller PaperPistol. :)

Claire said...

I just love your new doll room! :) I keep trying to convince my sisters that we should get shelving for our dolls (right now, they're in two separate corners of our room) because our collection is just growing. Hmm...maybe this post will convince them. :)

Thanks for such an adorable post - I loved seeing all their new rooms. :)

beast'sbelle said...

You're welcome, Claire. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I had lots of fun getting their rooms all set up. :)

Alexis said...

I love your doll room!! I have 1 AG bed in the corner of the room for two dolls, a shelf with stuffed animals and two sleeping bags for two dolls, and an AG box for my 14 inch Corelle doll. It works great! Thanks for your bed idea!

P.S Build a Bear sleeping bags fit AG dolls perfectly!!!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Alexis. Glad you enjoyed the post. :) Thanks for the tip about the Build-A-Bear sleeping bags, too. I wasn't aware of that! :D

Alexis said...

If you can't find the Build a Bear sleeping bags, they are in bags...


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Alexis. :)

Elliebob said...

WOW!! :)

sonataca said...

aww SRK :)

beastsbelle said...

My favorite Bollywood actor. :D

Anonymous said...

What was inside the closet?

beastsbelle said...

You know, Anonymous, it's been so long since this post, I don't even remember! :} Usually I used that closet for storage, so it wasn't normally set up to be "pretty". ;)