Saturday, January 7, 2012

After Christmas Sale Haul

We've had some pretty good local after Christmas sales.  I thought I'd share a few of my doll-sized goodies that I've discovered this past week. :)

First up, we have a doll-sized "Sing-a-Ma-Jig".  I'm sure you've seen these things around.  They're those annoying singing socks with a cloth hair tie for a mouth.  I'm not a huge fan, basically because I'm a mom of 3 kids and pretty much avoid most toys that make any sort of repetitive noise! ;)  But when I saw this guy at Walmart for $2.50 and saw that he was perfectly doll-sized, I couldn't resist.  Besides, he'll be in MY doll room, which means he won't be singing every 5 seconds! :)

He was actually a key chain, but I just cut off the ribbon that held the plastic key chain part in place.

After I took this picture, I re-trimmed the ribbon. ;)

I took this pic so you could see his scale with the dolls. 

I just realized that while I did some shopping in other stores, everything I'm sharing with you today happened to come from Walmart. :}  Next up, we have a bunch of things from the Friends Boutique line.  

Here's a shot of all the goodies. :)

First up, we have the "Giddy-Up Boots", the pink Garden Shoes, and the Shoe Carousel with three pairs of shoes.  

Now, this Shoe Carousel is not really my style or color, and it's pretty cheaply made.  But I got it for $6 with three pairs of shoes.  At that price, I figured it was worth trying.  And I could see my girls thinking the Carousel was pretty. :)

These are the Friends Boutique "Giddy-Up Boots".  They were on sale for $2.50, and they looked really cute, so I figured I'd try them.   

Unfortunately, while they look absolutely adorable on, they are almost impossible to get off.  I'm talking impossible for an adult to get off!  There's no way my girls would be able to get these boots off unassisted.  And because they're covered with a suede-like material, some of the material rubbed off where I was holding them.  After a week of play, these would have rub marks all over them.  I'm actually planning on returning them.  It's really a shame, because they look so cute!

Here are the pink Garden Shoes.  They were also on sale for $2.50.  I knew that these ones would be okay because I already had a pair from last year's Christmas sale.  Since these shoes went on to Piper, I figured I'd get myself another pair. :)

Here's a closer look.  They look like they might be slightly larger than AG shoes, but they still look nice.

These next three pairs of shoes are the ones that came with the $6 Shoe Carousel.  This is the lavender version of the Garden Shoes.

Cute! :)  More importantly, they're very easy to get on and off.

Next we have this neon pink pair of sneakers.  I know they're cheap and plastic looking, but I still think they're cute.

These were also very easy to get on and off.

Now these ones were a little bit over the top for me.

My girls will still like them, though. :)

The Friends Boutique bean bag chairs were also on sale for $2.50.  I don't think I'd spend much more than that on them, but they're a cute option for a doll room with the need for some extra seating. ;)

Here's a side view. They work pretty well for AG dolls.  I'm not sure how well they'd actually work for the Friends Boutique dolls they're made for, as those dolls aren't the greatest at sitting up.

While I was at Wally World, I noticed that the Hiccup play set that Maggie's been wanting for a while was on sale for $5, so I picked up one of those, too.

As you can see, Maggie was very excited to get it.  "How to Train Your Dragon" is one of her very favorite movies.  She already had Toothless, so she's thrilled to have Hiccup too, as well as an extra dragon friend. :)

The other thing I picked up was a toddler Cinderella nightgown for $5.  I remembered that these clothes fit the BFC Ink dolls, and thought that it might make a nice nightgown for Katelyn.  

I forgot to take a picture while it was still in the box! :}

Here's everything included in the set:  the nightgown, a brush, and a pair of slippers.

This tag is certainly a bit of overkill!

The slippers did not fit Katelyn, which I was expecting.

The nightgown did fit, however.

Close-up of the glass slipper detail.  While this nightgown looks nice, it's made of pretty cheap material.  I don't think I'd pay much more than $5 for it.

Even though the nightgown technically fit Katelyn, I decided it looked a little young, so I passed it on to my oldest daughter's toddler Rapunzel doll.

The slippers fit Rapunzel perfectly, but they do NOT stay on at all!!  And she's the type of doll they were made for!  I guarantee that any kiddo who receives one of these sets will lose the slippers by the first day!

Rapunzel is very happy with her cozy new nightgown. :)

After Christmas sales are a great place to keep your eye out for all sorts of doll clothes, toys, and accessories. :)  What was your best sale find this year?


Claire said...

I love Maggie's "How to Train Your Dragon" figurines! I need to watch that movie again...shame on me! :}

I've got to agree, those Sing-a-Ma-Jig things can get annoying. Hopefully my youngest sister won't hear about them, since she has a penchant for noisy things every now and then. ;)

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Claire! I really enjoy "How to Train Your Dragon". It's so nice that Dreamworks has done some films that don't rely on crass humor to carry the story. :)

Yeah, I'm definitely not a fan of Sing-a-ma-Jigs, but I just couldn't resist at that price! And you saw how cute it looked with Charlie! :}

Jen said...

I'm not a big Walmart shopper, but I do love that some of them still carry Dragon toys! The Pie has a Toothless figure very much like Maggie's, thanks to a last-minute Christmas trip to Wally World. :D
Also, how cute is toddler Rapunzel with her haircut! I've managed to keep the Pie's in a braid, but it's nice to know that, if a haircut is in the future, it'll look cute!

beast'sbelle said...

I do a lot of shopping at Walmart just because of the prices, and the fact that I have a super Walmart literally about 1 minute away from my house. When the girls were all small, it was somewhere I could escape to when I left them with Daddy. I'd get the diapers (or whatever else we needed) and then walk up and down just about every aisle. The kid-free shopping was heavenly! ;)

The nice thing about toddler Rapunzel's hair is that it's very forgiving with its slight wave. She actually has a pretty crummy haircut (I'm no hairdresser!), but it ended up looking pretty cute! ;) My daughter just couldn't keep the hair under control!