Monday, January 9, 2012

Rearranging My Doll Rooms :)

As promised, here are pics of my newly rearranged doll rooms. :)  After some of the fun doll-sized things I got for Christmas and from the thrift store, I decided I wanted to change things around a bit. :)

Here's an overview of Emma, Hayden, and Charlie's new room.  I'm really happy with how it turned out, although I wish their bunk bed would fit coming straight out from the wall. :}  It works, though.

Here's one side of the room.  You might have noticed that the shelf in the left hand corner is the one I found at Salvation Army.

Here's the other side. :)

I figured you'd enjoy seeing every little inch of the rooms, so I took a bunch of close-up pictures, too. :)

Here's the top of the new shelf.  (I rearranged things slightly after I took the first pictures of the room, and I ended up using pictures from both photo sessions, so you'll see a few differences on the tops of the shelves.  This is how it looks now, though.)  I have all of their doll-sized books up here, and I have a toddler Belle doll and a Disney Princess tin serving as bookends.

The top shelf is Emma's shelf.  It has Emma's new Christmas Belle doll, a Disney Princess tin purse, some Beauty and the Beast Squinkies, a jewelry box and elephant made in India, a tiny plastic Pascal, a picture of Emma, and her Bollywood Stars playing cards. :)

The middle shelf belongs to Hayden.  It has her Disney Princess gift box, her Breyer horse collection, her toy Abu, a horse Squinkie, her Strawberry Shortcake figures, and her jewelry box.

The bottom shelf is Charlie's, and holds most of her Disney Pixar collection.

Next to the shelf is this set of little toy bins.  Each one is full of the girls' extra toys.

Next to the shelf is Hayden's cozy bed,  At the head of the bed are her Felicity doll, Chester the horse, and a stuffed Ariel doll.

Here's a view of the shelf set in the middle of their room.  This is one of the first pictures I took, so it has the old set up on top.

This is what the top of the shelf looks like now.  The picture frames are all from thrift stores.  I printed some of my doll photos out in wallet sizes on, and then they were the perfect size for the frames. :)

This floral arrangement was a Dollar Tree special. :)  The white bucket was from the bridal section and came in a set of four.  The flowers were all part of one sprig (for one dollar).  I simply took them off of the stem and put them in the bucket.  Pretty good for two bucks, eh? ;)

Here's a close up of the "closet" door, which has two mini bulletin boards, Emma's "Tangled" poster and stickers, Emma's "Emma" poster, and a picture of Emma and Tess.  It also has Hayden's Disney Princess purse hanging from the door.

The top shelf of this unit has all of the girls' art supplies.  There are blank notebooks, some sketchpads, tiny paint sets (from Walmart), a mini tape dispenser, and pencils and erasers.  The pencil tin is an "Altoids Smalls" tin.  I thought it made a perfect art supply box. :)

The bottom shelf has all of their games and puzzles.  Most of these were Walmart or Dollar Tree finds.  

Here's Emma's top bunk, including her Ruthie doll, Shahrukh bear, Coca-Cola bear, and her Rapunzel doll.

Here's Charlie's bottom bunk.  She has Kit and Buzz on her bed, along with her giant stuffed Dug and Sulley, and her new Christmas monkey.

I had just enough room behind the bed for a little nightstand.  Here Charlie has her cloth Woody doll, her mini Buzz, her Cars Squinkies, her new Buzz and Woody tin from Michael's, and a photo of her and Hailey.

I've had this little foam puzzle from Dollar Tree in my gift drawer for a while, and the other day I realized it would be perfect beside Charlie's bed. :)

Here's Tess and Hailey's new room.  I like how this room turned out even better than the Hathaway girls' room! :)

Here's Hailey's bed, with her Rebecca doll and stuffed Hello Kitty at the head.

I love Hailey's Hello Kitty shelf because there's just so much to look at!  She has a Hello Kitty calendar, clock, and gumball machine, Hello Kitty Squinkies, Rapunzel and Flynn dolls, tons of books and scrapbooks, scrapbooking supplies, and even a doll-sized stapler, tape dispenser and hole puncher...all with Hello Kitty on them!

It was fun to finally be able to hang up her posters, too.

Here are Hailey's stuffed animals, and her Littlest Pet Shop chameleon.  

Here's Tess's bed, complete with her Samantha doll and Miss AG Bear.  Marisol's kitty is also napping at the foot of the bed. ;)

I had a lot of fun arranging the top of Tess's curio cabinet.  She loves old-fashioned and fancy things, as you can probably tell from the picture.

Here's a view of the inside of her curio with all of her figurines inside.

Tess enjoyed having a spot to hang up her Pride and Prejudice posters and her mini poster from Ladies' Retreat.

Here are some pictures and things that didn't fit anywhere else!

Finally, here's Rachel and Maggie's room.  Poor girls...nothing much has changed in here.

The only differences are there are less books...

...and I put up a framed photo of Maggie's winning AG Playthings photo. :)

And here are the other gals on top of the shelf.  I took this picture before Britt arrived.  Right now, she's standing next to Katelyn. :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the changes I've made.  I had so much fun putting everything together! :)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! It must of taken a long time to put together!

beast'sbelle said... did! I spent most of that day putting away Christmas stuff and rearranging things. :}

Mickey's Girl said...

Wow. First off let me say that I adore little details in doll rooms, but this is down right AMAZING! I have to convince my mom to take me to thrift stores more often. ;) Thanks for showing!!

(I just came back from vacation so I just caught up on all the new post) ;)

Miranda said...

Wow! I wish MY doll room wasn't so messy so that I could re-arrange stuff... :(

I like old fashioned stuff, too. :)Hey, I guess I'm like Tess, then! I'm pretty much OBSESSED with clocks, though. XD


Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing! Your rooms are fabulous!

Emma said...

Awesome! So cute. :D Where did you get all the posters??


Jen said...

Oh, wow! I am just amazed at all the adorable doll-sized toys and knickknacks you find!

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

KEWL .. their rooms turned out great .. I just bought two of the loft beds from ToysRUs for Taryn and Marsali and will now have to do a room on the top of my wardrobe, but might have to get a board to put across because the beds are so long but they are awesome and come with great extras.

I could have bought four for less than the price of MaKenna's bed, and still have some nice accessories.


Anonymous said...

Even though I LOVE Hayden charlie and emmas room I adore Tess And haileys room and think that the layout works perfectly I love all the little things you find for your dolls. Hopefully I w ill get to have as many things as you have for your dolls
Your reader

beast'sbelle said...

Wowee!! How fun to come back to all of these lovely comments! :) Thanks, everyone. :D

Mickey's Girl, adding all of the little details is (for me, at least) one of the most fun parts about having a doll room. :) I love creating a little believable world. My dad is into model railroading, so I suppose I come by it naturally. :)

Miranda, it sounds like you and Tess would get along great! ;) It's been really fun keeping my eye out for old-fashioned things for her room.

Thanks for the compliment, Jenny. I'm glad you enjoyed them. :)

Hi Emma! Most of the posters are postcards! I've found many of them on eBay. I discovered they work just right for doll-sized posters. I actually have a lot more of them for the Hathaway girls (Emma, Hayden, and Charlie), but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to hang them since the drapes are against the wall on that side of the room. :( A few of the posters are pictures I found on Google images and similar places and printed off. You have to be careful with that, though, and make sure you don't end up printing off copyrighted stuff. :}

Thanks, Jen. :) It helps that I have my mom keeping an eye out for doll-sized items now, too. It's nice to know that wherever she goes, she's got her "doll radar" tuned in. ;) We've even got my dad into it. He's been known to be in a store and say, "Isn't this about doll-sized?" Since he's the one who does the model railroading, he's really good at scale, too. :)

Hi TracAn! I've seen and heard about the ToysRUs loft beds. I'd love to hear what you think of them and see pics once you get them up! :) I've always thought they were adorable, and they're definitely more reasonably priced than McKenna's bed! :{

Savanah, I have to agree with you. Tess and Hailey's room is my favorite too. :) I think part of it is how pretty their things look against the rich purple color of the wall. I've also been collecting for them the longest, so they have the nicest furniture and the most detailed collections of everyone else. :)

Again, thanks for all of the wonderful comments everyone! You made my night! :) I needed a lift, too, since hubby didn't get off in time for me to meet with my writer's group tonight. :(

Claire said...

Wow! The rooms look amazing! :D The little details are adorable...I guess that means I should probably start collecting for my girls. ;) Ebay, thrift stores, and Walmart, here I come! ;)

Claire said...

Sorry for not putting this in my previous comment, but did I spy a "Wallace and Gromit" plush in Maggie and Rachel's room? If so, where did you get it? "Wallace and Gromit" is one of my favorite movies, so I sort of get jumpy whenever I see them. :}

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Claire! Yes, I'd definitely start looking in some of those places. It's amazing what you can find at a fraction of the cost! :)

Yes, you did spy Wallace and Gromit. It's one of Hubby and my favorite shows! :) Wallace thrift store find. He was 25 cents! :D Gromit was a cereal box offer from about 6 years ago. I bought the cereal specifically so I could get Gromit (he's my favorite character!).

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Yes! I thought I saw Wallace and Gromit! They are my favorite, too! When I was about five, my family watched the shows for the first time. I loved the scene when W and G are about to blast off to the moon. I even drew a picture of it, complete with the mice in their sunglasses! :D
Elaine ;)

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Elaine! My hubby and I first discovered Wallace and Gromit when we were dating. I have to say my favorite it "The Wrong Trousers", even though the penguin is creepy! :} I liked "A Grand Day Out", too, but I didn't care for the animation as much as in the newer films.

I'd love to see the picture you did! :) Thanks for commenting.

Serenata said...

Oh this is simply wonderful, I have so enjoyed looking at all the pictures and the wonderful props and toys. I would like to be able to set up something like this one day...slowly collecting my supplies.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Serenata. :) I hope you get to set a room up, too. It's so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

What size Ariel doll is that?

beastsbelle said...

It's a little 4 or 5 inch cloth Ariel that I found at Goodwill or somewhere similar. :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the hello kitty gumball machine from?

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi Anonymous! My mom got that for me one Christmas, so I'm not 100 percent sure where she found it, but I think it was at one of the Sanrio stores.