Monday, June 9, 2014

Twice Upon a Year Sale and New Classic Princess Dolls at :)

Another sale update for you today. :) has seven pages of items up to 40% off for their "Twice Upon a Year Sale".  Doll-wise, they have the remaining DAC Small World dolls on sale for $20 each and the Singing Princess dolls on sale for $14.99 each.  They also have several plush dolls, toys, clothing, costumes, and accessories listed.  No Frozen stuff, of course. ;)

You can see all of the sale items HERE.

I do have some exciting doll news from Disney, though.  The newest Disney Princess Classic Dolls have started to make their appearance on the site! :D  No sign of Elsa or Anna in Classic form yet, and Jasmine still appears to be the old version.  I also don't see Aurora or Ariel yet.

Here are all of the new princess dolls so far:

Original images HERE.

Original images HERE.

Original images HERE.

Original images HERE

Original images HERE.

Snow White:

Original images HERE


Original images HERE.

Original images HERE

I'm really loving the new designs this year, especially Rapunzel's movie accurate sleeves and Belle's ruffles on her dress.  Merida's is pretty cool too, and looks like something she'd be much more comfortable wearing than that glittery thing from last year. ;)

And speaking of last year, if you'd like a quick comparison of these dolls compared to last year's versions, you can see my post on the 2013 dolls HERE

Belle and Rapunzel will definitely be coming home with me at some point.  How about you guys?  Which ones are your favorites?

P.S. My blogging will be pretty sporadic to non-existent this week.  We're leaving Thursday for our annual vacation to the coast, so most of the week will be spent packing and preparing for that.  I'll be sure to share lots of fun pictures with you when we get back, though! :)


Meritre said...

Belles face doesn't seem to be much different but I'll wait till you bring her home. They are all pretty but I still prefer the 2010 face.
Rapunzel looks lovely. They do her one year with long sleeves, and one year with short ones and so on.

Anonymous said...

Oh, corks! I really, REALLY like the new Rapunzel's dress, but I have last year's doll (whose head has been switched to a Liv body and become my "traveling buddy" :D), and I don't have room or a reason for two of them. Sigh. :( Maybe I'll find some way to get the dress separately, 'cause "Zella" really wants it. ;)

--Kate :)

Jen said...

Gaaaahhhh, they changed Rapunzel's dress AGAIN? And it's the most movie-accurate one since the first version...which means now I want one for my Pullip. Disney Store, you know how to part me from my money.

Addy and Emma said...

As soon as I saw Rapunzel my first thought was: "I'm gonna buy her tonight!"

beastsbelle said...

Meritre, I agree. I think if there is any difference in the new Belle's face, it's going to be a very slight one. Lol, I went ahead and ordered Belle and Rapunzel, so you won't have to wait too awfully long to see a review. ;) I was going to wait, but just decided to bite the bullet and get them at the last minute. ;)

Kate, I also love Rapunzel's new dress! 2013 Rapunzel has been my favorite so far of all of the releases, aside from her dress, which was not as accurate. I'm excited to see 2014 Rapunzel's face and see if I like it as much as last year's.

I hope you find a way to get the new dress for Zella! ;)

Jen, I feel your pain. ;) I'm sure your Pullip will look great in the newest Rapunzel dress. I should have a review of Rapunzel and Belle up in a couple of weeks since I already ordered them. :) Maybe you can see how you like the dress and then decide. ;)

I'm hoping they do a Classic Anna and Elsa, too, but I'm wondering if they'll wait a while with all of the popularity of the Frozen line...

Lol, hope you get to buy her, Addy. :)

Amber Spaulding said...

I like belle's dress for '14 and my goodness Rapunzels dress is amazing! I think I'll have to get her just for her dress. That bottom is so pretty, I also think ill get Ariel, Aurora and Belle. I do believe that '14 Ariel is there, least the Ariel I looked at had a new box like Belle. I think the only ones to not show up is Aurora and Jasmine, also did you notice that Mother Gothel and The Evil Queen are dauning glitter filled outfits for the '14 release?

jSarie said...

I'm surprised by how much I like the new princess dolls! I think I may prefer the newer versions of all of them, although Merida and Mulan are probably the standouts of the group for me.

Hopefully the rest of the updates will be as lovely as these ones!

Dally L. ☺ said...

Wow, these dolls all look really cool! I love Pocahontas and Mulan, but I'm not crazy about the new Merida due to the fact that she doesn't have the super awesome accessories (bow, quiver, and arrows) that she has in the 2013 version.

Anonymous said...

I think they have a new version of Ariel now. No Aurora, though.

beastsbelle said...

Hi Amber! Good to hear from you. :)

Belle and Rapunzel are both great this time around, and I'm really loving Snow White, too (as is Middle Gal). ;)

As of today, Jasmine is there too, but still no Aurora. I hope she shows up soon. :)

Lol, yes, the glittery villains are a riot. I can just see them inwardly seething. ;)

I agree, jSarie, there are some great updated looks this time around. :) It's always fun seeing the newest Princess dolls each summer, especially when they're so well done. :)

Hi, Dally L. Yes, the original Merida with all of her accessories was definitely the best. I've learned that if you really like a doll, it's best to get the one released with the movie, as it will be more detailed and sometimes have more accessories. The Classic Doll line is usually simpler and not as detailed.

Hi Anonymous! Yep, I noticed that too. Hopefully Aurora will join the others soon!

Michele said...

I love these new dolls, especially Belle. Merida's and Rapunzel's dresses are so much better that I'm putting those on my wish list too. Hope you have a fun and safe trip to the coast!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Michele! :) Good to hear from you. :)

Ampy said...

great update!
I really love snow and rapunzel this year!
a little rant though,
I really hate ariel's look this year, it sucks that they went back with the awkward ribbon-shell-thing-bikini.and the glittery tail looks horrible,but I shouldn't judge though cuz if you look closely,most of them are still prototypes(there are a few obvious brush strokes on a few princesses faces).
Aaaand looks like Tiana finally joined mulan and pocahontas' club called "never change clothes club".It's a bit sad that they do those things,they might sell well if disney at least tried.(end of rant)
Anyways,Im curious about cinderella's slippers! are they clear or are they flats?the world may never know xD

beastsbelle said...

Hi Ampy! I also wish they would give ALL of the princesses a new look each year. It must be frustrating for Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tiana fans. :(

I'm assuming that Cinderella's shoes, whatever their color, are not flats since the dolls have gone back to the Barbie-style legs rather than the articulated hard legs. If Little Gal ends up with one for her Cinderella collection, I'll be sure to share pics. However, that probably won't be for a while, so you will most likely discover the answer before then. ;)