Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Few Last-Minute Christmas Ideas

Hey guys!  I'm putting the finishing touches on my Frozen doll review, which should hopefully be up either later today or sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, are any of you scrambling to find a few last gifts for someone for the holidays?  Here are a few deals I've discovered around town and online. :)

First off, some of the earlier Mini Lalaloopsies have been showing up at the 99 Cents Only store.  Ironically, they're selling for $1.99 each, but it's still a good price. ;)  There were also some mini Lala-Oopsies and some Lalaloopsy pop bead sets at mine.  Check quick, though, because they're disappearing fast! (My store is already out of stock!)

While we're on the subject of Lalaloopsy, Target stores are finally starting to stock their store exclusive Christmas mini for this year:

Her name is Noelle Northpole, and she's a real cutie. :)  You can get her for $4.99.

My local Ross has a TON of G4 My Little Pony stuff right now, including some Equestria Girls dolls, Rainbowfied Fashion Style Fluttershy for $8.99, and more.

And speaking of My Little Pony, Build-A-Bear Workshop officially has Princess Celestia in stock online (she'll be available in stores on Friday).  Plus, they have free shipping with any purchase of $40 or more.

American Girl has been having some AMAZING deals that change every day!  I missed out on letting you know about the "Jill's Steals and Deals" this morning, which was Isabelle, her accessories, and her cat for just $68, along with other Isabelle items. :{  Sorry about that.  I would strongly suggest you keep checking their website every day for great gift ideas for the AG lovers in your life. :)

Also, for the first time today, I saw a Zelf for sale at Tuesday Morning.  It was a Super Mermalade Zelf (the bigger size) for $6.99:

(Sorry for the blurry quality-my phone doesn't take the best pictures!)

  I didn't get her since I already have her in my collection, but you guys might want to check your local stores over the next few weeks to see if any more come in. :)

I've also started seeing Shopkins Season 2 toys at Toys R Us or Toys R Us Express stores.  My mom bought a five pack and let me take some pics:

Here's the front of the package.  You can see that Season 2 Shopkins have purple shopping bags instead of blue.

A look at the back of the package.  (Feel free to click the picture for a better look.)  Along with the older categories of "Fruit and Veg", "Pantry", "Sweet Treats", and "Bakery", they also have new categories:  "Homewares", "Cleaning and Laundry", "Shoes", and "Baby".  They also have a new line of Limited Edition Shopkins.

Mom's surprise Shopkin was the adorable Toffy Coffee.

She also got Ma Kettle, Slick Breadstick, [Toffy again] Lisa Litter, and Wedgy Wendy.

A more detailed review of these guys will come eventually...I think...if I ever get caught up. ;)

I think that's about it for now.  Hope this has given you a few ideas for Christmas or collecting. ;)

Happy Shopping!


Karina B. said...

Wish I had a 99 Cents Only store in my area!! =) Love the mini Lalaloopsies, although I don't have any! They're so cute. =)

beastsbelle said...

We have one in town. I usually prefer Dollar Tree (we have several of those), but for Mini Lalaloopsies I broke the trend. ;)

Karina B. said...

lol I think that would definitely be worth breaking the trend for... =D

Farrah Lily said...

The holiday Lalaloopsy is adorable! I've always loved the name Noelle for a girl, but unfortunately hubby was never on board for that one ;). I had never heard of the store Tuesday Mornings until I started reading your blog and I just discovered on near the Walmart where I go grocery shopping so I will have to check it out. We live in a very rural area so Every tone I venture into "the city" I am surprised to see the new stores popping up, lol. I love the Dollar Tree as well, especially for stocking stuffers :).

beastsbelle said...

I agree, Karina! ;)

Hi Farrah! Yes, Noelle is really a cutie. I love collecting the Target exclusives, so it's really fun having her to continue that tradition. ;)

Lol, Hubby and I had a few name disagreements, too. I really wanted an Emma, but Hubby couldn't stand her character in the Jane Austen story. ;) Oh well. We still ended up with some great names. :)

I'm glad I helped you discover Tuesday Morning. You never know what you'll find there. :} I've gotten so many wonderful deals at that store!

Yes, Dollar Tree is great for stockings! :)

Have a nice night!

Mark Patraw said...

Unfortunately, we don't have any 99 Cents Only stores where I live either (and what's up with charging double that for the Lalaloopsy doll--they're violating their own namesake, lol--I wonder if an individual could get them for a buck if they pointed that out to the cashier?). We do have a Dollar Tree and they've always stood by their "Nothing over $1" business model in my experience (our Dollar Tree seldom has much in the way of "good" toys though--while a fair amount of what they have in the way of playthings is cheap junk, there are some gems to be found if you look, particularly in the arts & crafts and 3D puzzles categories).

I did see a quartet of loose Mini Lalaloopsy dolls, in good condition, at one of the local thrift stores on Black Friday, for fifty cents a piece, but, I didn't buy them. I ended up getting three 2009 G3.5 ponies (Twice as Fancy Scootaloo & Rainbow Dash, plus a normal Rainbow Dash), a 16" Build-a-Bear Workshop Friends 2B Made plush doll, a 2009 Fashionista Barbie in a cute nightgown, another Liv Sophie (the 2011 color-changing nails/hair/lips/eyeshadow Spa Makeover version), a 1984 Wuzzles Butterbear plush (who, other than some writing on her tush tag, was in outstanding shape for a 30-year-old stuffed animal), and a couple of 1987 Playskool Definitely Dinosaurs! cavemen (Brin & Romur) instead. Compared to retail, I realize that fifty cents is a more-than-reasonable price for loose Mini Lalaloopsies, but, when I measure those pint-sized figures up against highly-articulated 12" dolls (Barbie and Sophie were fifty cents each too), my inner Uncle Scrooge McDuck shakes his feathered fist and cries fowl! I'm a miser, what can I say? :D

The second wave of Shopkins are just as adorable as the first series. Are they still selling them with the shopping baskets too, or just bags now?