Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Frozen Singing (Talking) Dolls at!

Hey guys!  The title says it all!  The new fashion doll-sized Frozen singing dolls (or "talking" dolls, as they're called on the website), are now available on, just in time for Christmas!

Here is Anna (see her on the Disney Store site HERE).  She's the one I really want to add to my collection!

And here is Elsa (see her on the Disney Store site HERE).  I'm disappointed that they released yet another Elsa in her blue dress, and her accessories are a little bland.  I wish they'd put her in her coronation dress.  I guess it makes sense with her singing "Let it Go", but I would have been much more interested in buying her if she'd been more unique. Oh well, I guess it saves me money! ;)

Edit (12/12/14):  It was brought to my attention by one of my readers that Elsa actually does come with her coronation dress, which is nice.  I do still wish she'd come in her coronation hairstyle and that the coronation dress wasn't such a simplified version.  Apparently it doesn't bother people all that much, though, since only one day later she's already sold out and Anna's still in stock! ;)

Of course, I won't be getting Anna any time soon either, but when things change, at least I'll only have one doll to buy. ;)

If these are anything like any of the previous Frozen merchandise, they'll sell out pretty fast, so be sure to snag one while you can. :)

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Thank you to Holly of Hollys Dollys on Facebook for bringing this to my attention! :)


Farrah Lily said...

Awesome! I totally agree that Anna is the better doll in the release (plus I like her character so much, so I'm partial as well) ;). Thanks for letting us know! I won't be purchasing anytime soon either (although very tempting!) at least until after Christmas ;).

Gracie said...

The Anna is pretty cute, but Elsa dolls are starting to be a bit to boring and repetitive to me.

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome, Farrah! :) I know, I have to sit on my hands to keep from adding Anna to my cart. ;) Maybe you'll get her for Christmas. :)

I'm afraid I have to agree, Gracie. I think the Disney Store missed an opportunity to make a new, unique Elsa doll. It would have really made sense to release Elsa in her coronation dress, too, because then a lot of collectors would have wanted both Elsa and Anna in their coronation dresses. :(

I guess I can be thankful that it's one less doll I'm tempted to buy. ;)

Meritre said...

You were right with the rumors about the singing dolls, but they came earlyer then expected. They aren't as much articulated as the classic dolls but they are still cute. I wish Elsa was in her Coronation dress, her hair in a braid but her bangs still like Coronation Hairstyle. (In short, child Elsas hairstyle) That's the very moment she changes, I think. :) But at least her coronation dress and her cape is included. I would have suggested a fashion pack with Annas coronation outfit, with ribbons and choker and the green cape, and another for Elsa with cotonation dress, cape, gloves, crown (and maybe shoes)

Anonymous said...

Elsa actually does have her coronation dress, she comes with both of her dresses.

beastsbelle said...

Wow, Anonymous, I feel silly! I can't believe I missed that. Looking at it now, I think I noticed it when I first looked them up, and then promptly forgot for the post. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

beastsbelle said...

Yes, Meritre, they did come a lot sooner than people online were thinking!

I think your suggestions are great. I'd totally buy the fashion packs you suggested! ;)