Monday, December 22, 2014

Disney Funko Frozen Pocket Pops :D

Hey everyone!  I'm back from my weekend trip and now working on packing things up to go to my aunt's house for Christmas. :)  The wedding we attended was beautiful and refreshing.  It was great to see two young people so committed to each other and determined to honor the Lord with their lives and their vows to each other. :)  It was also wonderful to spend time with family and friends for the weekend.

One crazy thing about the trip was that, along with no Internet, there wasn't even any cell phone service!  I'm not completely addicted to my phone or anything, but I certainly was made aware of how much I depend on it. :}  While the weekend was great, it was nice to be able to call and text my husband again on the way home. ;)

So, I have a few random posts I'm working on.  I'm not sure how many I'll be able to get through before Christmas, but I thought I'd leave you with one quick one today. ;)

While I was gone, my mom went on an out-of-town trip of her own.  One of her stops was at the local Barnes and Noble, where she found:

Mini Funko Pop Frozen Figures, called "Pocket Pops"!!! :D  They had Elsa, Olaf, and Anna.  

I've seen mini Game of Thrones and DC Comics Funko Pops and was hoping that some of the Disney ones would be made in this mini size.  I was so excited when I got back home and mom showed me her mini collection. :)

Here are views of the boxes on all of the other sides: 

Just like the regularly-sized Funko Pops, the Pocket Pops are enclosed in clear plastic.  They can pop right out for display or play, and then be put back in the packaging.

Here's cute little Anna! :)  

She stands at just about 1 1/2 inches.

Here she is next to my regular Funko Pop Anna for comparison.  There are a few slight differences.  Little Anna's hair is a slightly different shade.  She also is missing regular Anna's freckles and the details on her skirt and bodice.  

I was a bit concerned when I saw that the Pocket Pops didn't come with stands like my regular Funko Pop Anna.  Thankfully, it was very easy to get Little Anna into a standing position, even without a stand of some kind.

The Pocket Pops cost $4.95 each.  They are a fun size and a very reasonable price.  I just wish Anna's eyebrows didn't look quite so severe. ;)

One of the super fun things about these Pocket Pops is that they are just about the perfect size for 18" dolls like American Girl, as Hayden is demonstrating here.

So cute! :)

The boxes work out just about right, too.  You could cut off the little hanging part at the back and it would pretty much look just like a regular Funko Pop box. :)

Of course, the little hanging hole makes it very easy for the dolls to hold the boxes. ;)

I'm not going to do my regular review rating on this post.  One, because I've got limited time, and two, because this is more of a "mini review" anyway (no pun intended). ;)

That being said, I think these Frozen Pocket Pops are adorable and would make great stocking stuffers (or just regular gifts, since we're running out of time for Christmas shopping). ;)  The price is right, they're painted well, and their small size makes them unique and easy to store.  

Here's hoping they make a Pocket Pop Kristoff and Sven, and then maybe some of the other Disney characters, too! ;) 

Hope you guys have a wonderful week in these final days before Christmas! :)


Nicole said...

These are so cute! I also think that regular Anna is a bit more tanned than mini Anna , but great mini review anyway!

Smaller Places said...

As I learned to say when I lived in Minnesota: "Oh, for cute!"

jSarie said...

Very cute!

I hadn't realized just how much smaller the Pocket Pops were so much smaller than the standard ones (I think I'd been imagining that they were half-sized) - good to know! :)

Farrah Lily said...

Very cute! I think I prefer them over the regular sized Pops. Hayden is a gorgeous've probably written it many times before, but is she an AG 55?
I currently don't own any full size AG dolls, but plan on purchasing my first one soon. I want to get 2 My AG dolls that resemble both of my daughters and they would be AG 55 and AG 23 so I am just curious!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, everyone! :) Glad you all enjoyed the post and the Pocket Pops. :)

Farrah, you guessed correctly. Hayden is a #55 (one of my very favorite AGs). :) Her hair is surprisingly easy to take care of, too. I was worried it would be a hassle, but a little water and finger curling every once in a while and she's good to go! :)

beastsbelle said...

P.S. How fun that you're getting your girls AGs! :) Coincidentally, #23 looks a lot like Oldest Gal and is one of the dolls she's thought about getting in the past. :)

Jen said...

...Ohhhh man, I need to find these. Specifically, Lucy now wants one to sit on her desk! She says she's sick of Robin getting all the cool toys. :D

beastsbelle said...

Hi Jen! It's so good to hear from you again. :)

Lol, I hope you find these for Lucy. Hayden and Emma are already begging me to find them for their rooms, too. ;)