Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blast from the Past...does anyone remember Kenner Shimmers?

Hi guys!  Just wanted to share my latest ebay find.  When I was young, the Kenner company came out with these mythological dolls/action figures called "Shimmers".  They were related to the Sea Wees, also brought out by Kenner in earlier years.  The Shimmers were all painted with sparkly paint and featured a Mommy and a Baby in each playset.  There were centaurs, mermaids, half deer and half woman creatures, half bird and half woman, and half butterfly and half woman.  Two sets of each were released in different colors, with a different name for each.  As a little girl I got one of the mermaid mommy and baby sets.  They were really cute and had blue hair and pink fins.  I've recently found out their names were Marina and Flutter (I know, kinda weird, but it's easier to look them up if you know the names they came with).  :)  I also had one of the baby centaurs. (or would they be called centaurettes?)

So someone on ebay listed a bunch of them.  I tried for the mermaids I'd had as a child, but they went a little higher than I wanted to bid.  I did end up with a set of centaurettes, though.  The baby was the one I'd had as a girl.  Their names are apparently Clover and Dapples.  I've included a pic so you can see them. 
Aren't they cute?  :)  I used to spend hours playing with these!  The Mommy turns her head from side to side and also twists at the waist.  The Baby isn't poseable.  I'm hoping to find at least the mermaid set I had when I was little, and who knows?  Maybe at least one more set.  Then my girls could each have their own.

Well, thanks for sharing a part of my childhood with me! :)    



Abigail Cole said...

Wow! I had these as well! I think I actually had those same ones and we definitely had the mermaids...they are on my ebay wish list as well...we had such great toys/characters back in the 80s :)

beastsbelle said...

I agree. I loved the stuff they came up with then. :)