Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hi guys!  Just thought I'd give you a head's up for something that I think will be really big in the coming months.  They're fairly inexpensive and highly collectible, a good combination.  :)  They're girls' toys called "Squinkies".  They come in little plastic bubbles and are little people, animals and accessories about 1" high.  They're squishy and adorable.  Even better, they make great toys for your American Girl or Gotz doll, as Tess is demonstrating in this next pic.

(sorry about the quality...the lighting's really bad in my room at this time of day)
Here are some close-ups:

Aren't they cute?

The Squinkies come in different play sets.  There are ring and bracelet play sets for around $4, as pictured here:

This is the "fantasy surprize" bracelet set that includes the following Squinkies:  a fairy, a ladybug, a bumblebee, and a bird.  There are 2 variations of this particular set.  There are also 2 princess sets and a birthday set.

The Squinkies also come in small play sets that cost around $5, like this:

This is the "Under the Sea Surprize" set, which includes a starfish, a mermaid and a dolphin.  The other sets I've seen are the "Bride-to-Be" set with a pink diamond container and bride, ring, and horse Squinkies, the "Shopping Fun" set with a purse container and a little girl, a cat, and a hat,  and the "Royal Friends" play set that has a crown container and princess, cat and chair Squinkies. 

I don't have pics of this, but you can also get Squinkies in sets of 16.  So far they have 6 different sets.  There are also larger play sets with exclusive Squinkies that range from $12-$20. 

Each Squinkie comes in its own plastic bubble.

You pop the bubble open to get the Squinkie inside (the bubbles can be closed again and re-used).

Each Squinkie is squishy...not a gross, slimy squishy feel but just squeezable.

I think they're absolutely adorable.  I'll be using them as stocking stuffers for my girls.  I was also thinking about saving some unopened sets and then selling them on eBay before Christmas when they're all out! :)  We'll see if that works, though.  I figure the worse that can happen is I'm stuck with some really cute Squinkie sets! : P 
If you're interested in seeing more of the sets, I've included a link to the official Squinkies website here.  Have fun looking!! :)

One last thing.  My middle daughter set up her 14" Faith and Friends doll on the new horse from yesterday.  It was so cute I had to show you pics. 

Doesn't she look like she's in a race or something? :)  My four year old did this all by herself.  The Faith and Friends dolls are super poseable and have really sweet faces.  Unfortunately, they're not being made anymore, but you can still find them on eBay.  Have a blessed day!! :)


Shari said...

The Squinkies ARE very cute. Have you seen them in stores anywhere or only online?

That's a great picture with the doll on the horse. I haven't heard of this line of dolls before. Her face is beautiful.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Shari!! I just joined your blog, too. :) So exciting to find another mom who loves dolls. :P I've found the Squinkies at Walmart and at Target. They're supposed to be at ToysRUs too if you have one in your area.
I love the Faith and Friends dolls, too. They were made by the same company that made the Life of Faith 18" dolls. Sadly, the company stopped making them this year, probably because of the economy. I found my daughter's dolls on ebay for a reasonable price, so they're still out there. :)