Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Update on Madame Alexander Dolls at Wal-Mart

     Hi guys!  Still no pics, but I was in Wal-Mart today and noticed more about the Madame Alexander "Friends Boutique" dolls.  One of the most interesting things is that they're fully poseable!  Their legs and arms bend!  They aren't jointed, the plastic just bends back and forth.  I'm not sure how natural this looks or how long the plastic will stay flexible, but it's such a neat idea!  Someone should have thought of this sooner! :) 
     I also noticed several playsets that weren't there before.  There was a camping playset that included a campfire, marshmallows on a stick, a lantern, a bottle of bug spray, and a bedroll (and possibly one or two other things I can't remember).  There was also a really cute birthday set with a birthday cake (complete with candles) and some other accessories.  Then they had a slumber party set with a boombox, a pizza, popcorn, and other slumber party essentials.  The other two sets were a tea set and a roller-skate set (I actually can't remember if it had roller skates or roller blades).  The skate set came with a helmet and knee pads, too.
     So if you haven't had a chance to get to Wal-mart yet, you really should check it out.  There's some great stuff, especially for moms looking for a cheaper doll alternative or girls looking for some inexpensive accessories for their dolls.  The sets I just mentioned were $10 each.  Have fun shopping! :)


Shari said...

I was checking these out at Walmart this week too. I think the skate set is roller blades. My store also had fuzzy bean bags for $5. For some reason I don't find any of these items on I think the camping sets are SO cute, and I'm currently plotting how my girls and I can make one of our own. I'll post it on my blog when we figure it out.

beast'sbelle said...

I looked on as well. The same thing happened last year with the Madame Alexander "Friends 4 Life" dolls. And it's not just You can't find an official site for them anywhere! It seems like a silly marketing decision to me. You'd think they'd want to get the word out about these since they're so cute and affordable. I did find a site for the Kmart version of these. They're called "What a Doll", and you can find them on the Kmart website. I don't care for them as much as the Friends Boutique dolls, though. They did weird things with their eyebrows.
I love the camping set too!! I have to restrain myself from filling my shopping cart every time I go to Walmart! :)