Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Random Doll Stuff

Hey, just a short post with some pics of my oldest daughter's dolls.  First, I came in the other day and found her Madame Alexander doll, Dorcas, like this:
All I could think was, "the nut doesn't fall far from the tree". :)  My girls love doing what they call "set ups".  In fact, no worse offense can be committed than the messing up of someone else's set up!  Believe me, I've worked through many a fight over that one! 
As a girl, I used to love to display my toys.  I was pretty spoiled too, because I only had a little brother and he wasn't allowed in my room without permission.  That being the case, I could set things up to my heart's content without the possibility of someone ruining my work. :) 
My daughter explained that she was making Dorcas fancy like Fancy Nancy (she LOVES the Fancy Nancy books).  She was going to set up her Fancy Nancy doll too, but I think she got distracted.  Just had to take some pics and share that with you. 
In other doll news, last Christmas we got my same daughter a Giselle wedding Barbie doll.  She loves the movie "Enchanted" with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey (although she sees the "good parts only" version because of her younger sisters, without the dragon and the's a very short movie!).  I'd found the doll on a good sale, so I figured it would be fun to get her a more detailed and fancy barbie.  Giselle has lost her necklace and tiara over time, but other than that she's held up pretty well!  
Just yesterday, Giselle got her dearest wish:  Robert!  I found a Robert doll for $5 total on Ebay and just couldn't pass it up.  My daughter was so excited!  They really are quite lovely dolls with a lot of detail.  I thought I'd share a few photos of the happy reunion. :)

Here are some details of Giselle's dress.  It's really beautiful and has held up well to 6 and 4 year old play since December, unlike some of the fancier Barbie dresses.
If you ever get a chance to find these dolls, they really are nice.  The only complaint I have is that Robert's head is a little too big in proportion to his body, but that seems to be the way they've been doing things with some of their more modern Kens.  Hope you enjoyed the photos! :)


Shari said...

Wow! The Robert doll looks just like him. The Giselle is pretty, but doesn't look much like the actress to me.

beast'sbelle said...

I agree. They just never seem to get the faces quite right...I'm amazed they got Patrick Dempsey so spot on! :) You're right, though, they are pretty, and they look even better in person. :)