Saturday, April 30, 2011

150th Post...A Disney Blog Party! :D

Yay!! It's finally here!  My 150th post! :)  I wanted to do something really special for this particular post.  As I was trying to think of something creative, I thought back to how much fun so many of us had participating in Kellie's "Literary Heroine Blog Party" on A Maiden's Musings.  So I thought, "If I did a blog party, what type would I do?" 

It didn't take me long to figure it out...and obviously you know what I came up with, if you read my title.  Welcome to Never Grow Up's "Disney Blog Party"! :D

Here's how we'll do it.  I'm going to put a list of Disney-related questions on this post.  I'll be focusing primarily on animated films (hand drawn or computer animated), but if you have a live action flick you just have to talk about, feel free. ;)  Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to do so. :)  You can answer all of the questions or pick and choose the ones that apply to you.  Once you've finished, be sure to leave a comment on this post so I can come visit your blog and see your answers.  If you'd like, leave a link to your blog in the comment so that others who participate can see too.  That was one of the most fun parts about the Literary Heroine Blog Party, seeing everyone's answers. :)  I even made some new blogging friends by taking part! :)

Another thing:  I've made some buttons to let others know about my Disney Blog Party (featuring my two favorite Disney movies, of course!).  You'll find them at the bottom of this post.  If you'd like, grab a button and put it on your blog.  I'd love to see how many people we can get to participate! :)

So, without further ado, here are your questions:

1.  What is your all-time favorite animated Disney film and why?

2.  What is your all-time favorite Disney/Pixar film and why? [Note:  I realize that questions 1 and 2 may overlap...I just thought this would make it easier for those of us who have favorites in both categories. ;}]

3.  What was the first animated Disney film you remember seeing?

4.  It's talent night at your school/job/etc...You have to perform a Disney song.  Which one would you choose?

5.  Name your top 4 Disney heroes or heroines (or any character, for that matter) and talk a little bit about why you admire them.

6.  Who, in your opinion, is the most hideous Disney villain of all time?

7.  If you could spend a day with any Disney character, who would you choose?  How would you spend your day?

8.  Which Disney character is the most like you?

9.  What, in your opinion, is one of the greatest movie moments in an animated Disney film?

10.  If you could pick which film Disney would make next, what would the film be?  

Well, there they are:  your 10 Blog Party questions.  The party starts today and will end in one week, on Saturday, May 7th (I may extend the blog party if I think we need more time).  I can't wait to see everyone's answers! :)  I'll be posting mine sometime in the next few days, but I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to read this post first.  Oh, and I almost forgot.  Everyone who participates will be automatically entered in a drawing for my sketch of Belle and the Prince, featured in my header, and in this post.  I'll announce the winner the day after the Disney Blog Party ends and get the winner's mailing info.  So anyone under 16, make sure it's okay with your parents to be a part of the giveaway.  And to any participants, if you'd like to answer the blog party questions without being entered in the drawing, just let me know in your comment. :)  Please don't put any personal info in your comments on this post, because I want everyone to be able to see them.  I'll get your email at a later time if you're the winner. :)

Now, start thinking about your Disney trivia! :)

YAY!!! I finally got my blog buttons working!  They just take you to the home page instead of this specific post, but for now I think that's good enough! :)  I may try to change it a little later, but for now I'm just so thankful they're working!! :) 
After doing some research, I discovered that my button code included some "smart quotes" (the type of quotation marks that differentiate between beginning and ending quotation marks).  Apparently the HTML codes don't like these types of quotes.  I went through and replaced them with normal quotation marks and everything was fine.  Just thought I'd pass that info on to the rest of you! ;)
UPDATE:  I just realized that by limiting this party to bloggers, I may be excluding some people who'd like to join.  If you'd like to share your answers but don't have a blog, feel free to leave your answers in the comment section under this post. :)  You will be automatically entered into the giveaway, too! :)


Miranda said...

I did the questions! Here is the link
Thank you for doing this! I love answering Disney questions. :-)

beast'sbelle said...

Great! Can't wait to see your answers. :)

Spicemuffin said...

See my blog for my answers!

beast'sbelle said...

Great! :)

Spicemuffin said...

Thanks so much for following my blog. :D

beast'sbelle said...

No problem! I enjoyed reading through it. :)

marshmallow said...

i think this disney blog party was a great idea :)and i answerd your questions in my blog:

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks marshmallow! :)

Casey said...

I joined in!
Although I'd love to have an original sketch by you, I wouldn't want you to have to pay overseas postage, so I'll pass on entering the drawing :)

marshmallow said...

you're very welcome :)

beast'sbelle said...

Yay!! Thanks for entering, Casey! :) I enjoyed reading your answers.

Natasha Marie said...

I thought I commented, but apparently I didn't, so here's my answers...
This was really fun!=)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Natasha Marie! :) I already found your answers, but it's nice that everyone else can go read them now, too. Plus, you'll be entered in the drawing for the...drawing. :}

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Kendall said...

I put mine up!! Can you explain how to do the button cause I'll totally do it to get to my blog its

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Kendall! Thanks for joining! :)

To add the button to your blog, hi-light and copy the code in the text box under the button you want. Then, go to the "Design" section on your Blogger dashboard. Click on "Add a Gadget", either on the sidebar or the footer (or wherever you want the button). You're going to choose the "HTML Code" gadget. Once that comes up, paste the code in the provided text box, and click save. The button should appear! :) If you need further help, email me @, ok? ;)

beast'sbelle said...

P.S. Thanks for following, too! :)

Emma said...

Hi! I did your trivia...... here's the link!

:) Great Idea! it was fun coming up with answers.

~*Emma and her dolls*~

Kendall said...

Your welcome and thanks hehe!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for participating, Emma. :) I'm off to see your answers. ;)

Glad to help, Kendall. :D

Kendall said...

I did the Never Grow Up one (More cute hehe)

beast'sbelle said...

No problem, Kendall! :) They can still find it through that one. :)

Jen said...

I came back from moving to find a party! :D

Here's mine, with bonus pictures.

beast'sbelle said...

Yay!! Thanks for joining, Jen. :) Hope your move went well. :)

Hayden said...

Oh my gosh! I have to enter this!!! By the way, I love your header photo. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Hayden! :) I love your blog, by the way! :)

Elaine said...

1. I may be (only slightly) influenced by the newest Disney film--Tangled. It really pertains to the present time in my life: feeling "stuck" at home, waiting to go to college in the fall and thus beginning a new phase in my life.
2.Oh, this is a really tough one. I love all the Pixars films more than any other animated films put together. So when it comes to reviewing movies, I may be just a little biased. :)
Anyway, for years I have told myself that my fav Pixar film is "The Incredibles." The story, characters, animation, music-it's all just perfect. The superhero family reminds me of my own heroic family in so many ways. From Dash telling off to his sister, to the parents arguing about which turn to take, it all relates to people and families everywhere.
3.I believe it was "Robin Hood." I got the VHS tape from my aunt on my 2nd(?) Christmas. That one is simply a classic. I have a Robin Hood figurine that I used to play with a lot.
4.This one is hard. First of all, I wouldn't EVER sing a solo in front of people. There would be just WAY too much potential for embarrassment! Ahem. (Reminding myself of the task at hand...) The song I would sing would be "Beauty and the Beast." Simple and sweet.
5.In no particular order:
1. Peter Pan. That guy is such a dude! I mean, he can FLY!
Seriously though, Peter Pan was my imaginary friend as a little girl. For example, when my brother and I would sit on the bunk bed and pretend we were in an RV, we would make Peter Pan the driver. It made sense to us, because everyone hated to be the driver; it was boring! :)
2. WALL-E. Lemme tell ya, when this movie came out on DVD, I must have watched it six times.
I can really relate to WALL-E. He lives in his own little world for hundreds of years, always dreaming of something bigger, something "Out There." He's a plucky little guy, and isn't afraid to ask the girl out, even when she almost vaporizes him. He has courage and fortitude to do what he needs to do, like proving to the humans that they can go back home.
3. Remy. You know, the rat from Ratatouille.
This character is amazing. He has a gift of making great food that everyone loves. More than that, he shows to the humans, his fellow rats, and especially us the audience, that when we find something we love to do, we can (and should) follow our calling in life and go for it. Like WALL-E, he beats all the odds and stale prejudices and works for what he loves.
Note: I could wax on endlessly about this, but I'll just move along. :)
4. Violet. The member of the Incredible family.
I can relate to Violet in so many ways. At the beginning of her story, all she wants to do is hide from other people and observe them without being observed. This is one of my major flaws. I'm usually too afraid to go out of my natural boundaries to make connections with people I might otherwise really have fun with. Violet struggles with this for quite a while during the movie, but after she sees what she can do with her powers (beating the bad guys and ultimately, protecting her family), she begins to have confidences in herself.
6.Well Beast’sBelle, I’m going to steal your answer for this one, because I agree wholeheartedly. Frollo is just horrible. No other Disney villain can compare with his vileness.

Elaine said...

7.I would choose Belle. We would to the library here in town. It wouldn’t be difficult to spend an entire day there.
8.Uh…hmm. I’m going to pick Rapunzel. As stated in the answer to #1, we have a lot in common. She is very eager to explore new places and people. Myself, a little less so, but I can still relate to her. As you said first, Beast’sBelle, the whole “This is so fun/ I’m a despicable human being” is so like me it’s not even funny. My mom also can attest to that part of my personality.
9.When Flynn/Eugene cuts Rapunzel’s hair so that she can be free of Mother Gothel. That is a true hero: sacrificing himself for another’s well-being.
10.Hmm. I don’t really care about what they make next, so long as it has a good story and strong characters. If they make the next one a fairy tale, that might be a rather bad choice on their part, because they may just get into a rut. It depends on how it’s done though.
Thanks Beast’sBelle, this was fun! I had to do 2 comments; it wouldn't take the whole thing because it was too big. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for joining, Elaine! :) It was fun reading your answers. It seems we have a lot of Rapunzel fans!!!

I like your "greatest movie moment" that you chose, too. It made me almost tear up just thinking about it! ;)

beast'sbelle said...

P.S. Good to hear from you again! :)

Elaine said...

Thanks Beast'sBelle!
Rapunzel is indeed popular among Disney fans! It's nice to have a new fairy tale to watch (over and over!). :)

beast'sbelle said...

I know what you mean. If I'm not watching it, then my daughters are (with Mother Gothel parts fast-forwarded). :) I think that "Tangled" will be another enduring Disney classic.

Chloe said... here are my anwsers. I forgot #9 so i'll anwser it here.
I would have to say the floating lantern seen from tangled, it is just so beautiful and magical and it is the day rapunzel has been waiting for her whole life. Or, Jesse's flashback where she remembers about emily, Even though it is SO sad it is just beautiful animation and a beautiful balad going on during it.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks so much for joining, Chloe! I can't wait to read your answers. :)

Elinor Dashwood/Melanie said...

Entering my post here! :-)

Absolutely delightful blog party!! I mean, Disney! Right up my alley! I LOVE DISNEY!!! :-D :-D

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, "Elinor". :) So glad you participated!

beast'sbelle said...

Harry, thanks for commenting. I also love the lantern scene from Tangled. I've removed your comment because I don't feel comfortable having links to sites with products or companies that I'm unfamiliar with and therefore can't 100% endorse. I hope you understand.

beast'sbelle said...

Eric, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I had to remove your comment for the same reason I removed the comment above. I don't feel comfortable having links to sites that I'm unfamiliar with. Thank you for understanding.