Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ebay Seller doll*sewer Review

Okay, I'm a bad influence!!  My mom has started getting into 18" much so that she's been buying 18" doll dresses on eBay.  She even told me she would like to have an American Girl doll and a Gotz doll of her own!  [insert evil laugh] :}

She was so impressed with one of her recent eBay purchases that she thought I might like to do a review for the blog.  Of course, I thought it was a great idea, especially when I saw what she bought. :)

The eBay seller is doll*sewer.  And just to clarify, that's "sewer" as in someone who sews, not "sewer" as in where your waste water goes.  Don't you just love the English language? :} 

I was instantly impressed with this seller once I saw my mom's treasures and saw the other things she has listed.  Doll*sewer does a lot of outfits with specific historical American Girl dolls in mind.  She currently has outfits for Kit, Felicity, Samantha, Kirsten, and Julie, as well as other outfits that would work for any doll.  The quality of her work is wonderful, and her prices are fantastic.

The outfit my mom bought was a 1940s style Easter dress.  It came with all sorts of adorable accessories for "coloring" Easter eggs (pretend accessories, of course). :)  Mom let me borrow her goodies so I could take some pics.

This set came with a white lace-trimmed shift,

a beautiful light green 40s era dress,

an adorable apron with a vintage-looking print of children coloring and finding Easter eggs,

an Easter basket with a cloth that matches the apron, an assortment of small, colored eggs, 3 bottles of "egg dye", and two plastic cups to use for dyeing the eggs. :)   

This looked so adorable on my Emma doll. :)  

I love how cleverly she made the "dye".  She rolled up pieces of brightly-colored ribbon and put them in little glass containers.  

Here are some close-ups of the lovely detail on the dress.

Front and back view.

And here are more random pics, just for fun. :)

I would highly recommend this seller.  She has several really fun items for sale right now, so be sure to follow the link and see what you can find. :)


AlexAndrea said...

Wait! Your mom is a doll person? Now I understand your 'addiction'.

Kidding aside, you are indeed fortunate. I confess envy.

beast'sbelle said...

Well, that's the funny thing, AlexAndrea. She's always enjoyed dolls, but I think she's becoming more of a true "doll person" as a result of this blog. :)

I know that I'm fortunate. I am very thankful for a family who enjoys my hobbies as much as I do (well, besides maybe my dad and my brother). :)

Caelen said...

I LOVE your new header!!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Caelen! It was a really fun photo shoot! :)