Saturday, April 2, 2011

And On to the Next Party...

So I'm down to one last birthday party with our annual girls' birthday season. :)  My oldest daughter has her party in 2 weeks, so today we buckled down and worked on her invitations.  We're doing a "Dolly and Me" theme for her birthday.  All of the party guests are supposed to bring their favorite doll or stuffed animal with them.  We'll be doing both girl and doll-sized snacks and goodies for their goodie bags.  I think it's going to be a lot of fun! :) 

Here are pics of two of the invitations.  At this point, I hadn't filled them out.  Once again, for reasons of anonymity, I can't show you the finished product (it has my daughter's name across the top in big letters and our home address underneath). :}  Thank you for understanding.  Internet security is very important to us!

I used the same sparkly scrapbooking paper that I used for the other 2 parties.  Since the paper was one-sided, I used the white backside for the invitation part.  The sparkly part will be on the back of the invitation and make it look pretty.  I decided not to put any decorations on the sparkly side after my experience of trying to get Toy Story stickers to stick for the last party.  It was not very easy!  :} 

My oldest daughter's favorite color is blue, so for most of them I used a sparkly blue-green sheet.  I didn't have enough for all of them though, so we compromised and used sparkly red for 3 or 4 of the invitations. :)

The American Girl doll images are actually stickers.  I bought them on eBay from titanterritory.  She has another lot of these stickers currently listed.  They're basically images from AG printed on sticky-back paper.  You have to cut them out yourself, which is the only bummer (it's VERY time-consuming compared to regular stickers).  Titanterritory gave me a great selection of doll images, including historical dolls, Just Like You/My AG dolls, and even Girl of the Year dolls, including Kanani!  My daughter had a lot of fun choosing which stickers to use for the invitations.  We had plenty of stickers left over that I'll use in everybody's goodie bags for the party.  Everyone will get 6 stickers to take home. :) 

Titanterritory also does cupcake liners, gift tags, address labels, party hats and more.  Perfect for an American Girl doll party! :)

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